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forms of id

I recently moved from New Jersey to Buffalo and wanted to open a local bank account (I'm with PNC in NJ). When I went to M&T in Buffalo, they wouldn't accept my NJ Driver's license as a form of ID. Never before has my NJ license been refused as a form of ID! In fact it's a holographic license and everyone needs to show either a passport or birth certificate just to get a NJ license. I had to go home to get my passport and go back to open the account.

Also, when I was opening the account, the branch manager specifically said there were no fees to transfer money between banks. It turns out I was lied to and there is a $3 fee for everytime I send money from M&T to another bank electronically.

cashing an m&t ck @ their bank

I went to the bellefonte branch to cash a small($114.)pay check which was their ck. I cash small checks drawn...

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unwarranted nsf fees

I only have an account here because one of their mortgage officers came highly recommended. Now I'm stuck with M&T for 30 years!

*They don't offer coin counting. Not even for a fee. What kind of bank can't count coins?
*If they transfer money between your checking and savings, it costs $10. I've never had a bank charge a fee for something a computer does automatically to MY money.
*Several of their branches in my area are only open from 10a-3p. WTF?
*I have rarely overdrawn an account in my life. Since opening an account at M&T, it seems I am constantly overdrawing. Their $37 fees, which are much higher than any I've ever experienced, are facilitating my overdrafts.

Let me tell you a story:
I had an overdraft fee charged to my account when I had enough money to pay for the transaction. "Honest mistake, " thought I, so I went to the closest branch to remedy the problem. The woman at the bank told me she could not help me because I had opened my account at another branch. I thought this was the point of having branches - convenience for your customer. Silly me.

So I drove 10 miles to the branch in which I had opened the account. Conveniently, the person who could help me was out at an appointment. The people in the bank promised me a call back that day.

The next afternoon, I received a call from the bank. It seems a hold had been placed on my account. With that hold on my account (which I had no idea was there), I didn't have enough money to pay for subsequent transactions. Five or six overdraft fees later, I now also don't have enough to pay the transaction that was on hold in the first place, and now I'm charged a fee for that one as well.
They won't reverse ANY of the charges (I was willing to admit fault for having such a low balance and take most of the fees), even the one for the invisible hold.

And now I see on their website that they have overdraft protection. Which they never mentioned to me.

Thanks for nothing, M&T!

  • Ba
    badbanksgo Aug 04, 2010

    I have used several banks because of relocation. When I moved to a town where M&T Bank was the most convenient bank to go with I was in for a shocker of my life. These folks actually rearrange transactions to hit consumers with overdraft fees. They do not payout transactions in the order they're presented. I learned this the hard way when my employer was late paying me and before I knew it, transactions that were charged on Friday reflected a Monday's date and then they took the highest charge that was charged on Saturday and moved that to the first transaction of the list, causing subsequent transactions to bounce so they could charge me $37 per overcharge. Then when I made a cash deposit, they held onto the deposit and would not let it reflect in my account until 2 business days later. I have never seen any mess like this in my entire life. DO NOT BANK WITH M&T. I will be switching banks even though I will have to travel further to get away from these people. I have never written a bad review of a bank before. M&T Bank is my first bad review of a bank and hopefully will be my last. They need to seriously just get bought out by someone who really knows how to bank. They are crooks and anyone working for them should be ashamed of themselves. The money is going to the greedy, filthy rich people at the top not you and they could care less about consumers nor their employees.

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  • Mh
    MHILL Oct 06, 2010


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all of sudden &debit fee& to transfer money out

Recently I was hit with a “debit fee” when I transferred my money from M&T bank to another bank online. They never have any fees like that. And as far as I know, other banks (PNC, Bank of America, …) do not have any “debit fee” like that too. After contacting M&T bank, I was let know that they sent me a secured message in M&T system about 3 weeks before the fee started to apply.

- M&T not send me a physical letter to my address to let me know any fee structure change. I do NOT receive my statement online. What will happen to the customers that does not use M&T online banking. How do they suppose to know that?

