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Barbra Moran
4444 W. 147th St.
Midlothian, IL 60445

Dear Barbra
I want to inform you of the incidents with my transmission work do at one of your locations. The Location is 813 Memorial Parkway Northwest, Huntsville I spoke to Joe & Adam regarding this.
I’m going to start from the beginning, On January 9th My Transmission went out while dropping my children off at my ex wife’s home. Because of a snow storm I had to leave my vehicle at their house. I called Joe on the 1oth after I did some research of my own on your company. I seen no complaints with the BBB so I asked them to pick up my 2005 Nissan Xtera, they were unable to do so for a few days due to the snow, Understandable.
On January 14th I was contacted by Joe. Joe informed me that I had a transmission problem. He then informed me of a company policy that he would need $795.00 to take the transmission out and reinstall it, he also stated once the problem was found all I would have to pay for was parts. Being experienced in the trade, I told him that was high and normally it is $450.00 or so from his competition to provide me with an estimate. He stated because so many people, buy from the buy here pay hear places that the abandoned the car if the repair is more than the car is worth. I told him I understand that and that my car retails for over $6500.00 and I have the title of the car to prove ownership. He stated it is company policy and we can start to take the transmission apart if I just gave him my birth date and inform him when I would be in with the $795.00. I told Joe I would be in Monday with a check. On January 17th I provided them with a check for $795.00. Latter I stopped payment on this check but got them a bank check after we had made an agreement.
On January 21st I was contacted by Joe, Joe explained that the transmission needed to be rebuilt and it would be a little over $3700.00 for the repair. I was floored at the cost. I told him I would get back with him because we have been out of work and I needed to research my options. That day I started to call around to see if I could borrow the money. Typically when you do that you get allot of people that want to help you with their opinion. However My Mother in-law agreed to loan me the money if I would have it towed to a friends here in Arab Al. Yes I’m about an hour away from your shop. I contacted Joe and told him this. Joe started to become unprofessional in his attitude and said Fine I’ll put the transmission back in the car and you can pick it up. I explained that I did not want to have the transmission put back in the car, I just wanted them to put all the parts in a box and I would have it towed. (At this point I started to record my conversation with Joe). He started to tell me that there is no way the vehicle could be moved without the transmission being reinstalled. I explained to him that I spoke with the tow company and they had no problem putting it on a flat bed. I called Joe back and told him not to put the transmission back, he told me that is was we contracted to do take it out and put it in and that is what we are doing and you will not get your car till it was done. He told me if I sent the tow. Company down, he would call the police. The tow company still said they would try and get the car. The tow company told me that Joe intended on keeping my car and file a civil suit against me for wanting my car back. I called Joe and once again he told me it is corporate policy to reinstall the transmission because he was liable for the car, I told Joe I would sign a waiver releasing all his rights. He said no.
At this point I felt stuck in a rock and a hard place. I tried to talk to Joe to resolve the problem but this situation just got out of hand. At this point I spoke with Adam and explained that I don’t have the money and I want my car. He said he had no problem holding the car until I figured out how I could pay for it. With no choice in the matter I was stuck.
On January 28th we found out that my wife would be getting some retirement money from her ex-husband. I called Adam and told him I would have the money sometime next week and it would be a certified Check. He said great because this thing is taking up my lift. I told him to go ahead with the repair. I asked him if the car would be ready to pick up when I delivered the check. He said yes they would start working on it.
On February 7th I brought him a certified check for the total balance of the repair. I noticed the car was still on the lift and the transmission in the tray. I asked Adam why the car was not ready. He told me they sent the wrong parts and assured me they would get right on it as soon as the parts arrived. Like I told you earlier in this letter I have been in the trade. Everything was just like I left it the last time I was in that shop. He told me he should have the car ready by the end of the week and he would call me with an update.
February 11th I did not here from Mr. transmission so I called Joe took the phone and told me that the wrong converter was sent and they don’t have one in stock and it would be next week before they get it. He insured me that once he got that part they would put it in and it would be ready. Once again he said he would call me with an update.
February 15th, Still not hearing anything from Joe or Adam called They said they have not got the converter however they checked on it and it should be in later today and we will get it in and all should be good.
February 18th still not receiving a call, I called and spoke with Joe. Joe told me that they had a leak and he feels that being they sent the wrong converter they may have sent the wrong seals. So he was working on that and he would keep me advised.
February 21st Once again not hearing anything I called I Spoke with Joe they were still trying to repair the leaks. At this point I told him I needed my car he assured me that he had two guys on it and it should be ready no later than Thursday. Once again he would call me.
February 25th we called Joe said everything is in and ready to go should be done Saturday. He would call.
February 28th after not receiving a call I drove down to their shop my car is still sitting on the lift however it’s not up in the air anymore. I thought that was a good sign. I meet with Adam, He took me in the back and told me something is wrong with the computer(which they installed) in the transmission and they were working on tracing out the problem. However no one was working on my car, I left.I also contacted Jackie McNeal in customer service Corporate office

