Mr. Lube Canadahorrible service

B Jul 26, 2019

July 25, 2019 Invoice # 54901740. On this date approximately 11:15am I took my coupon into Mr. Lube for a $39.99 oil change. The Supervisor Ash mentioned I was due for a coolant flush and I was quoted $129.99. I was told it would take 45 minutes to 1 hour for all the work! It was not completed until 1:55pm! When I received the bill I was charged $69.99 for the oil change and $139.99 for the radiator flush! I told the Supervisor Ash that I did not want the more expensive oil change! He gave me the excuse that that's what I usually get -- I've been to Mr. Lube once before -- I usually go elsewhere! So far I am not happy with the service! But wait there is more!

As I drove 4-5 blocks away later in the day the thermostat light went on and the gage hit the red mark!!! Steam was coming out and coolant spurting all over the place! A kind man came to help and informed me the cap was not secured tightly and there was hardly any coolant! I could not drive anywhere! I had to call CAA and get towed back to the same location! I got there approximately 5:00pm.

I asked to speak to the Supervisor Ash but he had left for the day. I explained what happened to Manager Wally and he added coolant right away and suggested I leave the car for 2-3 days to investigate! I wanted the problem resolved the same day because I did not have the problem before I brought the car to Mr. Lube and had been so inconvenienced! After Wally and another employee put in almost 2 gallons of coolant, running the car for 5-10 minute intervals with and without the cap on it finally stabilized! Wally still insisted I leave the car and he would reimburse me for taxis or car rental which was again an inconvenience for me! I had my son speak with him also. Afterwards they decided to bleed the air out and put in new coolant! I also wanted them to wash the motor -- it had coolant all over it!

Approximately 6:10pm Wally returned my car and the service attendant said there was a lot of air in the line which causes the overheating. I asked Wally if they washed the motor and he ensured me they had! I looked under the hood to see if there was enough coolant and if they had washed the motor -- no they had not washed the motor -- I informed Wally and they did -- but a very poor job of it! After that I took the car for a quick drive around the parking lot and the gage was rising again! I drove the car back to Mr. Lube and parked it while running the car and monitoring the gage. At approximately 7:15pm I turned the car off and just let it cool down. At 7:50pm I turned the car back on and ran it again and it seemed to stabilize. I finally drove it home without the gage rising! Also they dirted my carpet with their dirty boots! I will never go to that Mr. Lube location again!

I wasted almost 6 hours of my day for a job which was so easy to do plus 2 hours writing this complaint! I want a full refund for the time wasted, the inconvenience and the stress this has caused me!

  • Updated by Betty M Jackson · Aug 06, 2019

    I got reimbursed for the full amount of the coolant flush and refill. Plus 50% off my next oil change as if!

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