- If M&T wants to save cost to send letter, at least M&T should call me or email an message to my email address

I am closing all of my 3 year old accounts with M&T today and switch my direct deposit to PNC bank.

  • Ru
    rukerim Oct 05, 2010

    You are hit with one fee over a three year period and you go crazy and switch banks? wow... talk about dramatic

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M&T Bank needs to be investigated for legally stealing customers hard earned money. Between the nickle and diming fee's they fail to tell there customers, re arranging the order of transactions and holding deposits to ensure multiple ocer draft fee's. They just took $270.00 from me in over draft charges when i had over $1000 in the bank to cover the $200.00 in charges i made. I went to the bank with my print out which shows i was never even close to being overdrawn, and i am told " the funds were not available to you yet" even though my bank receipt and statement shows my balance. I have the proof and i am in search of a lawyer.

  • An
    AngelicaRose Aug 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The same exact thing happened to me. They told me, "for that day there wasn't enough money in my account to cover the charges". When you look at the online report and my available balance my account never went negative. I had 12 over draft fees on my account of $37.00 each for low amounts (amounts under $20.00).The reason for this was they also rearranged my charges from greatest to smallest so multiple small charges incurred insufficient funds fees. I had well over the amount I needed before all the fees hit. This account is used for every day purchases such as milk, gas, etc. I have another account I pay my bills with. Thank goodness nothing has happened to that account yet. When I called the bank, they where very rude said there was nothing they could do and said I needed to go to my local branch. When I went in I had to show them all my receipts, the bank print out, my bank account ledger and it took 3 HOURS! After three hours they said they would LOOK into it. Two weeks later I got a call and had to go back to the bank for the branch manager to try and weasel out of it by saying "there wasn't enough money in the account for that day", which made absolutely no sense. After me explaining, with my husband there this time; after 1 1/2 hours the branch manager said he would take the fees off as a courtesy. He never said they made a mistake or even apologized to me for the time they wasted. I actually was made to feel I was stealing their money by them taking the fees off. I was with M&T Bank for 14 years, now I am with my husband's Credit Union and they are wonderful. M&T Bank could learn a lot from the Credit Union. One major thing PEOPLE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THEN MONEY!

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  • Cr
    Crazy Niagara Oct 09, 2010

    My truck loan was through M and T, payment was transferred automatically as my paycheck was direct deposit...I was paid on the 1st and 15th so loan payment was specified to be transferred the 3rd of each month giving me a 2 day cushion.

    We also had a home equity loan and a mortgage for some rental property similarly set up.

    My empolyer had a problem with their computers and over the course of a weekend all paychecks missed their mark by 3 days. I was hit with $372 in late fees and overdraft penalties...Worse - I was NOT notified so our balance WE THOUGHT was $372 more than it actually was...we bought a $306 grill before finding out what had happened.

    Needless to say I appealed to everyone but the only one that stepped up to the plate was my employer and reimbursed me for their part in the dibacle...M and T was rude and held firm on the charges.

    I will never deal with them again! And I hope nobody else will either

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  • El
    Elaine Darman Jun 04, 2012

    I overdrew my account eighty five cents when a store error and credit never was credited until days after the purchase was debited. I was given very practiced speeches on why a loan payment from five days previous to this transaction allowed them to charge me thirty eight dollars even though it was a ninety nine cent movie rental that came through on the same day that technically overdrew the account. They would not relent and kept my money, but I am going to take notes on what they say because it changes with each disputed charge. I definitely anticipate an investigation of this banks practices and the consumers they are defrauding.

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awful customer service

M&T Bank displayed the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I had to request a new debit card 3 times from the bank becuase they never sent it. Once I finally received my Debit card, they failed to give me a PIN code. I had to request a PIN code throught he mail. After 10 days, I hadn't received the PIN code and they claimed to send it. I made one last request and it was not sent so I called them and vented my frustration. The customer service representative made no effort to remedy the situation and blamed the Post Office. The Manager I spoke with ensured that their policy is to provide me with a confirmation number when iinformation is sent to the customer. I WAS NEVER GIVEN A CONFIRMATION NUMBER FOR ANY OF MY REQUESTS. This bank is horrible. I would recommend you to stay away from M&T at all costs. They are absolutely worthless and should be shut down.

