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losing payments

Refied in July. Title co sent tax pymt. Wrong amt. Now forwarded to mtg co twice - they say they haven't received. Told me to make a partial payment, now harassing phone calls about partial pymt. Keep calling and asking to be forwarded to different depts and keep getting disconnected. Does this company know what they are doing?

  • Gl
    Glolady Jan 11, 2011

    I was an Amtrust Bank customer without ANY problems, then I have had nothing BUT problems since Nationstar took over my account. They have given me a run around each time I call, now they have not even posted a payment I made to my loan! Also watch out, they will not put the overage you give them toward Pure Principle at time of payment to you in full. They treat it as if it is a regular payment with interest deducted. HOW does one get out of this terrible companies grip. HELP [email protected], thanks

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rip off

Nationstar bought my home loan from Citi Mortgage, and told my sick husband and I, they would give us a modifacation on our Home loan. We were behind 3 months because my husband had been in the hospital with heart problems. They said there was a 3 months payment trial period and they werec lowering our mortgage payments and we were so releaved we could keep our home. We made every payment on time waiting on the trial period to be over, the time drug on and on and it took a full year. I called them so many times in that year, I lost count. I would call to see what the hold up was and I'd hear every different reason it was taking so long. They lost my papers, they didn't add the Attorney fees. ect, ect and we never got to talk to the same person more then once. when I would call they never knew what I was talking about, and I was getting more and more upset with them. We were making $780 loan Modif. payments like they told us to make instead of the full $1290 payments. We signed 6 different Modif. papers each time they said there was some problem and it did not go through and the papers had to be redone. Each time they assured us this would be the last ones we would have to sign and each time they said it was nothing we did, it was there misstake for one reason or another. I now have a modif. loan with them but we owe over $20, 000 in back loan payments, $5000 in legal fees and doc. fees-this fee and that fee. If it was done in the 3 months like they told us it would take, we would have only owed them less then $5000 all together. Since they drug their feet for a year finishing the Loan Modif. they really made out not us in the end. Now we own them way more then the house is worth. Also we owe more then what we bought the house for 6 years before! We think this was just a way for them to ripe us off by them waiting so long for them to compleat the loan modif.! In the end our Loan Modif. payments changed from $780 to $1050 a month because we owed so much more on it and we are now making payments for another full 30 years. We couldn't do anything but sign as we were at their mercy if we wanted to keep our home. Is there anything we can do now about what they have done?

  • An
    AnonymousStateofMind Dec 16, 2010

    Nationstar sucks. I told them to take the damn house but I wasn't paying them one cent. Not one. That really pissed them off. Catch me if you can a$$holes! LOL! Now you're stuck with a $210, 000 loan and a home worth $90, 000 if you're lucky! Oh, and if they threaten you with a deficiency judgement, threaten back with bankruptcy. They've got nothing on me. Who has the last laugh now!!! My credit is already trashed and I have no assets, so you have NO bargaining chips. Again, LOL!!! S*ck it Nationstar! Hahaha!

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i was recently in a final stage of a year an a half modification with citimortagage i was told the final words was up to the investors an dont worry you qualify for a modification after i have fax over 6 times paper work costing me over 150 dollars for the last past year in a half an after all that stress an worry citimortgage sold my loan over to nationstar on november 1st 2010. november 12, 2010 i talk with a loan modification woman at nantionstar by the name of makinez which reasure me i was transfer over to nationstar because my home will be modify don't worry an all funds that i paid to citimortgage will be transfer over in about two weeks...well as soon as i got off the telephone with makinez from nationstar i recieved a call from nationstar collection dept askin me when should they exspect payment or they will forclose on my home...now this is Decemember 4th 2010 an i have been herass an threaten about my home even though i have made arrangment with makenzie that i will be sending 1185 dollars an in two mor weeks another 2000.. but that not good enough i still get phone calls an no understanding to why they are calling me if i have no arrangments, , , not to mention what i talk to makinez about they have no records an no match of funds from citimortgage so there for my home go into forclosure pray for me im on workercomp an will give every dime of my income to them for i an my family have a home an surly their will not be a xmas but my home will be good enough for me an my family...they have lied to me on how much i owed..so now i have to get bank statements togeather on al my payments to prove my balance to 2 mortagage co...this is to much stress on me God Help me please.


