MultiChoice Africa / DSTVdstv

I am extremely disappointed with Multichoice's level of service. I recently changed ownership of a couple of decoders to my own account, and I indicated that the credit available should be transferred from the old account to the new account. After the transfer was complete this company suspended both decoders regardless of the fact that I made a payment of a R1000 on the 28.09.2019 for these decoders. They claim I owe them R542, furthermore they disconnected my PVR services which have been paid for. I wasted a couple of hours plus a couple of hundred rands in call time trying to explain myself to the call centre consultants who all seemed equally clueless. After all they are not going to repay me the amount I lost by being disconnected neither the time and money wasted trying to reconnect without any success. You should try and improve your service otherwise I now understand why people are looking for alternatives.

Oct 07, 2019

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