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G Feb 05, 2018 Review updated:

Date of incident: 5 February 2018.

ID [protected]

I enquired about double subscription fees I discovered at the beginning of this month. The representative alerted me to the fact that I was being billed for two decoders while I had only one. It emerged that when I bought an Explora decoder from a registered dealer, who also installed the decoder three years ago, a new contract was initiated, but the contract on the old decoder was never cancelled. I was never informed that I have to hand the old decoder back, in fact the installer suggested I sell the older decoder. Consequently I have been paying for two contracts whereas I have only one tv. I was never informed that I have to cancel the a contract.

What can I do to recover three years of subscriptions?


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    Inocent1590 Feb 17, 2020

    Good day
    Im inocent mapaya 9204285446083

    Im complaining about overcharging me on my dstv and i want to make arrangement of paying on Friday because i jave a delay on my payment they saying ill get it on friday ...


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