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W Sep 09, 2018 Review updated:

Good day. On sunday morning my 11 year old daughter and myself visited your clothing store at Canal Walk .

We were purchasing some clothes for my daughter when a song came on that was full of profanity and sweating. The song was about a woman wanting to have sex with someone. Not only was the song inappropriate, but the "F" word was continually used throughout the song.

The song was played so loud I was sure that a staff member would realise the slip up and turn off the song. When I looked some were actually singing to the song!

Not only was I offended at the crudeness of the song, but my poor daughter was extremely uncomfortable and embarrassed.

I would have walked out the shop but we had spent some time there and I was ready to pay. I complained to the cashier who really wasn't interested. I insisted on speaking to a manager and a young lady came to speak to me. I could actually feel her rolling her eyes. Not once did she apologies or even see what the issue was. I even pointed out that there are plenty of other kids in the store and she still was not phased. I could see I was wasting my time and we left the store.

My family and I have shopped at Mr P for decades and this incident has truly shocked me and upset me. What was supposed to be a fun shopping day with my daughter turned out to be an embarrassing and uncomfortable experience.

Very disappointing


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    Ronnie van der Nest Sep 25, 2018

    I have had the same experience in Botswana at there Airport Junction store, the sexual innuendos and perversion was distasteful, I trust this is not the new norm and these store are supposed to be family orientated clothing stores.

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