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checking account and mortgage account.

I have been locked out of my account, and when I called customer service they could not offer any assistance...

forced insurance proceeds

M&T will place forced insurance on a homeowner's property if a property owner cannot show proof of...

Resolved account access

M&T recent change in terms and agreement online form does not work for all customers - so we can't access our accounts. Whoever designed this defective web agreement should be called out on it. Call wait time is up to 20 minutes for help and 5 calls later, I still cannot access my account because no one can help...they will surely loose a large number of customers over this. It's just unacceptable for a bank to deny customers access to their account ...m&t is going downhill fast.

charged for flood insurance

Was notified by mtbank, that my home was in a flood zone. Filled out papers for a LOMA from Fema. Fema stated no flood insurance was required, since we were not included in the flood zone. Sent in paper work, after calling for 6 weeks, said they were working on it. called back said they did not receive the LOMA paper. I faxed it the following day. Two days later received letter stating we were not to have flood insurance. Letter dated Oct 25 2012. In the beginning of Nov 2012 received an Annual Escrow account disclosure, They charged us for flood insurance $464.00 for the year. I called they were to send out revised Statement. Never received one. Called today Dec.28 2012 to ask why we were still being charged for the flood insurance, After being on hold for 20 minutes the line went dead. No one returned my call, to tell me what was going on. Cannot get anyone to tell me what they are doing or why we are still being charged.


This Bank has a way of deciete to all consumers, I personally went to the bank to close my account and the...

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Resolved account fraud

I was made aware of a internet charge for 339.85 at in London, England a few months back. M&T bank did a good job of contacting us and providing new cards but have reached the conclusion that we authorized this transaction and will be billed in full including interest for this charge. I do not understand how this conclusion was made and how our bank information was gained. I didn't get a phone call or any information regarding the matter and received the notice 3 days after they had exracted the money back from our account including interest. So where is the protection and how is this my problem and how did they conclude that I authorized this on-line? We plan to withdrawl everything and all business will be suspended with this bank as of 8am tomorrow. Check M&T fraud scam protection and see if your protected. I will be paying close attention to this as I shop for my next bank.

  • Bi
    Billys1 Nov 28, 2012

    I agree. For 10+ yeare now my acct. has been mismanaged and I am SUING M&T
    William H. Schlicting

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Resolved womanizer

Watch out for joe c durham! I reapeat watch out for joe c durham. Total #. Has tried to put moves on married...


M&T Bank

My car dealer talked me into getting a loan for the vehicle through M&T Bank. What a mistake. This company mailed me 2 booklets like it was 1984, so every month I have to remember to tear out the page, put it in an envelope, write a check, which means I had to order more checks, write that huge long account # on it [protected]-[protected] I mean you have to count the zeros 20x to make sure its right, and then put that in an envelope, order stamps, buy stamps, put a stamp on it, and hope it gets there in time. Most times it doesnt and they charge you a late payment fee, despite me pleading that I mailed it a week before the due day, ...they dont care. They love giving you late charges, you can sense that the customer service (not a joke, thats what they call their phone goons) reps are told never to give any credits for any reason...

Now I'm not an idiot. I realize back in 1980 people did this all the time and never thought twice about it. They also drove to libraries to look up questions, instead of typing them into google.

I have had 6 other car loans in the last 10 years that allow me to pay online. NO CHECKBOOK needed!!! not to mention EVERY SINGLE other bill I have for mortgage, utilities, credit cards, etc...

When I called them to ask if they provided this service their answer was "We may in the future" Well in 2011 they FINALLY added online banking!!! I filled out all their forms and questions and went to pay my car payment online. PHEW the torture was over! Or so I thought!!! NOPE! You have to have an M&T bank account to pay your loan!!! WHAT?!!! There isnt an M&T bank around for miles, and who the hell would put money in that bank! Do you have to drive there just to see your balance, and tie your horse up out front while you wait!!! NO THANKS!!!

Today in January 2012 I finally think they added online payment, not that they mailed or emailed (have they even heard of email) me any info on this, I found it on my own, I tried to register but its saying I already have an online account! Well that email address I no longer have and its not recognizing any answers to my own security questions. Not to mention when you click on any links on the website like "Enroll in online banking" it takes you to a generic Net assistant, or page not found site...

Im so frustrated, all I can do is get my checkbook out, and go buy more stamps, maybe some day these people will go to the library and read a book on customer service, ...until then STAY FAR AWAY!!!

  • Ga
    gatortracks Jan 13, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hey it's 2012, buy your stamps online.

