MultiChoice Africa / DSTVinstalling my explora with wifi

S Jul 31, 2019

Good Day
I am fuming, honestly either your employees are not fully trained or service are just bad if i must pt you the a scale rate honestly there wont be any.One of your consultants called me two weeks back to change from Premium to DSTV Explora with Wi Fi for R 899.00 a month including installation which she will provide for free because i am an existing customer of Multi choice for the past 12 years now. I have asked her to send me through her details to my mail but she have failed to do so.The dstv explora was delivered with wi fi two days ago and after that no phone call about installing the dstv until i started calling for two weeks now every single day to come and activate my explora so that i can cancelled my existing one.No body can help me some taking my address and promise me the very next day there will be an installer until now, some gave me wrong numbers and i am still where i was.Now they told me that i must get my own installer how is that working now and what makes me further upset is that they already taken off a payment this is not good!!! and also which means another installment is going to be deducted today for my premium this is daylight robbery!!! i am not happy. So i need my money back please that has been deducted from your company without my consent and if you cant send someone to install in the next day or two then please i will gladly return your explora on your costs and will cancel all other services i have with you.
Name: Sharlene Dieraba

Also your employees don't know where is the Wine lands Franschhoek city where i am residing how ridiculous is that.I will never ever recommend your services to any body else i am sorry.Hope to hear from you soon.


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