  • Mt
    M T Bank Jun 03, 2016

    M & T bank raised my Rate from 3 % to 15.98 % and is there is no way to pay this back.
    I went to an attorney and they have not been able to settle the matter and now the Attorney says it's to hard of a fight.
    M & T have used predatory lending tools and violate the consumer loan laws. I think if we could do a class action suit we could win.
    If you are willing to meet in Maryland and file a class we all sue M & T the courts will hear us.

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consumer beware

M&T mortgage consumer beware If you are thinking of a mortgage, you must defintely avoid M&T bank. They will...


MT&T Bank has designed overdraft fee scam to steal as much money as possible from people account...

excessive overdraft fees

Over the holiday my personal account was charged up to $700 in overdraft fees. Some of the fees were charged...

lost checks

I have a car loan that was funded by M&T Bank since Febuary of 2009. Now I have been paying major bills for 12 years now. I've never had a problem with the post office getting my bills to the appropriated destination. This includes a mortgage, other car loans, boat loans etc... I sent in a payment several months ago. They never received it. I figured maybe I forgot the stamp. It was never returned. I got another late notice the other day and I know I put a stamp on this one. I called the bank and told them I made the payment and they have to have received it. They said they haven't. The specialist was arguing with me when I wanted a pay off balance to get a loan through another bank. She blamed it on the post office. Would not take off the late fee and asked if I was going to make a payment. I told her not at this time that when I send in my next payment I will send in a double payment. She was not happy and continued to argue that it is not on their end. I told her she may not beleive me but I did send it and had everything correct on the address and stamp and that I am through with doing business with them. I could see once this happens but twice within 6 months. I don't think so. M&t is no good!!!

  • Ge
    GeminiRebelLady Oct 29, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Funny I ran across this comment.. As luck (or bad luck) would have it, I too am going through this very thing with M&T Bank! I made my payment through my bank with online bill payment, the due date on the car loan is the 11th of every month. It is not considered late until the 23rd of the month. I sent the payment out on the 4th of the month, it was posted to my account on the 5th, my bank said it was delivered by the 12th (which is still considered an on time payment). Conveniently, M&T Bank says they didn't get it until the 24th which is one day late according to them (isn't that convenient?!?!?!). Their customer service reps were TERRIBLE and I let them know about it. They told me every loan was entitled to one "forgiveness" on a late payment which they were willing to do. I declined because it is my contention that I was not late and didn't need to be forgiven for anything, and heaven forbid I am late at some time during this loan I may need to utilize that feature. I went round and round with customer service and their answer was they can not control the mail. Well neither can I and I sent that payment with enough time for it to be a timely payment, how do I know it wasn't sitting on someone's desk for almost 2 weeks?!?!?! This bank is a joke and I am sorry I have to do business with them for the next 6 years!!!
    Anyone getting a loan of any type through this company best beware, they are scam artists of the worst kind!!!

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stealing from cistomers

It is bad enough that M&T Bank now charges .50 everytime you use your pin number, this includes withdrawing your money from the branches ATM, but now they have made it a habbit to make sure they squeeze as many Overdraft Fee's as possible. For expample on 11/18/2009 my balance was $50.44 on 11/19/2009 these transactions were posted to my account $15.00. $8.01 and $5.70 obvisously i had the funds to cover these. Until a check for $70.00 went in the same day, and a day to early. So instead of charging me ONE $37.00 overdraft fee for the $70.00 check, they rearranged the order of the transactions so the largest amount was proccessed first so the they could charge me FOUR overdraft fee's to equal $148.00. This is stealing

