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Mr. Rooter review: Highway Robbery!

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My wife called to have a bathroom faucet replaced and as she told them the drain was a little slow and we wanted that fixed as well.

The Plumber showed up and was here for about 20 minutes and he came up with a quote of $612.02!

I thought this was a bit on the high side but with the busy schedule and a lack of confidence to fix it myself I wrote out the check.

Then he mentioned that this was just an estimate and someone would call Monday to set up a time to do the work... Hello, This was supposed to be done on the same day.

I let it eat at me for an hour and called and told them not to bother setting up an appointment as I thought the price was outrageous.

They wanted $397.90 for a faucet!
Cable sink and do bio treatment $214.12
Oh... the good news... This included labor and he estimated 3-4 hours to do the job!

I went to my local Home Store, Bought a Moen faucet and did the work myself for under $80.00!

I called them and they still requested that I pay $54.99 for the call and estimate... I did pay that to be done with them.

So for less than $140.00 we now have a beautiful new facet and it didn't cost me a weeks pay.

I will think twice about using Mr. Rooter again and will never recommend them to anyone.

Thank You for letting me vent on this forum... I do feel better knowing that I did the work myself !

It's amazing how money will motivate and give you confidence to do the work. ;)

Have a good day!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Aug 08, 2015 7:39 am EDT
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Mr rooter.. Imo only difference between them and highway robber is robber uses gun.
Small water leak in front lawn. Mr rooter came 1 hr late spent 30 minutes working.. Dig hole 2foot long 1.5 foot deep. Cut out 6" long pvc pipe, glue new 6" long pve pipe in. Fill hole back in. 30 minutes top.

Billed me $225.00 i called pace plumbing/mr rooter to complain about cost and i was told...Well looks like they cut you a break on the price.. They should have charged you an additional $85.00 because they had to break out the shovels and dig hole... So total s/b $315.00!
10 minutes of the 30 minutes was standing around waiting for glue to dry.
I will never use pace plumbing/mr rooter again!

Jun 02, 2011 2:39 pm EDT

I have to laugh at these comments. Mr. Rooter in SE WI is very professional, never does any work without customer approval. Will even educate their customers for future problems. Also if your going to bash companies that have integrity please learn how to spell. Outrageous it is not spelled "out rages" ! If anyone does have a problem with any Mr. Rooter it is like any other company never judge all when there will always be one bad egg in every type of business.

Mar 28, 2011 8:19 pm EDT

What a SCAM this business is. They came over to my house for 4 days strait trying to fix my water pressure problem in my showers. They told me that I had bad cartridges in all of my showers. They then told me it was going to cost 500.00 per shower to fix this problem and the reason it was so expensive is because we have Kholer showers and the parts are very expensive. So I agreed to fix 2 showers out of my 4 because my family was desperate for a shower (We just moved into the house)...the first day they came (there was always 2 of them trying to figure it out) one of the men was trying to upsell me on a water softener because he was sure that hard water was the problem(without even looking at the shower) I told him no, no and no 3 more times. So after 4 days of them dancing around the problem, they fixed my kids shower, but was still working on the shower in our master bathroom and told me that they couldn't fix the pressure in the master shower because there was blockage in the pipes in the wall and that they are going to have to rip out the wall to get to the problem ( an 1800.00 fix)...I told them that I wasnt going to rip out my wall just because they have a theory. I told them to just leave and I would figure it out on my own, and they said that's fine and I would just need to pay for the part they "purchased" for that shower. Afer they left I went into the shower they had been working on for so many days without a successful fix and turned the water on and there was still no pressure. I then looked up and noticed that the Mr. Rooter guys had failed to see that the shower head was in the off position and all that was needed was for them to turn it counter clockwise to the on position. (These clowns were going to rip out my wall to fix the water pressure problem when it was the shower head?!)...Where do these Jerks get their training? The second part of the scam is when they told me the price of the Kholer part. Kholer has a lifetime warranty on all their parts and will replace them free of charge. So Mr. Rooter charges you an arm and a leg for these parts just to get the part for free from the manufacturer? If you want to be ripped off then by all means hire these people!? Also, I'd like to meantion this is a brand new home, which means everything is brand new! UNBELIEVABLE!

