MultiChoice Africa / DSTVturning off dstv although I am up to date with my payments, having to use my airtime to phone dstv numerous times over past 2 years

B Aug 18, 2018 Review updated:

Good day, I am very unhappy with DSTV. For more than 2 years I have had numerous issues where my DSTV gets turned off although I am up to date with my payments. This has probably happened at least twice a month. When calling the DSTV help line, they are able to turn my DSTV back on but always require my proof of payment which I email to them, but yet a few days later it turns off again.

I've been given 3 different reasons from the help line for this happening, namely:

* there are two accounts under my name and the one has not been closed. I've tried multiple times to close it, I even went into a DSTV centre where they assured me that there would be no more issues. The call centre staff are never able to assist me and are always quick to only temporarily resolve the problem even though I ask them to please assist me in making sure it doesn't happen again.
*They have also said that I use the wrong reference number when making payments which is strange since I always use the same one which they gave me.
*They have also said that they have my ID number registered differently for the other account(the last digit is different) which I am unable to close.

I am unable to provide email correspondence due to only being able to phone their help line. They should have recordings of the multiple times I have phoned, as well as my daughter on my behalf due to me recently losing my hearing. It has become a huge frustration as I can no longer call them myself.

My DSTV details are below:

Smart Card no - [protected]
Customer no - [protected]

My personal details:

ID Number - [protected]
cell - [protected] (I can't answer the phone due to my loss of hearing, call my daughter if needed)
My daughter, Bronwyn - [protected]

I have attached my last payment which my daughter has already emailed to DSTV help centre, however, it has been turned off again. I have also attached an older email that my daughter also sent to them in 2016 with my proof of payment.

My desirable resolution would be for DSTV to finally sort out any issues that are affecting my subscription and account. I would like to be given the service that I am paying for and it would be fantastic if I could have 2-3 months free for all the airtime I've had to spend phoning the call centre and the hours wasted over the last few years.


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