  • Je
    jeanjansen Jan 02, 2010

    I recently (on 12/28/2009) made a deposit at an M&T atm, which showed 100.00 was available immmediately. I went to an appointment, then to grab a few (28.08) groceries. The next morning I checked my online banking and it still showed a positive balance, but 2 overdraft fee. Before my deposit I had 3.81 available after all my debits. I called their 800# and was told I did not make my deposit until 12/29. I had my reciept so I proceeded to call the branch my account is through. At that time I was told that my 100.00 was ONLY AVAILABLE IF I were to take a cash withdrawl on the spot at the atm. I proceeded to tell the manager this was a bunch of ###, available should be available. they reversed 2 overdrafts because of it, however they put the rest of my charges (on the 29th) for fuel, lunch and a stop for milk through after they had reversed the 2 intial fees. I whole heartedly agree that they are crooks! I wrote a letter to our senator in regards to this. there is nothing in the literature you are given when you open an account that your funds are only available at the atm, and not for purchases. they lie all the way and continue to rip people off!

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  • St
    StolenFromByM7T Feb 25, 2010

    M&T has rearranged the order of my transactions several times to get as many possible fees as possible. They claim this is a service to you, making sure that your largest checks go through. However, this contradicts with their other 'service' argument, that they don't reject transactions due to insufficient funds. So if they're going to process them and cover the costs -anyway-. why is it important that the largest transactions go through first?

    To screw you, the loyal customer. That's why. My family has been with M&T for something like..ten years or so? Maybe less, whenever the local branch moved into town. My branch has always had good customer service, but in dealing with ANY other branch or, horror of horrors, their corporate lines... these guys are miserable. They're here to rip you off, you know it, they know it, they know you know it. You are sheep led to slaughter, you have no rights.

    Not that any other banks are any better, but I'm leaving M&T for good. They've STOLEN enough of my money unjustly with unneccesary and undue fees. At the very least its time to let another company have a go at my wallet. I can't -wait- until the new legislation takes hold to remove these practices.

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  • Sl
    sladewhite May 10, 2010

    M&T are crooks and reorder transactions purposely to get more fees. I will be filing a claim against them in small claims and closing my account. I am sick and tired of it.

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  • Li
    Lidildeil May 19, 2010

    oh there famous for reflecting a deposit as available to you, then racking up multiple overdraft fee's saying it wasn't. Then why in the hell does my receipt and online banking say it's there???? re arranging transactions holding deposits they are nothing but thieves

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  • Li
    Lidildeil May 19, 2010

    Please join my M&T Bank knows how to steal group on facebook. Lets make this known

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unethical business practices

The final straw was today. Ever since M&T bought Provident, whom I banked with for almost a decade, I have...


M&T denied me some of the Money I deposited through their ATM. I deposited 100 dollars and the bank said they found only twenty dollars. My effort to resolve the issue with the local branch turned to a nasty argument with the manager of the branch who has no respect for her clients what so ever. Taking the matter to the higher level of the management, the customer service and corporate office turned out with nothing but denial of admitting that I am being unfairly treated and my money is being ripped off. I can't do anything but close my account and move to other banks that give a much better service than M&T. I don't know how many people like me have lost their money at M&T but I warn you guys out there to think twice before you want to do business with M&T Bank.

  • Cr
    Crazy Niagara Oct 09, 2010

    M and T seems to be an island of themselves they admit no wrong and scam everyone...

    I can hardly believe they have any customers at all.

    Get this - A Jewlery store funnels several hundred thousand dollars a week through Mand T because located is a branch next to the jeweler. The lady that handles the books for the jewelry store, when asked if she is happy with M and T replied "they're convienient...right next door" when asked if they ever make mistakes "oooh yes honey all the time but they are very nice and usually fix the problem"...Usually?