Jan 04, 2011 8:50 pm EST

I had a similar problem RooterRip. A little problem turned into a $10, 000 nightmare. On a Saturday, also happened to be New Year's Day, we had a small overflow in our downstairs half bath. Called these jokers since they were the only ones that would come out. Whun Prescott cleaned the pipe & ran the camera, showing us the roots & debris down there. Had we left it at that, it would have been almost $600. But no, our pipes were in such horrible shape that we needed a complete overhaul. We were quoted over $7, 600 but if we got their little club membership, our special price would be $6, 800. We knew that the pipe had problems so we went ahead & scheduled for Monday. They show up early & started digging the trench to lay new pipe. We warned them of our sprinkler system pipe that ran through the yard & showed them where it was. Centerpoint came out & flagged exactly where the gas/electric lines were. Phone line was flagged. I saw them. Lots of brightly colored flags dotting my yard & fluorescent dust on the grass. After watching 3 of the 5 workers smoke & throw the butts in my yard, I start to hear what sounds like running water. Nope, wasn’t water. They managed to break the gas line. That wasn’t enough. They busted right through the electric too. Why stop there, lets cut the phone line. Yes, no gas, electric, phone/internet, water. Upon calling Mr. Rooter, they aren’t responsible for that. Well I sure as hell didn’t do it. Thankfully Centerpoint & AT&T told us it was policy to bill the contractors when something like this happens. The electricity is another story. For their stupidity, we are stuck with a $2, 900 bill for an electrician. We are still fighting that with them but after reading other people’s horror stories, we’ll probably end up eating that charge. I pledge to write, file, do whatever I can to report Mr. Rooter & let other people know to stay as far away from them as they can and their parent company, Dwyer Group, and their other companies, Aire Serv, Glass Doctor, The Grounds Guys, Mr. Appliance, Mr. Electric, Portland Glass and Rainbow International. Don’t let them rip you off too!

Dec 19, 2010 3:30 pm EST

I had a large job done by the Mr. Rooter franchise in Haltom City, Texas.
A leaky toilet turned into a total sewer system replacement.
I don't doubt that I needed it, but it took a long time and sometimes they would leave in the middle of the day and not show back up until the next day. After about 11 days, they finished and left, leaving a huge mess in my yard. Plastic sheeting, soda cans, styrofoam packing materials, boxes, etc. I had to go to extreme measures to get them to come back and clean it up. Also had to hound them for days to get a line item breakdown for my insurance company. I would not use this company again, but if you do, make sure you get a second opinion and do not pay unless it is daylight and you can see the finished job.

Dec 01, 2010 3:49 pm EST

mr.rooter prices are out rages . the plummer did not give me the full price to install faucet shut off valve lines until he he was done. on up front pricing ? the bill came to $12220. i bout the kitchen faucet at hard wear store. dont call mr.rooter i never will again. joseph grill hojo1234 @ consolidated . net e-mail me. thank you

Jul 27, 2010 2:35 pm EDT

bad plumbing has killed more people throughout time then all wars combined... EVER... I'm just saying maybe plumbing is'nt as easy as everyone thinks. I've plumbing for 7 years and i got 3 to go before i can take my masters test

Apr 10, 2010 8:00 pm EDT

ha ha i hear you meplumberyay because in onondaga county in upstate ny it takes 5 years as a apprentice to just try and take the journeyman's test even if you get it you cant pull permits your master plumber has to and in order to get that its another 5 years min and usually longer because most dont pass the master's on the first try now im not particular sure how long it takes to be a lawyer or a doctor but im pretty sure its about the same if not longer to be a master plumber so take that into consideration when every one thinks they can do your own plumbing! you wouldn't represent your self if you were on trial and you wouldn't perform your own open heart surgey so when you think you can plumb think again

Apr 01, 2010 9:30 am EDT

Dear thepatientone...