My mortgage was recently sold to Nationstar 11/1/2010 and I am already having problems. Since it has been...

predatory practices

My mortgage was recently sold to Nationstar. I am outraged that I have to pay $6.95 per month to be sure my...

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terrible customer service

Nationstar Mortgage LLC bought our mortgage from CitiMortgage, effective November 1, 2010. The only paperwork we have received was from Citi about this transfer and nothing from Nationstar. Three weeks before our mortgage payment was due, we called both companies and was informed that we can make our November payment with Citi as our last payment. When we went to Citi to make our payment, we were informed that our account was closed and we would have to speak to Nationstar about the matter. We called Nationstar. but instead we got forwarded to a poor woman's house who has been receiving numerous angry calls from Nationstar customers. We tried the number again and finally got a representative who could not tell us anything about our account, terms or anything about our paperwork until next week (when it would be too late to send a payment). The only thing Nationstar could tell us was to send our payment to a P.O. Box in Texas using Citi's account number. No wonder Nationstar has been accused of fraud and has multiple pending lawsuits against them. They force you into their terms without the consumer's acknowledgment!

  • Av
    Avenkat7 Nov 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Your loan has been sold to a debt collector who ALWAYS operates outside the law. Send them a certified letter registered return receipt and tell them you need to know where to send your mortgage payment. If they do not comply, sue them.

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  • Rs
    rstebb Nov 08, 2010

    we recieved the same letter here :( not happy

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  • Co
    consumer wise Nov 13, 2010

    i am in the same boat
    nationstar has STILL not sent me a statement for november
    in order to pay online or over the phone they charge a fee!
    something has to be done about them
    wish i could talk to you guys
    post back here if you want to get in touch and decide what to do

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  • To
    Tox Nov 27, 2010

    Why didn't you just wait to send your payment? When a Nationstar takes over a loan they do not assess late charges nor do they report to the credit bureau for sixty days. This is because they know that things get confusing during the transition period. Now that you've sent the payment using the Citi account number you'll probably be told to send in proof of payment since they won't where to apply the funds. I'd get ready with a front and back copy of that check you sent if I were you...

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  • Co
    cold1 Dec 15, 2010

    Nationstar did the exact same thing to me. I am now trying to contact them and that is next to impossible as I live in North Pole Alaska. I emailed them and am waiting for some form of response, I am not sending in a payment until they send me some documentation as to what account it is going to. Suntrust was wrong to sell the mortgage to these guys. So wrong. I don't know who I am more angry at. Suntrust after 10 years of never being late on a payment you sell my mortgage to Nationstar? Who the hell is Nationstar? And if I wanted to do business with Nationstar then I would of applied for a loan through them..not SunTrust.

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class action

[pdf] united states district court western district of kentucky...
File format: pdf/adobe acrobat - quick view
Sep 28, 2010... deutsche bank national trust company;. nationstar mortgage;... exchange commission (“sec”) and the internal revenue service (“irs”) as a real... the & ldquo;trust” engaged in a plethora of & ldquo;prohibited activities” and sold... rating agencies are currently under investigation by the justice department...
Solari. com/... / [protected]-class-action-vs-mortgage-electronic-registration-systems-gmac-deutsche-bank-nation-star-aurora-bac-citi-us-bank-lps-et-al...

Class action vs mortgage electronic registration systems, gmac...
Sep 28, 2010... the deutsche bank as & ldquo;trustee” is a generic term for an entity not... nationstar mortgage is thought to be a foreign corporation, but is not... the & ldquo;trust” engaged in a plethora of & ldquo;prohibited activities” and sold there are... the rating agencies are currently under investigation by the justice...
www.scribd. com/... / class-action-vs-mortgage-electronic-registration-systems-gmac-deutsche-bank-nation-star-aurora-bac-citi-us-ban... - cached

  • Ne
    neitashaw Nov 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We live in Tn can we get in on the class action suit ? Nationstar is ripping us off too.

