MultiChoice Africa / DSTVprice lock and dstv

S Oct 01, 2019

Been waiting for 4 days for the Price Lock department, who'm in this day and age does not have a contact number or call centre. They took an debit order from my account 1 year after I cancelled my Account. DSTV call centre just say sorry its not us, refer me to Price lock which does not get back to me despite 4 mails to them.

I find it as outright fraud how they manage to debit my account without any authorization, contract or agreement.

The DSTV call centre cannot even tell me teh exact date I cancelled or any other billing information, yet when I cancelled, they are the ones who assisted.

They phone me 20 times a month to extend my decoder insurance which I dont have or used in a year. But when they fraudulently debit the account they dont phone back to explain and rectify the chaos they have caused.

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