Plumbers are highly educated people with 4 years of schooling involved (at least in Canada). Carpenters... are not.

You need to be a certified journeyman with 5 years experience after becoming a journeyman in order to pull a permit and open your own business... carpenters need 2 years experience, no school involved to do this.

So just because your another silly carpenter with a tape measure and a circular saw see plumbers do work around you, does not make you a "skilled" plumber.

"Copper sweat joints simply don't fail unless they are acted on by an outside force or the sweat was not a clean sweat. Neither situation was evident."

WRONG. See if you went to school for plumbing you would have not written that down. Your just another silly carpenter haha. Let me list you some stuff that "acts" on copper which may cause it to leak:
-High pressure in waterlines
-Water hammer
-Something we like to call "venturi effect"
-Non viscous flow

If the sweat held when applied after testing... it was a good sweat. So all i have to say is... WHAT DO YOU KNOW?

Silly carpenters should stick with what they know, measuring twice and cutting once, silly carpenters haha.

Dec 20, 2009 10:53 am EST

Homeowners looking for plumbing help crack me up...
They call a plumber up, have them drive all the way to thier house, give an estimate.
And then have the nerve to go online and B*%ch about it.


If it was a simple turn of a nut to fix it why didn't you just do it yourself? Something doesn't make sense.

May 19, 2009 10:16 pm EDT

i am a former mr. rooter territory manager from las vegas. mr. rooter is the largest plumbing company in ameriKa. the cost of dispatching a truck for a free estimate was about 100.00 a call. no charge. the workman's comp premiums for plumbers is second only to roofers.

licensed, bonded and insured. dispatch and management support second to none in the industry. mr. rooter franchises are sold through the dwyer group, owners of rainbow carpet, mr. appliance amd mr. electric. millions of dollars spent in customer services focused on the customer and their needs.

mr. rooter is a practical example in the science of customer service. not everyone drives a volkswagon. some drive cadillacs and some drive a rolls royce. not every service is for everyone. mr. rooter has spent tens of thousands of hours and millions of dollars researching the customer service industry and the needs of the average homeowner.

i have been in the plumbing service industry my entire life, and i will say, i have never seen a more professional operation nor have i ever seen a company so dedicated to gaining the respect of customers they would like to see as life long. the structure of the mr. rooter pricing is both fair and the structure offers great discounts for additional tasks performed saving hundreds and even thousands for their customer.

the technicians, trucks and equipment are the highest quality in the industry. the costs are based upon a proven formula, not to "rip" anyone off. the costs are a set and fair profit margin for the franchise and it's owner and the customer. the beauty of contract pricing is the customer is always free to say "No thank you", however, with an over 92% satisfaction rate, the highest levels in the industry, mr. rooter is a company second to none in fairness and pricing.

i don't even work there anymore!

walt carroll
bullhead city, az.

Apr 21, 2009 2:39 pm EDT

I have 30 years experience as a carpenter and Facilities Manager with a local non-profit. I have executed well over a million in contracts over the past 20 years. I have all the skills the the tradesman uses as my department also keeps 7 locations up to snuff. I am also a skilled plumber as a result. Recently my father (without my knowledge) contacted Mr Rooter in our area because his bathroom floor was springy (due to the use of inferior products applied by a contractor under a municipal grant). My father did not have a leak in his bathroom or anywhere else. The tech from Rooter reached behind his new toilet( my dad installed the toilet himself) and found moisture. To my dad this seemed like a leak, in fact it was a loose tank nut. The tech proceeded to go into the basement and replaced 2 feet of perfectly good sweated copper with 2 feet of blue potable water PEX with two sharkbites(connectors). The two feet of PEX was chrged at a rate of $150.00 per foot. PEX costs $.60 a foot and the sharkbites were probably $3-4.00 at best. The tech never quoted a price to my dad until he was done. Despite their advertisements to the contrary. Another tech came back right after Tech one and installed a no burst closet supply line approx. 12" long. My cost for those is about $22.00.