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  • Md
    mdstudnt Mar 02, 2011

    I'm a medical student, and I just got $600 stolen by M&T Bank. I opened a checking account with M&T Bank on 1/18/2011, and faxed my signature card to them; they accepted my opening deposit. I received a notice from them about a week later stating that my account was frozen until I fax in a utility bill, social security card, and drivers license as well. I did just as they asked. I then later found out, after trying to pull an ACH from the account, that a freeze was on my account (the ACH had returned to the originator). I called them about it, and they said that they couldn’t read my fax and that I should resend it. They also specified that it is not their job to contact me regarding problems with my account, and that if I have a problem then I should call them. I re-sent, called again the next day, they still couldn’t read it. They suggested that I enlarge the fax, so I sent yet another fax which was enlarged. I called again the next day, they said the freeze was still on the account, and that the fax was too enlarged, and suggested that I send a different utility bill. I then faxed a different utility bill, along with my social security card, and drivers license. I called again the next day, freeze was still on the account, they don’t know why and nothing can be done because there is no notes on my account. After being transferred around a number of times, the final lady said there was some question whether the original deposit I made was even valid or fraudulant. Fuming angry, I called Huntington Bank (the bank from which all deposits had originated) and they told me that this was nonsense, that of course the deposits were valid. They suggested that I try to work with the bank to get my money back, but that if they refuse to release my money to me, Huntington would submit something through their law department to get the deposits back from them. The loss prevention department (Regina Eagan 716-843-5755) at M&T Bank will not speak with me directly and I’ve been unable over the past six weeks to get any help getting this freeze off of my account. They took the $600 from my Huntington account to fund this account. I've already received a $25 returned ACH fee assessed to one of my other accounts because I tried to pay a bill with the money in this account. These people are crooks! Do not do business with these people.

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unlawful overdraft fees

In the last two weeks M & T Bank took out insufficient fund fees from my acount at least eight times. I have...

cannot cash government checks

I have an account with M&T Bank in Virginia, well lets say I will not for long.

I am drawing Disability, and retired at early retirement.

I along with many others cannot cash a government chect with provident, I deposited a check from the government this past week, as well and could not dray on the check until Today, 10/14/09

I went to cask my monthly check for my disability today, and was told i could not cash it as they had to wait till the check cleared.

what a joke, I can go to wal Mart and cash it for 3 dollars, or go to another bank and cash it for nothing, but not at M&T bank, what a joke this bank is.

When this was Provident bank they received 151-m from the feds as a bail out, but they did not need the money, but they took it anyway, we the American tax payers paid for this bail out, and they take the money not needing it, was this to fund their lavish life styles., and party town usa.

Isn't it starnge that the very people, the Government that bails out these banks, their check are not considered good, and a hold is placed on the check, where does this stop, better yet who is going to step up and put as stop to this type of banking.


overdraft fees

i deposited $ 300.00 in my account at 4:30 pm. my available balance was 315.23. so i withdrew 288.00 in bills. they said it was next business day and over drafted me on one bill. the next day they reversed it but that caused my account to be short because the reversal was the next day. now i have two more over drafts due to the one reversal overdraft! this bank is robbing me and there isn't anything I can due about it! I have since closed my account there but will never get my money back from them! whose supposed to be watching these low life banks!

  • Jj
    jjdbarth3218 Oct 05, 2009

    M&T Bank has charged my account $1, 339.00 in NSF fees since they took over Provident Banks in May of this year. $703.00 in fees within the last 30 days. My checking account balance was never negative during this time. Some of the $37 were on debit purchases for less than $10.

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  • Sh
    shirley joyner Mar 04, 2010

    Since M&T took over Provident bank I have lost over $1000.00 in NSF fees. Some of the checks were for a few dollars.When I deposited cash my reciept was never negative.Then the bank started using cute little cards in the mail to advise you of an overdraft, not an envelope that would get your attention.The people on the phone at M&T are not very helpful and when I went to the bank it was worse.CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNTS with these people.These fees are EXCESSIVE!!!

