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I placed a order on 2019-09-27. Today is the 2019-09-07, stil no update on delivery. The update on app says its "ready for delivery". Paid R50 for door to door delivery. This is the 2nd time within a month this is happening. Last time my order was 2 weeks LATE, 2 WEEKS AFTER THE DELIVERY DATE. I had to cancel that order. C/Services is bad, always say the same thing, no results. Was told on previous order by 3 different operators my package is "out for delivery tomorrow" on 3 different dates. The exact same NOW, just this time I was ons hold for 15MIN AFTER SHE TOOK MY DETAILS. I asked to speak to the manager, HAD TO WAIT ANOTHER 10MIN to hear the person is not available. I've paid with my MRP Money card. Had this account for over 4 years. Considering closing it and taking my business elsewhere. This is NOT how you handle loyal clients that spends thousands and thousands at your company. Ref number for last call is: CRF 64D15A. I've asked the operator for a email stating that what she is saying just in a email, then I receive THIS. No dates just that it is prioritized..UNACCEPTABLE!!! I will advise all customers thinking of spending their money there to rather go to another store/company and do their business there. This is unacceptable!!! Falsely advertising delivery dates, getting paid and not delivering the products is FRAUD!!!

Mr Price Group / MRP
Mr Price Group / MRP

  • Updated by Jurgen van Staden, Oct 08, 2019

    Sorry, the date TODAY is 2019-10-07. Error in my complaint

Oct 08, 2019

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