I want this problem resolved by March 2nd or I’m contacting The BBB, and my attorney I will post on the internet the type of mistreatment and abuse I have received from Mr. Transmission
03/01 12:45 PM Jackie McNeal called from corporate customer service and said my car should be done no later than Thursday and she would call and check.
03/01 4:35 Pm Joe from Mr. Transmission left a message that my car was ready to pick up and I can do so anytime 03/02
03/02 Drove to Mr. Transmission to get keys Joe proceeded to read me what he did. He stated that he overhauled the transmission and 12 Month 12000 mile local warranty including the torque converter. Then he proceeded to tell me that no electronically parts in the transmission were covered. Rather than argue with him I signed the invoice DON’T AGREE.
03/02 510pm drove my wife to pick up the car she drove the car approximately 5 miles then called me on the phone and said it seems to be slipping. We pulled over and I drove the car the whole way home the transmission was banging in and out of gear and not going into gear and causing high rpms. I also tried the overdrive and it would not engage properly. The car is unsafe for my wife to drive.
03/03 Due to the unprofessional attitude and the treats made of a civil suit by Mr. Transmission which I have the recorded conversation. We feel we have been taken advantage of threaten, and they have changed there warranty at time of pick up, so I’m sending a letter certified to Joe and Adam for a refund and we will take it to someone we can trust and not be threatened to lose our car.
Barbra I have ran Franchises in the past and you should be ashamed of how this operation is destroying your professional image.

Sunday, March 06, 2011
Dear Joe Hutton or Management
I’m notifying you in writing that 5 Miles into the drive home, the transmission you overhauled started to slip and not engage in gear properly. My wife called me on the phone and we switched cars. I drove the Xtera and I simply can’t believe that you would allow this car on the road. It is unSunday, March 06, 2011safe and hazardous to drive. You did not repair my transmission as agreed. You Have lied to me on several occasions which is noted in the timeline I sent your cooperate office. Do to the poor treatment I received from your company, which you claim you are the professionals.
Frankly I do not believe I was handled in a professional manner. Dealing with the public and threatening to take civil action on a customer, just because they could not afford to have their car repaired is horrendous. Since the beginnings of our dealing I have been traped and forced to use you for the repair or I would not get my car back without timely litigation.
On January 14th You informed me that I had a transmission problem, and that it would cost $795.00 to remove the transmission find out what parts were bad and you would provide me with an estimate for parts. The $795.00 included the labor to remove, reinstall and repair the transmission. So when you told me it would be another $2600 for parts I was skeptical. That’s when I wanted my car back so I can have it towed to my home to sell as is, or get it repaired at a later date. You denied me that right by threatening me with civil action, because I wanted to do this. Please be aware this was a verbal agreement and nothing was signed
Please see attached timeline of events sent to your corporate office of my other concerns. (Attached)
On March 2nd when I picked up my car once again you lied to me. While picking up my car you proceeded to tell me my warranty. The warranty we agreed on was full parts and labor to repair my transmission locally. Now when I go to pick up the car you tell me no electronic parts are covered. To me spending $3210.03 on cars that is worth $5500.00, and not have a warranty on all the parts you replaced including the computer you replaced, is foolish and I would have not done that. Especially since, there are many electronic parts inside today’s transmissions. I signed your agreement DON’T AGREE. I took my keys and hoped for the best that you at least fixed the transmission but you did not.
Based on my fear of you holding my car for civil action and more lies. I will not be returning my car to you but I will be having it repaired locally.

I have no problem paying your labor of $795.00. However I want my $2450.03 returned to me within 10 business days so I can have my car properly repaired. If you do not respond to this offer I will be filing in small claims court. However I will be suing for the full amount, and what it takes me to repair my car, court cost, legal fees and monetary damages. If I do not receive a check in 10 business days I will move forward with the small claims action.
I apologize that our experience was bad, and as a fellow business owner. I would hope you would do what is right.
Sal Addotta


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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