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  • Ef
    Effie Bill Wright Aug 11, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    For the last 3 months there have been problems getting payments to Nationstar through Money Grams. The property is located in Oakfield, Me. We did not ask for Nationstar to be our Mortgage co. Bank of America sold our mortgage to them. There have been nothing but problems with them. Not paying insurance payments on time. Payments not being posted. Now they will not take a check from us. They don't have access to take a Debit card, what kind of financial institution does that.
    William Wright
    [email protected]

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holding insurance repair funds

We too had our GMAC loan sold to Nationstar. There were issues with making the initial payments, and then we too got one of those July 2009 letters about having not made our payment. At least for that mistake, they did later send an apology letter.
But our big problem with them is due to their refusal and endless excuses for not releasing our insurance money to pay for our home repairs. Our home sustained major damage from a tornado back in March 2010. We received an initial insurance check that we signed and forwarded to Nationstar in May. They released an initial amount of the money (10% of what we owed on the house) in late May. At the halfway point they released half of the remaining funds.
But since the house repairs were completed on August 27, 2010, we have received no additional money. They have given us every excuse in the book to hold on to the remaining funds. They were demanding that we send them a "Paid in Full" invoice from our contractor; they said they would not release the money until we did. To which we responded, "How can we pay him, if you will not release our insurance money to us????" They have also "misplaced" the depreciation check that we sent to them from our insurance company. We finally got them to agree that they would release all of the money that they were holding after they processed the depreciation check. So we over nighted it to them. They admit that they received it almost 20 days ago, but they don't seem to know where it is now.
I have had it with this company. Every time you call, you speak to someone different, and you get a different story. I just want what is lawfully mine, so that I can pay my contractor what is due him. And I have filed a complaint with the State's Attorney General's office.
My advice is to avoid this company like the plague! If your home is financed through them, do anything and everything you can to refinance somewhere else.

  • Bi
    BIG class action coming Jan 22, 2014

    They Have Asked us to sign over the check and give it to then we denied until modification was done! We are 1 year and a half away and still no modification so we never sent them the check still waiting ! We have a class action lawsuit for the same kind of problem please Email Me at [email protected] to join in this law suit! Nation star is owned by some bad people who just want to hit you with all these fees and try to make you owe them all this money instead of modifying the home and getting payments rolling again! NAtion Star dose have alot of Bad Practices and this company wants to suck the blood out of people so lets all fight back and sue in a class action law suit

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loan modifcation process misrepresentation by lender

I began the Loan Modification Process in July 2010 to save my property since I had encountered severe financial difficulties. After months of submitting documentation, having them misplace the docs, having them not respond, not provide accurate information, provide bad advice, and spending hours on the phone in trying to have the process approved, I found out yesterday that my house was foreclosed on 10/14/2010. This was after they said that they would stop any foreclosure proceedings during the loan mod process and not to make any additional payments until then since it was not necessary. I had on multiple attempts told them over the past few months that if the loan mod were not going to be approved for any reason that I wanted to try to sell the property via a Short Sale and then if that didn't work process a deed in lieu of foreclosure, just anything to prevent the foreclosure process. They said I couldn't do a short sale until I was behind on payments and then they would have to approved it but not to seek it since the loan mod was being processed. On 9/24/2010 I submitted the paperwork as requested for the loan officer to postpone any foreclosure until the loan mod was approved, faxed the docs as requested, and they told me not to worry that they had received the docs and the foreclosure process would be postponed. I reiterated to please tell me if it would not go through so I could try to sell the property on a short sale. Yesterday, 10/20/10 I called since a notice was on the house saying a realtor had the property due to a Sheriff Sale (Foreclosure). I was so confused so called the office and could not reach a representative and then was transfered multiple times to the wrong departments, then was sent to a voice mail box that was always full. On/ 10/20/10, I called again until I reached a rep for over 2 hours and they said the loan mod was not approved due to other laws that they just found out and that it was foreclosed and there was nothing I could do. So, I cried for awhile and called the Short Sale Dept and they said I could still do the Short Sale which would relieve me of most of the debt but that my credity rating would still be stated as a Foreclosure even if the property sells on the Short Sale and there is no balance due. The Foreclosure rating would then remain as a negative on my credit report for 7 years. If I want to redeem the property since it is occupied in Michigan I have 6 months to redeem the preoperty if I pay the back payments, the attorneys fees, and other fees which is over $6, 000 at a minimum, plus my credit is still then bad because of the late payments through the six month redemption period. After months of dealting with Nationstar and having every representative that gave advice not be familiar with the Making Home Affordable Laws (HUD) and providing incorrect information, and months of phone calls, submitting and resubmitting documentation and then to no avail having my home going to foreclosure due to incorrect advice from Nationstar and thus being distraught, mentally and physically exhausted from trying to save my home I hope that the Making Home Affordable Program (HUD), FDIC, FTC, and the State Attorney General look into their corrupt practices that detroy homeowner's lives. Please if you value your home do not listen to Nationstar's Advice seek out a HUD Counselor, or if at all possible obtain another mortgage with a more reputable company that is knowledgeable on mortgage practices and the new lawas on saving your home. I have been crying for two days and trying to work so I don't lose my job due to being so distraught and trying to focus to complete work. Nationstar is as close to being a criminal as any company could possibly get. I am going to attempt to start a Class Action Lawsuit against them for misrepresentation to mortgage holders thus causing the loss of their homes. Hopefully, many others will follow and have cases that support what they have been doing to customers.