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rip offf

M&T Bank charged me about eight overdraft fees unnecessarily by manipulating the payments to increase their profit margin. Small purchases that were made three to four days prior were not paid, and a big one is shown six days later was paid to reflect insufficient fund. M&T representative clearly dictates to me that the Bank has the discretion to pay the big amount before with no fault of their own. I am closing all my accounts with this bank and move to a Credit Union, and I would very much advise every other account holder to do the same.

  • Ky
    KylieAS May 03, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    M and T did this to me the last two months...Im paying them back and getting the heck out of there...they are absolute and total lying crooks!

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Resolved lost payment checks

M&T Bank has consistantly lost my on-line-bill -pay check. They called me a liar that every paid. I had to...

2 comments Trafford Loans

improper information

Irvylon Boltz passed information on to my family members that was not only untrue but also not hers to tell.She had help one son to get a loan at an other bank with a freind of hers, put her self as broker and they said he needed 23% down at the same time she was getting my 80 year old mother a home ecuity loan for my other son to build onto her home as it ended my son managed to gain all my mothers assets from may till January when she passes. my mother only dids it because she was told i was giving my other son 25, 000.00 for his house not true the underwritters at the other bank relized what was going on and redid his morgage at the right rate and i gave him only 3, 000.00 . i had no idea what was going on till after my mother passed .Ms boltz passed info that was incorrect and not hers to give she should lose her job!

sleazy customer service

I receive constant junk mail from this company (who must have "acquired" my personal information from another sleazy company). Finally I had enough and decided to try to stop it. I submitted three concurrent requests through their website to be removed from their mailing list and for my personal information not to be sold or traded.

Request 1: I was told that I needed to fill out some form on their website in order to be removed. Hilarious, because I'm not even an M&T customer (never have been!) I attempted to fill out this form and it would not let me submit without entering a valid account number. Wonderful..

Request 2: I submitted a second ticket, this time making it very clear that I could NOT fill out this form on their website. Again I was told to fill out the form on their website.

Request 3: I submitted a third ticket, again making it very clear that I had no way to fill out this form on their website without a valid account number. I told them again to remove me from their mailing and not to sell my personal information. This time I was told that they could "not remove me from their mailing list without my social security number and phone number". Furthermore I "could not submit this information online, because they do not have a secure form". So I would "need to call up customer service".. How convenient for them..

Request 4: I called up customer service, which put me through one of the worst automated systems I've experienced in a while. No options to do anything close to what I was looking to do (just "open up a new account" and "get account info" etc). I pressed 0 to get around the BS but it just said "invalid option". I finally was forced to select "open a new account". Of course this transferred me to somebody who "couldn't help me", and I was again transfered. Finally I got in touch with a bitter sounding lady, who took my address and name, and told me she would submit it. Of course I said "hey wait a minute, they said you needed my ss# and phone number". I asked her twice and she dodged my question, and just said that she would submit my request.

Overall, a sleazy company with sleazy customer service, playing stupid games with somebody who isn't even a customer, just to get removed from their stupid mailing list! AVOID... I can't imagine what it must be like to be an actual customer.

not secure

I can not agree more with the complaints of these IDIOTS !!
I went in to start to get my "assets" secured from a relationship that was/ is failing ... I told them I needed my own personal account sent to a diffrent name and address, I showed the proof of the name change that was going back to madien from married I also confided in them the need for this to be discreet so that I would not have to worry about any harassment or reprecussions of the person that the relationship was with . . I thought I was protected, till they changed all account information including to the person that I was trying to get away from ! Holy Hannah, I now have a bigger mess and all I got was an OOPS, Going else where tuesday morning . DO NOT DO BUSINESS with this enept group of idiots

  • Or
    orre Nov 13, 2009

    I truly hate M&T their banking fees are crazy. Their reps are even worse. I can't believe the NFL is backing them as a bank. You would think they would have more sense then that, however they don't. I can't understand why it would take a month later for a withdraw to be posted to my account. Also they never update your account with the correct balance. On top of that they will make it seem like you are crazy. A lady I work with told me she owed M&T $2000.00 in fees before closing out her account. I can't understand why and how these banks getaway with murder, but if they make a mistake you can't charge them fees.

