MultiChoice Africa / DSTVservice is poor, my account terminated yet its paid

N Jul 11, 2019

Every month I have to call in to say my acc is terminated and yet I have paid since I bought an explora in March. April I made cash payment and my services were terminated told I haven't paid and payment doesn't reflect, may again same thing happed they said they couldn't get money from my bank and that the cash payment made in April is reflecting now making it weird. Now mu services are terminated again am told I haven't paid yet I made an eft payment in June 26 2019 of more than R1200 and i even have proof of payment and am told that payment is not explora is on price lock for 599 or 499 not sure but I always pay more than R800. What is going on why am I being robbed or is it your staff members which are lacking experience

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