  • Gi
    GiveMeLiberty Oct 26, 2010

    My experience with Nationstar is familiar to yours.

    I am litigating.

    2960 Dory Hill Road - Suite 200.
    Black Hawk, Colorado 80422

    Plaintiff: Keith Cabaniss

    Defendants: Nationstar Mortgage, LLC

    Attorney for Plaintiff:
    Keith Cabaniss, pro se
    90 Geranium Way
    Black Hawk, CO 80422
    Phone: (303) 642-8585
    E-mail: [email protected] usa.com


    Case No. 2010CV-000043

    Introduction: This complaint alleges inter alia that Nationstar Mortgage wrongfully foreclosed on real property commonly known as 81 Greystone Trial, Black Hawk, Colorado, 80422. Specifically, Nationstar repeatedly and falsely told Plaintiff that his loan modification was either in-process or had been approved, failed to inform plaintiff that his loan-modification application had been denied, and that this failure prevents plaintiff from exercising legal rights, including but not limited to, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, that would have allowed him to retain title to his home, which he largely built with his own hands.

    Plaintiff, Keith Cabaniss, pro se, for his complaint against Nationstar Mortgage, swears and affirms that:

    1. Defendant, Nationstar Mortgage, is a national mortgage lender that has transacted business in the state of Colorado.

    2. Plaintiff, Keith Cabaniss, is an individual who resides in, and previously owned and occupied real property located in Gilpin County, Colorado.

    3. The real property that Cabaniss previously owned has a common street address of 81 Greystone Trail, Black Hawk, Colorado, 80422 (the “Home”).

    4. The Home is known as parcel no. 1711-031-01-213, in the public records of Gilpin County, Colorado.

    5. The legal description of the Home is:

    S: 3 T: 2S R: 72W Subd: LA CHULA VISTA RANCH Block: 002 Lot: 013A & IMPS A TRACT OF LAND CREATED BY BLE 04-09 RECPT #122305 & CORRECTED BY BLE 04-09A RECPT #124137 FORMERLY KNOWN AS BLK 2 LOT 13 & EAST 1/2 OF LOT 18.

    6. Cabaniss was the first owner of the Home.

    7. The Home is located in the mountains of Gilpin County, Colorado.

    8. The Home has a unique and spectacular view of the Continental Divide and Longs Peak.

    9. Cabaniss designed the Home, and largely built and finished it with his own hands.

    10. Cabaniss purchased the land on which the Home resides in November, 2003; built the home from July 2004 through January 2007; and completed its interior and first occupied the Home in January 2007.

    11. On May 25, 2007, Cabainss signed a promissory note to Nationstar for the amount of $230, 431.01 (the “Note”).

    12. The Note was secured by a Deed of Trust on the Home.

    13. Nationstar filed an action on January 17, 2008, to recover title to the Home by having the Gilpin County Public Trustee conduct a public sale of the Home (the “Foreclosure”).

    14. On information and belief, Nationstar did not own the Note or hold the corresponding Deed of Trust when it filed the Foreclosure.

    15. On information and belief, Nationstar sold the Note and had previously assigned the Note and/or the corresponding Deed of Trust at the time when it filed the Foreclosure and thereafter.

    16. On information and belief, Nationstar acted only as the servicer of the Note, i.e. Nationstar did not own the Note, but contracted with the Note’s owner to administer the Note, including to collect payments made on the Note.

    17. From January 2008, when Nationstar filed the Foreclosure, through mid-February 2010, Nationstar consistently and repeatedly postponed the sale date in the Foreclosure action.

    18. Cabaniss entered the Streamlined Modification Program Loan Workout Plan (“SMP”) February 19, 2009.

    19. Nationstar’s agent, Vessia, told Cabaniss on February 27, 2009, that his SMP modification had been approved.

    20. Cabaniss made one payment under the SMP.

    21. Thereafter, Nationstar called Cabaniss and informed him that SMP had been cancelled, and Cabaniss would instead enter a Trial Period Plan under the Home Affordable Modification Program (“HAMP”).

