MultiChoice Africa / DSTVdebiting of my account beyond the price lock amount agreed —

I am a DSTV customer number [protected], currently on a price-lock debit order agreement which started around december 2017, and all along, they have been deducting R549 monthly, since December 2017 to 27 August last month.

To my surprise, on the 27th of September, they went ahead to deduct R1537.29 without my consent and without any notification. This has affected my finances and has also affected me psychologically. Upon contacting Multichoice, the only explanation i got, was that according to their records, I am connected to 2 devices.This sounds strange because if it was so, they could have sorted it out long ago, before allowing me to join the price lock debit order.

I feel robbed and also feel that my rights as a consumer, in terms of Consumer protection Act, have been violated.

For the past 20 months, they have been deducting one fixed amount of R549 and all of a sudden this September, they went on to deduct R1537.29, is this fair and legal???

My call reference today is [protected]-c2.

Esau Mpila---[protected].

Sep 30, 2019

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