MultiChoice Africa / DSTVincompetent multichoice staff and installers

T Jul 14, 2019

I was called by one of the multichoice consultant to offer me a price lock explorer deal, I took it because i was told that I was not going to pay for installation. They delivered the decoders the following day.I phoned the call centre to ask them for number for installers to come and install them for me. I phone a few of those number and i must say im rather disappointed that such a big company has those kind of incompetent, useless idiots on their list. The first one could not speak English, the second one said he doesn't have a dish so he will send some one, when the 3rd ( Karabo)one came he installed and just left without making sure that that its working. I phoned the call Centre and the other incompetent idiot (Rebecca)told me that its active but she will just send a signal to clear code e107.Guess what, its still not working. Its been a week now without a TV but they keep reminding me how much i have to pay my premiums. We phoned again and another one told me a different story that one of the decoders is not connect, the other one gave us the number for complains, but guess what, the number does not exist. I phoned again and the other one told me that i need to check for the blue light. I don't think any one cares of customers, I would never recommend any one to take this deal, in fact, im currently planning to go on the social media to publish this so discourage people from taking this risk.

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