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  • Th
    The Real Casanova May 12, 2010

    The Worst Bank Ever! I love Provident but when they switched to M&T BAnk, they took a 400 dollar check, credited me with 100 dollars at the atm, then took a week to credit my account. by then it was too late, i was hit with 8 over draft fees for 37$ each. Even on the simplest items while waiting on them. Next i get the run around because nobody wants to give me my money back. Now im getting charged 10$ a week until i pay them back. I work 9 to 5 and get paid on mondays, why does your bank close at 3pm, what happened to 4 or 5. I would have cashed my checks inside. Okay take my money, im down 600$ because of your sorry [censor] business practices. Account # 0205401849 is now closed!

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Is anyone interested in filing a formal complaint against M&T relating to their fees and checking account practices?

nsf fees

I used my Visa Check card in Florida for single day rental. The agency charged my bank card $250 deposit for this $45 rental, but I didn't realize this. Returned from the trip and saw a negative balance, but to charges for that period yet. Immediately Deposited enough money to bring the account positive and then some. That evening, saw charges post, but no overdraft fees. Deposited more money to go positive again. The next day, 12 NSF fees hit. Beth at White Marsh branch refused to help though she simpithized.

It was very frustrating to hear a commercial later that evening from M&T Bank stating, "Knowing what's important"...yeah.. important that they hit you with as many fees as possible to generate income!

  • Da
    dave84 Sep 16, 2009

    This is the Bank from hell and it needs to be investigated for unscrupulous ovedraft fees.The customers service people, its as if they are paid to be rude and condesceding to customers.I use online banking and i know my balance.somehow i still get charged for overdfraft fees that are questionable.I need to leave this bank very quickly.Someone should call CNBC to do a profile on these scammers.They are robbing me.

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  • Jj
    jjdbarth3218 Oct 05, 2009

    M&T Bank has charged my account $1, 339.00 in NSF fees since they took over Provident Banks in May of this year. $703.00 in fees within the last 30 days. My checking account balance was never negative during this time. Some of the $37 were on debit purchases for less than $10.

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  • Tt
    ttruitt Jan 29, 2010

    Today and another occassion I had problems with M&T bank also. I have $296. in NSF fees being charged on my account!!! They are robbing me! I am a single mother with 3 children to feed! Similar scenarios occurred with me whereas...a check came in AFTER my CARD transactions were in pending and they take the LARGEST amount for a better chance to rob their clients. This is a M&T GET rich scam. On one date, there are "pending" (card) transactions...on next date a "check" which the Customer Service Rep advised was in "pending" but did not appear on my online statement. The next day beginning with the largest check of $450. created $296. in NSF fees. I cannot pay my bills this month thanks to M&T. I am closing this account and extrememly dissatified with their banking practises. Like I said before and the CRS agreed they and 1 other bank use this practise of beginning with the largest transaction amount and NOT as transactions are processed. Please do not use this bank. Or you will be next.

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m&t online banking balance not matching up?

I balance my husband's and my checkbook every day on an excel sheet that automatically adds and subtracts whatever deposits or debits/withdrawals I make. At the end of every month, I print out the statement from M&T online banking and compare it to my register, highlighting every single transaction as I go along, just so I'm sure I haven't missed one on the page. Well, ever single month, I somehow have at least $80 which are unaccounted for. Yes, going through the printout I usually find one or two transactions I've missed, but they're usually a trip to McDonald's or something. So, I add that discrepancy to my register, so I can be sure that the next month, I am beginning with the correct balance.

So how is it that every month, I still have these discrepancies that I cannot account for, even by going back months in my online statements?? I looked on my account this morning--when, according to my excel sheet, I expected to have about $120--and I had a balance of $0 and M&T had transfered about $35 from my overdraft protection! I consider myself an extremely organized person when it comes to banking: I keep absolutely every receipt, I know when every one of our bills is due, and like I said, I balance our checkbook every day, since it's right on my computer desktop. Is M&T stealing from me?? Has anyone else experienced this problem?? Where are these hundreds of dollars going that I can't account for? I'd like to switch to another bank, but everyone I know seems to think that M&T is the best, so who else can I trust if I am not sure I can trust M&T??

legit fees!?!?!?!?