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computer games

Let's Call M&T Bank's computer system "Hal"

I've been a customer of M&T since it was First National Bank of MD. "Hal, " M&T Bank's dimwit computer, knows this. I also have a checking account at Bank of America for my larger transactions. Hal probably knows this, too. I accidentally wrote a large check for $2500 on M&T check stationery which I meant to write on Bank of America check stationery. I made a mistake, mea culpa. Hal sprang into action and initiated an insufficient funds fee. Next day, the same transaction was automatically attempted, and there was Hal, again, applying another insufficient funds fee for the same check. Two smaller checks, which were covered by my meager M&T balance before this debacle, also bounced. Hal to the rescue with two more whammies. Whoever created Hal, it seems, you know, those software geniuses who can smell blood half a ledger page away, knew that Hal could determine that something was amiss by the large check amount. Any credit card company can do this in case of possible credit card theft. But shallow Hal was created "not" to have such stealthy wherewithal. Hal was written to be "stupid, " so that M&T can maximize its bottom line and brazenly tread on yours with these superfluous fees. It is perfectly legal. And you can hear M&T Bank singing "hardy-hal-hal" all the way home. Nice, huh?

Resolved bad recordkeeping & customer service

M&T Bank is the amateurish bank out there. You can't pay their bills online without setting up a checking account at their crappy bank.

I sent a payment for our car on 2/9. They didn't cash it until 2/26 & charged me with a $10 late fee. With the problem being with the post office or M&T themselves, I still couldn't get them to drop the fee after to talking with 2 customer "service specialists". Unreal!

Avoid this bank at all costs!

  • Tw
    TWO FACED COMPANY Jan 18, 2012

    I have belonged to M&T bank for years, never really being happy with them, however this latest issue i have been dealing with is the last straw with them. I somehow had my debit/visa card info stolen, without physically losing my card. After realizing this from over $300 worth of gas purchases being made at a WaWa, that I DEF DID NOT DO, the people i was speaking with at their 800#, assured me how common this type of thing is, and basically went over with me exactly how this can happen. After telling me, they will credit me the money back, as i will have to fill out paperwork they mail me, explaining what happened, they also said that the money RARELY gets taken back. So i went on about my business, did what they told me to do, only to find out, 3 night ago, they went and took all that money back that they originally credited me.!! Now, not only can i not pay my bills, i am fighting with them on trying to prove I did not authorize these transactions.. I faxed them a police report #, i gave them the wawa loss prevention reference # i was given, AND faxed over my work timecard to show i was working both days this all took place. They basically are calling me a liar, only because I physically never lost my card, and i was able to make transactions of my own, in between these unauthorized transactions... talk about FRUSTRATING!!! So now I am told i have to write a letter to the "card services" explaining everything that happened-AGAIN... since I am told they have no number to be reached cause they are a 'No customer contact" department... UNBELIEVABLE!
    I will DEF be switching banks once i HOPEFULLY get this resolved. Talk about poor customer service...

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Resolved safe deposit box policy

Do not open a safe deposit box at any M&T Bank.

If you do or already have one, make sure that you never close out a safe deposit box before your paid up year / annual fee is up. While most other banks will prorate a refund for the portion of the year that remains. M & T Bank does NO refund. I had a safe deposit box with them for many years. The $125 annual box fee was paid in full in January. The box was closed out in mid-March --- approximately $90 they keep. The "theft" of this is that they can still rent the box during the time that remains of my $90 and make an additional $90. The "customer service" staff just kept repeating the "company line."

This is true double dipping -- consumer rip-off at its best.

Resolved criminals

The bank is horrible... I had someone get my account information and charge hundreds of dollars to it, making...

Resolved bogus overdraft fees

My husband and I moved to Maryland and opened a checking account at M&T Bank, huge mistake. They put a hold on all deposited checks for a minimum of two days, but neglect to inform you of this small detail. This allows them to charge an overdraft fee of $ 37.00 per incident, even though you have deposited the funds to cover your purchases. Don't bother calling customer service, they will not issue a credit. I was told that the check hold policy is in all of their lobbies, not sure if this is true or not, regardless, I use the drive thru. Do yourself a favor and bank elsewhere, save the headache.

  • Su
    Super Smart Consumer Nov 09, 2010

    cverts - I hear you! These rip off banks also like to charge you when you call their customer service to tell them to correct an error THEY made.
    BTW - Who is this psycho "Maggie"? Her idiotic posts appear to be dillusions of a psychopath.

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  • Su
    Super Smart Consumer Dec 28, 2010

    Ravings of a psychopath...she needs to be locked up.

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  • Su
    Super Smart Consumer Dec 30, 2010

    Maggie, don't confuse yourself with me. In addition to your normal symptoms, now you are having delusions of grandour.

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their service is atrocious and I would advise everyone to avoid doing business with m&t at all costs

I (used to) rent from M&T. As per our contract, we gave 60 days notice of our intention to renew. Upon contacting them time and again in order to get the new contract from them, we had no response. Twenty days before the END of our lease at end September '09, I get an email from M&T saying that I should call them very urgently. Upon contacting them, I am told that they will NOT be renewing our lease as M&T wants to sell off these particular units. This leaves me with 20 days to find another place to stay, of which I am going to be away on a business trip for 9 days.

