I went to Mr. tire to buy 4 tires. The price they give you includes $79.99 for a wheel alignment that you didn't request. When you notice the wheel alignment charge, they lower the price by $10. I wanted an alignment anyway. When I came back for the car, the manager had a list of critical findings they uncovered, totaling more than an additional $550. While standing atb the counter, I read, reading upside down, a hand printed note from the franchise owner to all managers telling them to find things wrong and to tell the customers about the needed items "after the car is up on the lift". Since one of the items was that my battery was "on its last legs", and I had just gotten that battery new from my Subaru dealer within the last 6 months, I told him to touch absolutely nothing more on the car. When I went to pull the car out of the lot, I smelled a strong smell of gas coming from somewhere and a loud whooosh when I accelerated, as I pulled away. I looked under the hood, and found that a screw had been loosened from a clamp around a length of tubing which was the fuel line. It was leaking gas down onto the motor. I got a screwdriver and tightened the screw of the clamp while the motor idled, and the leak stopped. The loud noise was due to them not having replaced the cover to the air cleaner (one of the many things looked at during their secret inspection). I took the car to my Subaru dealer the next day, and told then the list of things Mr. Tire said were needed. Subaru said that none of those items were needed. (THIS IS A CAR WITH 37, 000 MILES ON IT. ONE OF THE THINGS MR. TIRE WANTED TO DO WAS REPLACE THE DIFFERENTIAL FLUID). It's clear that this outfit should be put out of business. It even looks like they sabotaged my fuel line when I said that I didn't want them to do any more work on my car.


  • Ki
    KixStar Apr 12, 2010

    Jiffy Lube and a local franchise does the same thing. They're all shady.

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  • Du
    duhuidiot Apr 15, 2010

    Hello, it is a business. There job is to check for anything that may need done. If they miss soemthing that needs changed you would probably sue them for that. Businesses need to make $$ to survive. You don't have to buy it. Dealerships do the same thing...You must be a crazy liberal.

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  • Eg
    E GURT May 10, 2010

    I took hub and rotor to MR.TIRE in Westminster to have a new wheel bearing press in.They messed up the splines in the hub.I took it back to them and they told me to install it my car with it being mess up.The mechanic told me "Thats the way we always do it, it'll be fine!"I called their headquarters. NO HELP HERE! So I'm out $230.00.They are very unprofessional, Iwould advise everyone to find somewhere else to take your vehicle.I took the hub to another mechanic who told me by looking at the hub whoever did the work was very inexperienced! SAVE YOURSELF THE HASSLE AND GRIEF!

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  • Mc
    mckinstry32 May 20, 2010

    I took my car into Mr.Tire to get four new tires, my car had just came from the body shopso the mechanic at the body shop told me that I needed a new wheel, I went to purchase a new wheel from the dealer which cost me $300.00 and took my car with the doughnut wheel on the left driver's side rear tire to Mr. Tire. I instructed the Mgr.Mr Gary Brewwer that the new wheel was in the back seat of my car, and I needed one of my new tires on that new wheel because the old wheel which was in my trunk was the defective one.After 5hrs of waiting I finally got my car back to realize that my new wheel was still in the box untouched and the defective one put back on my car. I went back to Mr. Tire and they told me they dont which one is the defective one, then they talked to the body shop to see what was the problem that they saw, took my car back to Mr. Tire and it took another 2 1/2 hrs to take all four wheels off to see if they saw the defective one and they still told me that they can't find a defect in any of my wheels.So now I'm riding around with noise coming from the back of my car when I hit a bump or a rough patch of road.I have tried making a complaint to corporate office to no avail!!!

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  • Nt
    ntrent1 May 28, 2010

    You know, If techs never recommended anything on anyone's car, then everyone that did not know anything maintenance wise (about 75 percent of people I'd say) then things would just break and go bad and leave you stranded on the side of the road time and time again.

    We recommend services based off of 2 separate things: Either mileage based, or condition based. Mileage based services (such as coolant/transmission/power steering/brake fluid etc) are to keep the fluids in your car fresh, so they do not break down over extended periods of time and damage expensive components which would cost MUCH more than a simple flush and fill. Condition based services are performed if the fluid is actually dirty or burnt etc. This usually occurs on cars which are not PROPERLY maintained. If it has gotten to this point, damage is occuring to some extent, and should be fixed ASAP.

    Yes, fixing a vehicle can become expensive, and yes if you do it yourself, it will be cheaper (and if you can, DO IT!), but if you take it to any shop, expect to pay for parts AND labor, because thats how business works. We fix your car, and you pay for the services.

    Yeah, there ARE shady mechanics out there, but MOST of the techs at major franchises are alright because they are tightly regulated by management and such (yes i know there are exceptions.)

    Bottom line : Don't get upset when we recommend items on your car. It is our JOB to look for things that are wrong. If we see something that should be done, we are REQUIRED to note it. We are NOT trying to steal from you!

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  • Ki
    KixStar May 28, 2010

    @ntrent1: How about when my dad replaced my air filter not 2 days before I got my oil changed and the mechanics tried to tell me my air filter was SOOOO dirty, and it's a wonder it's even working at all??

    I was 17 at the time. They were trying to take full advantage of a high school girl. I don't trust any of them (more especially mech's who work for larger companies, vs independents) as far as I can throw them.

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  • Nt
    ntrent1 Jul 21, 2010

    As I mentioned in my previous post, there are unfortunately shady mechanics and/or management/service writers out there. This was apparently one of those cases.

    No argument here, but I'd like to add that it is really helpful and makes sense to me, that anyone that can drive a car, needs to know atleast something about it (such as what maintenance has been done) before they take it in for service, to avoid things such as your experience.

    Honestly, If it was me, I would have complained to the manager that they obviously tried to scam you into an air filter, and most likely they would have done the oil change free of charge just so they could get you outta there without consequences.

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  • Mr
    MrTireReviewer Nov 16, 2011

    Mr.Tire in fredericksburg 22405, off Harrison rd. The mechanics don't know how to do much, they waste a lot of time messing around and smoke pot at work. The manager is lazy and puts out the new schedule for his employees the day before it starts taking place. If someone doesn't show up for work, they force and the other employee to stay the rest of the day or until someone does show up. Just a very badly run place to go.

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