MultiChoice Africa / DSTVbad service from customer service agent hannahstayzia reddy

A Jul 30, 2019

I called on 29 July to request a service upgrade but could not finish the process because the system was offline. I called on the 30th and spoke to a service agent by the name of Hannahstayzia Reddy and told her what i needed. I then requested her to give me a break down of how much i will be paying and she refused she just gave me a total amount. When i requested clarity she told me that she has already given me quotation and that she will not give a quotation. I then requested her to refer to another agent and she refused and I asked for her name and she told me that she will not give me her name. I emphasised to her that she should consider addressing me in a good manner as I am a customer and she still gave me an attitude then I ended the call. I am very dissapointed at the service I received from her which i feel it is denting the image of Dstv Multichoice. It made me wonder if the service agent are not held accountable for the service they give to customer, are they free to treat customers as they please, if not what steps are taken in incidents like mine. It really made me feel desperate because I enjoy the programmes from Multi Choice but it does not give her the right to treat us anyhow.

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