I eventually found another place to move into, and after the going-out inspection I was assured that our full deposit would be refunded within 7 - 10 working days. Again, nothing happened. I was eventually only refunded 2 days late after I started harassing them with emails and phone calls, threatening to take the matter to the relevant authorities.

Throughout this entire process, everyone (except Okkie) I spoke to at M&T acted as if they couldn't care less about a) my homeless state or b) that they owe me money. Their service is atrocious and I would advise everyone to avoid doing business with M&T at all costs.

gouges customer

M&T Bank (4830 Penn Ave, Sinking Spring, PA [protected], Contact Mark Katkovcin [protected]) has joined the masses of banks forcing exorbitant overdraw fees on consumers, even when the overdraw is their own fault. In one case, mine, the phone representative--who is apparently held to no responsibility--said my account was fine, and I intended on closing the account entirely. When I attempted to close the account, I was instead informed I owed them hundreds of dollars. Their manager promised to fix it, then disappeared for six months. Every subsequent attempt to contact was rebuffed until I received a collections letter for almost $1100! That's over a thousand dollars in overdraw fees when the bank was at fault.

Upon contact with M&T phone representative around 05/1/2010, was told that all current balances were okay and explicitly told that no charges would come out of my account. One week later, received $250 in charges. Upon speaking with the supervisor for previous phone representative around 05/10/2010, was told that clearly that I was either lying or wrong. Contacted local bank and district managers to clear up the situation. Their phone representative caused the issue with an inaccurate misrepresentation. Was told by Mark Katkovcin, Administrative Vice President, around 05/14/2010 that he understood and this issue would be cleared up. He passed it on to Sonia Torres at the local bank. A month later around 06/07/2010, I sent an email to Mark Katkovcin asking for an update. I did not receive any response. Around 09/23/2010 I received a collections bureau notice that I now owed approximately $1100. This consists mostly of overdraft fees, extended overdraft fees, and late fees. The actual overcharge is unknown. I had offered to pay the amount overdrawn, and was rebuffed and told to pay the overdraft. I asked for a courtesy refund, and was told that they could refund less than half of the fees. I refused. Around 9/24/2010 I was contacted by the bank vice president stating that since I refused to accept a partial refund they consider the case closed.

  • Db
    DBP8 Mar 16, 2011

    I have also had a tremendous amount of problems with M&T Bank. It is infuriating, and due to M&T reporting an account to Chexsystems I am unable to open one elsewhere. The account M&T reported was from a supposed unpaid overdraft in 2007. I had closed all bank accounts in 2007 and moved. The account was reported unpaid but I wasn't notified until 2010, although I've held an account with them since! When I had finally gotten the notice, I couldn't prove otherwise and paid it over the phone, received confirmation in the mail, and found out a few days ago (2011) that it still shows unpaid and I cannot open an account.
    In 2007 as well my personal information was linked to a stranger's business account for 3 years, and I only found out when they asked me which one I wanted to make a deposit to. When I reported that it was inaccurate it took a month to straighten out. It was straightened out when I called the Business and they contacted the bank as well.
    I was out of work for a few months and had to make a transfer of funds from savings to checking to pay a bill, they put the funds in the wrong account, which caused my check to bounce, and then they charged a 30 fee on top of the overdraft.
    Crooks like this make it seem futile to straighten yourself out. It's devastating. I am still young, the mistakes Ive made at 18 still haunt me. I went CRAZY paying off everything last year. LEFT and RIGHT places like this are falsely reporting unpaid debt. By the time any inaccuracy you report back is investigated, your 5 years are up and it's removed anyway. Worse yet, I've have unpaid statuses confirmed accurate, and went on to send receipts, yet STILL have not seen updates.

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  • Ta
    Taken by M&T Oct 12, 2011

    I have had the same problems and was ripped off and given wrong info many times. This bank has gone down hill fast. When my husband was working and we were depositing 1500 to 2000 a week we didn't have problems, but now that we are a one income family, I keep getting pounded with overdraft fees and wh hen you call a rep, one says everything is fine and we will fix the mistake and then a few days later they hit you with fees again. I guess I did not notice that my account was not right because there was more money in there. When you have an average account you really notice the fees. Is there anything I can do. I already closed my account and m&t said there would be no more withdrawals but I could still have my direct deposit . Yea deposit my paycheck and not be able to get it out.

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