MultiChoice Africa / DSTVcustomer service

In July 2019 I requested a downgrade and was assured that all was in order and the downgrade would be actioned. This did not happed. On 06 September 2019, I called the call centre, spoke to Sipiso who again reassured me that I will be downgraded. I was given reference number [protected]-I42 and told DSTV would investigate and someone will call me back. Again my request was not actioned. On 08 October I called to spoke to Ayanda, who advised me to call on the date of my debit to request a downgrade. I found this strange as this was in no way mentioned to me before and tried explaining this to her but she got herself into a snit and I was more shocked by her attitude that I asked to speak to her Supervisor. After holding on for 10 minutes a gentleman, Vinod came onto the phone but spoke so fast that I had to ask him to repeat himself. I explained about my downgrade request and felt that DSTV was unreasonable because I had to make myself available on the first of the month to call for my downgrade. What if I was hospitalized or travelling, how do I get DSTV to do a simple downgrade? I have done it in the past and never had so much fustration. The customer service is sadly lacking. The customer is not always right, but simple courtesy, having a good tone, not raising your voice and simply speaking a bit slower shows the customer that the agent is in control and it is just professional. I would cancel this contract in a heartbeat and dont need DSTV, your agents have to realise that DSTV is not a must to have in the household. Now fingers crossed I would not have to make umpteen calls for my refund

Oct 08, 2019

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