MultiChoice Africa / DSTVpoor customer service and unlawful account suspension

M Jul 13, 2019

I have been having a number of unresolved issues with dstv/multichoice services.

Recently i reconnected my subscription after a year. I asked the lady agent to down grade my service, and she never did the downgrade and instead debited a full monthly premium.

I called again the fillowing month and nothing happened. I called to remind before they could deduct for the following month and the guy agent promised and emphasized rhar he recorded everythinh on the system, again the was no downgrade and instead they took the money i paid for a don grade service and placed their own pro rata of about 3 days and suspend my account.

I called to established the problem and untill today no proper advise has been given and i am still with no service regardless that i already paid..

I am stil looking for other pltforms where i can expose and complain about such embarrasing services

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