    22. Cabaniss entered HAMP in August 2009.

    23. HAMP requires that applicants complete a three month trial period by making the payments that would be required under a proposed modified loan terms. If a HAMP participant makes these required trial-period payments, the participant’s loan may be modified to reflect the trial-period’s payment terms.

    24. Cabaniss timely made his August and September payments under HAMP.

    25. Cabaniss pre-paid his October HAMP payment with his September payment.

    26. In September of 2009, Cabaniss called Nationstar to ensure that it had received his August, September, and October HAMP payments.

    27. By timely making his August, September, and October payments to Nationstar, Cabaniss successfully completed the HAMP trial period.

    28. Assuming that Cabaniss met other HAMP program requirements, Cabaniss’ successful completion of the HAMP trial period entitled him to have his loan modified in accordance with the trial-period payment terms.

    29. Nationstar confirmed to Cabainss that (a) it had received his August, September, and October HAMP payments; and (b) it was sending his plan to another Nationstar department to draft new loan documents for Cabaniss’ new and modified HAMP loan.

    30. Cabaniss’ HAMP loan-modification application was denied on or about Septmber 28, 2009.

    31. On or shortly after Cabaniss’ HAMP application was denied, Nationstar knew that Cabaniss’ HAMP application had been denied.

    32. Nationstar did not notify Cabaniss that his HAMP application had been denied.

    33. Nationstar was required to notify Cabaniss that his Hamp application had been denied.

    34. Cabaniss did not receive new HAMP loan documents from Nationstar.

    35. Cabaniss did not make further payments to Nationstar while he was waiting to receive his new HAMP loan documents.

    36. Nationstar consistently told Cabaniss that his new, modified, HAMP loan documents were in progress. The communications between Cabaniss and Nationstar, include, but are not limited to the following communications:

    a. Cabaniss called Nationstar on December 10, 2009, and informed it that he had not yet received any new, modified, HAMP loan documents. Nationstar informed Cabaniss that it was "still working to prepare new loan documents, could take another month."

    b. Cabaniss called Nationstar again on January 26, 2010. He informed Nationstar that he still had not received the new, new, modified HAMP loan documents. Nationstar told Cabaniss that “everything is ok.”

    c. At the time Nationstar made the statements in the immediately preceding paragraphs (a) and (b) to Cabaniss, Nationstar knew that these statements were false.

    37. On or about four days after the January, 26, 2010, telephone conversation in which Nationstar told Cabaniss that “everything is OK, ” Nationstar set a sale date for the Foreclosure.

    38. The Gilpin County Public Trustee held a Public Trustee’s sale of the Home on February 25, 2010 (the “Foreclosure Sale”).

    39. February 26, 2010, was the last date on which Nationstar could schedule the Foreclose Sale without having to file a new action to request a Public Trustee Sale of the Home.

    40. At the time of the Foreclosure Sale, Cabaniss had no notice that Nationstar intended to continue with the Foreclosure.

    41. Prior to the Foreclosure Sale, Nationstar provided no notice to Cabaniss that Nationstar had set the Foreclosure Sale, or that Nationstar otherwise intended to proceed with the Foreclosure.

    42. Cabaniss learned of the Foreclosure Sale on March 3, 2010, when he discovered a notice that Phil Heter, a Denver-based repossession/eviction processor and REO broker, that Fannie Mae now owned the Home.

    43. If Cabaniss had had notice of the Foreclosure Sale, he would have been able to exercise legal rights, filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy petition, which would have allowed Cabaniss to prevent the Foreclosure Sale and keep the Home by restructuring his debts and becoming current on the restructured Note over time.

    44. After Cabaniss learned of the Foreclosure sale, he again called Nationstar. On March 9, 2010, Cabaniss spoke with Thomas Brown of Nationstar. Cabaniss asked Mr. Brown to have Nationstar rescind the Foreclosure Sale because Nationstar had (a) failed to provide Cabaniss with any notice that it was proceeding with the Foreclosure Sale and (b) had made multiple misrepresentations to Cabaniss regarding the status of his HAMP modification and of his Note to Nationstar.