All told Mr. Rooter charged $660.91 for work that did not need to be done. A simple turn of a nut would have solved the slight moisture problem. The springy floor was of course never dealt with as Rooters are not carpenters. I would not have expected them to do so. The replaced 2 foot section of pipe was not even leaking as I was checking out his basement just last week and everything was fine. Copper sweat joints simply don't fail unless they are acted on by an outside force or the sweat was not a clean sweat. Neither situation was evident.

What is really tragic is that my dad is 80 years old and some times he can be had. The behavior of the owners of Mr. Rooter Franchises in my opinion appears to be predatory and bordering on the criminal. God knows how many people have been damaged by this business practice, especially the elderly.

I have appealed to The NYS Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's office for consultation and possible action. I will also approach the local media for their input and possible coverage as well. I would advise anyone who has a legitimate scenario to contact their respective Attorney's general or Better Business Bureau for advice.

To Grapecoolade: most victims of this type of business practice never file a complaint so your statitics are a bit
inaccurate. You also have a vested interest in the success of these practices. Since when was it ok to denegrate your customers and prey on the elderly? Got an answer?

Apr 07, 2009 12:55 pm EDT

my name is Darrell. I used to work for Mr Rooter. I would like to say i am very sorry for all the people i ripped off over the years. I worked for the detroit metro franchise. We were trained in tactics to sell sell sell with no regard to what the consumer accually needed.We had weekly sales meeting where our sales were compared to other techs sells. If our sells fell below 5000.00 a week we were called in to the managers office where we had to explain ourselves for poor sales skills so as a tech there was alot of pressure to generate revenue which will lead to unfair practices. our pricebook was a tool used for ripping off customers. a water heater for instance was 890.00 now as a homeowner you probably dont know what a water heater costs. but we show you our price in our price book and now you feel confident were not just making up a number we think you'll pay. also we are going to tell you that you need a new ball valve a new gas ### and two new dio unions. Now instead of 890.00 your new water heater is going to cost around 1300.00 dollars. I bought a forty gallon watrer heater this morning with all the parts and i paid 308.65 if thats not a rip off then Mr Rooter i am sorry i took the time to type this. by the way the water heater i bought this morning installed cost my customer 610.00 and i am sure she will use me again. it fells great to go to bed at night knowing i dont have to steal to make a living. grapekoolaid you should try it

Mar 17, 2009 10:49 pm EDT
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If you would listen and read what you guys are typing, you will see that The Mr Rooter Tech did nothing -wrong. If you do not like the up-front price quoted to you, you have the choice to refuse the price. But saying they did something wrong is not right on your part. They did not rip you guys off, they just gave you an estimate and you chose to do it yourself and want to compare the cost? To say they prey on those who do not know, then why did the all knowing call a plumber any way? and to talk about the many complaints, I adverage around 25 service calls a week by myself. multiply that times 50 weeks I work a year, and then multiply that times the 5000 plus Mr rooter service techs in the USA, then the 40 complaints you read on the web sites are just a grain of sand on a beach. Why don't you talk about the doctor who charged you $750 for 20 mins. you spent in his office, or the $20, 000 you paid your lawyer to divorce you and you still lost everything to the wife? Its not fair that people thing plumbers should work for spare change.

Mar 02, 2009 2:35 pm EST

I had a run with Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Langhorne
46 Edgemont Lane
Langhorne, PA 19047
Phone: [protected]
Fax: [protected]

I needed a new kitchen sink installed and they wanted to charge me $940 for the job. I removed the old sink, had the water lines ready and installed the drain on the new sink. This business preys on people that just do not know. They have no shame and if you do some more research you will find many complaints against them. Stay away!


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