    45. Brown and Cabaniss went through Nationstar’s records of the communications between Cabaniss and Nationstar.

    46. Brown stated that Nationstar’s records of its communications with Cabaniss comported with Cabaniss’ own records of these communications, which are reflected in the preceding paragraphs of this Complaint. Brown also confirmed that Nationstar had not notified Cabaniss of the Foreclosure Sale or of that Cabaniss’ HAMP application had been denied.

    47. Despite his concurrence with the facts as Cabaniss presented them, Brown and Nationstar refused to rescind the Foreclosure Sale. More specifically:

    a. Cabaniss asked Brown, “What Happened?”

    b. Brown responded, "Something transpired."

    c. In response to further questions from Cabaniss, Brown would not reveal what transpired, refused to rescind the Foreclosure Sale, stated that he was going to terminate the telephone call, and then hung up.

    48. On May 17th, Cabaniss held a conference call with Geraldo Hernandez of Nationstar and Jeff Plaine of Money Management (a HUD-certified loan counselor).

    49. During this May 17th conference call, Hernandez again affirmed that:

    a. Nationstar’s records of its communications comported with Cabaniss’ own records of these communications, which are reflected in the preceding paragraphs of this Complaint;

    b. Nationstar did not notify Cabaniss that his HAMP loan-modification application had been denied.

    c. Nationstar did not notify Cabaniss of the Foreclosure Sale date or that Nationstar was proceeding with the Foreclosure Sale.

    50. On May 20, 2010, Cabaniss spoke via telephone with Chelsea of Nationstar Mortgage’s legal compliance department in Dallas, TX. He asked why Nationstar proceeded with the Foreclosure Sale despite having informed Cabaniss that “everything is OK.”

    a. Chelsea responded that there had been a "miscommunication between [Nationstar’s] Loss Mitigation and HAMP department[s]."

    b. Thereafter, Cabaniss asked Chelsea "Why am I being held accountable for miscommunication within Nationstar?"

    c. Chelsea responded, “There is no explanation."

    First Claim for Relief
    Wrongful Foreclosure

    51. Cabaniss repeats and realleges all preceding paragraphs.

    52. Nationstar’s Foreclosure Sale was wrongful.

    53. Cabaniss has been damaged by the wrongful Foreclosure Sale.

    54. As a result of the wrongful nature of the Foreclosure Sale, the Foreclosure sale should be rescinded.

    Second Claim for Relief
    Breach of Contract (covenant of good faith and fair dealing)

    55. Cabaniss repeats and realleges all preceding paragraphs.

    56. As part of the Note, Nationstar had an obligation to deal fairly and in good faith with Cabaniss in its efforts to enforce the Note.

    57. Nationstar did not deal fairly and in good faith with Cabaniss in its efforts to enforce the Note.

    58. Cabaniss has been damaged by Nationstar’s lack of fairness and good faith in an amount to be determined at trial.

    Third Claim for Relief
    Fraudulent Non-disclosure

    59. Cabaniss repeats and realleges all preceding paragraphs.

    60. Nationstar represented to Cabaniss that (a) his HAMP loan application was in process; (b) he would receive new loan documents from Nationstar that complied with the term of the HAMP trial period that Cabaniss had successfully completed; and (c) Cabaniss’ loan from Nationstar and the processing of his HAMP application was “OK.”

    61. Nationstar’s misrepresentations detailed in paragraph 60 above are false.

    62. At the time that Nationstar made the representations details in paragraph 60 above, Nationstar knew or should have known that these representations were false.

    63. Nationstar made the representations detailed in paragraph 60 above with intent that Cabaniss rely on these representations.

    64. Cabaniss relied on Nationstar’s misrepresentations to his detriment.

    65. Cabaniss has been damaged by Nationstar’s misrepresentations and his detrimental reliance on these misrepresentations in an amount to be determined at trial.

    Fourth Claim for Relief
    Fraudulent Non-disclosure

    66. Cabaniss repeats and realleges all preceding paragraphs.

    67. Nationstar had a duty to disclose to Cabaniss all material facts that were relevant to the Foreclosure Sale before the Foreclosure Sale proceeded, including, but not limited to, the fact that the Foreclosure Sale was proceeding and that Cabaniss’ HAMP loan-modification application had been denied.

    68. Nationstar failed to disclose the material facts detailed in paragraph 67 above to Cabaniss.

    69. Nationstar’s failure to disclose the material facts detailed in paragraph 67 above to Cabaniss was willful and intentional.

    70. Cabaniss has been damaged by Nationstar’s willful and intention non-disclosures in an amount to be determined at trial.

    Jury Demand

    Cabaniss demands a trial by jury.

    FOR THESE REASONS, the Court should vacate the Foreclosure Sale, restore title to the Home to Cabaniss as title existed prior to the Foreclosure Sale, award Cabaniss economic and punitive damages, award Cabaniss all costs and attorney fees incurred in this action, and award Cabaniss all such further relief that the Court deems as is just, proper or appropriate.

    Dated this 24th day of May 2010.


    Keith Cabaniss, pro se

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  • Pt
    ptavernier Dec 11, 2010

    We agree,

    We were working on a modification that was signed and faxed back with the originals fed ex'd back to NationStar. WE then received foreclosure papers and the sale was not stopped. So our home is now foreclosed on and we would like to know if that's even legal!

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  • Jo
    Joe Almanza Jul 27, 2011

    If you don't want to deal with foreclosure or modifications, don't fall behind on payments, a bad economy only reveals poor stewardship, people who live above their means and latter can't afford them. Don't be mad at the mod team for your bad situation. I've experienced great customer service.

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Aurora Loan Services is a Fraud

I had a similar experience with Aurora, as all of you. Aurora has done all it could not to help my husband and I keep our home. Here is my story:

I purchased my home September 2006. The loan was with First Magnus. It was set up as an 80/20 loan. Shortly thereafter my loan with First Magnus was sold to Aurora Loan Services. I am not sure which bank corresponds with Aurora Loan Services. In April 2007, I lost my job and was not able to pay for my mortgage. I contacted Aurora and explained the situation to them. I asked them for a work up or a differed payment for a few months until I would find another job. They refused to help me, because I was making my payments on time. A few days later I was served with Foreclosure papers.

I struggled to make payments on time. In 2008 out of desperation I contacted Majestic Properties for a loan modification. I hired them. Their fee was $2000 and I paid them $1500 down for this service and gave them power of attorney to communicate with Aurora on my behalf for a loan modification. They did very little for me, as they were telling me that Aurora was unwilling to cooperate with them.

In March of 2009 my husband had a triple bypass surgery. Now he is on Dialysis. I provided Aurora with the hardship letter and proof from his medical records from his Doctors.
I was keeping in touch with Majestic Properties office on a weekly basis.
Finally after almost three years and many letters and phone calls, not to mention numerous foreclosure cancelations, Aurora agreed on a work up based on a three month trial period. Aurora sent me the paper work. I took it to Majestic Properties to have assistance with this process. I filled out the paper work and submitted it to Aurora. I was to pay them $840 a month for three months after which my case would be re-evaluated. I made my monthly mortgage payments to Aurora on time. After the initial three month trial period they re-evaluated the case, I re-submitted all the paper work they asked for all over again, and I was approved for three more months. Again I was making my monthly mortgage payments on time. I was cooperating with them fully.

When the second set of three month trial period was up, I re-submitted the paper work they had asked for again. The paper work was faxed from Majestic Properties while I was in their office. The loan modification associate was on the phone with an Aurora representative. The fax went through but the Aurora representative stated they did not receive it. This was not the first time that Aurora representatives stated they did not receive pertinent information from me, which I had indeed sent them. I was always gathering information and running around trying to give them the appropriate information as they requested.

It is important to mention that while I was in the middle of this loan modification process Aurora placed a note on my garage door with date for the trustee sale, on two separate occasions. Why would they do that, if I was complying with this work up, and making payments? They made it impossible for me to continue with the modification.
Finally Aurora was no longer cooperating with the modification, and I had no choice but to start a short sale process. Mean while the two loan modification specialists that I was dealing with at Majestic Properties formed their own company named Foreclosure Short Sale Specialists LLC.

Shortly thereafter they started having financial difficulties and they were no longer handling my short sale case. They had helped me a lot with many foreclosure cancelations and submitting paper work to Aurora, but there was never a successful loan modification done by them, nor a short sale. Seeing how Foreclosure Short Sale Specialist LLC was no longer representing me with the short sale, I contacted my Realtor and he contacted Aurora and started the Short Sale process all over again.

The other day I found out that Foreclosure Short Sale Specialists LLC defrauded many people. They charged them lots of money for short sale and loan modifications and never did a thing for them. Their office is closed now and they fled town.

November 2009 we put the house up for short sale and my Realtor sold it in June 2010 for half the price I bought it for.

I had every intention to keep my home and cooperate with Aurora. My only options were short sale and foreclosure. The loan was solely on my husband’s name and I did not want his credit to be ruined, by foreclosing. His credit was adversely affected anyway because of Aurora was cooperating and dragged the process out for many years.

This was a difficult time for me because my husband had just had major heart surgery and I was not able to inform him of the stress Aurora was inflicting on me. My husband was not to be under any type of stress after his triple bypass surgery.

Banks took money from tax payers in bail outs to help those affected by the economical crisis yet they did nothing to help us stay in our home, there for if there is an Attorney out there considering class action law suits I would like to be included. You can reach me at my e-mail address [protected]@yahoo.com.

  • Bo
    boronjo Dec 27, 2010

    I am having a hard time and certainly suprise how our govermnet allow this crimminal act to happen

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robbed me of my house

Nationstar totally robbed me out of my house. Mid Aug. i made payment arrangements to pay 3 payments before Sept. 1. Well i called Nationstar on Aug. 31 st from wal-mart (money gram) and again was confirmed i needed to pay 3 paments to prevent foreclosure. I was also told to call back with the transaction number. So i made the payment ( amount told i needed to pay by Nationstar) and called back in the transaction code and was told all was good. On Sept. 15th i got a flyer in the mail wanting to buy my house before it was foreclosed on. I called the number on the flyer and asked where they got my address and was told in the newspaper for foreclosures. I immediatly called Nationstar and the agent said the money didn't post to my account but since i did get it on time he would fix it and not to worry and actually apologized for the mix up. He told me i was not in foreclosure. Well Oct. 7th Fanny Mae shows up to my house and says they on it. They said it was foreclosed on Oct. 5th. I paid what i was told mid August, Aug. 31 plus i talked to Nationstar on Sept 15th and was told everything was fine. If i would have been told i needed to pay more i would've. I talked to Nationstar on Oct. 8th and was told a manager will review it and they will get back to me on Oct. 12th about a possible rescind. If anybody has any advice PLEASE HELP. PLEASE SAY A PRAYER FOR ME THAT NATIONSTAR WILL DO THE RIGHT THING AND FIX THEIR ERROR.

email any help to : [protected]@msn.com


My mortgage was originally with Flagstar. I came back from a family vacation last year and my mortgage wa...

over charges

This company does not work with any issue I bring up to them. They consistently have added fees and charge...

Bad Faith

I've seen enough other complaints on this site to repeat the same story. Suffice it to say, we have worked with them everyway possible for well over a year now and they keep delaying and otherwise displaying a total lack of good faith. All of this is on top of their overall inefficiency and rudeness. Is there a lawyer out there who is handling one or more of their cases. We are going to stop making payments to them and start paying a lawyer.

email us at - auroraloanservices dot cheats at yahoo dot com

Good luck to us all

  • Ni
    Nicki Johns Oct 15, 2010

    I cannot believe this crap that we are all taking. Both my husband and I have felt that our house is slowly being taken away. We to have been on program after program with no modification. We have been lied to. Our house has been in forclosure. This has been very hard to deal with stress wise. Right now we are in aspecial forbearance plan. We are going to have a lawyer try and do our mod this time. We have 3 months and if no mod then they told us we would have to come up with the $40, 000. How in the hell are we supposed to do that. They make me think of bad bad cuss words when I think about all of the crap that we have gone through. I am glad that someone is going after this Co. I wish myself luck because we are probably the next people being taken down by ALS.

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  • Af
    AFG2006 Dec 27, 2010

    This lender is terrible. We have been working with them for the past year. We have provided all the paper work they have requested and have been denied 3 times. They are threatening foreclosure if we aren't able to come up with the 30, 000. The representatives are rude, lack of customer services. I SWEAR, IF I COULD GET OUT OF THIS COMPANY I WOULD DO IT IN A HEART BEAT, I DON"T RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE. IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL FOR A LENDER TO PROVIDED FALSE INFORMATION AND DECEIVE THEIR BORROWS.

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Beware Nationstar has a new way of ripping people off durring a remod.
they tell you that you qualify for the step 2 in a remod. to make sure you make the 3 payments and then send you a new set of documents and have you make 3 more payments. this will go on for 2 to 3 more times but in the meantime they give your loan to a company named Quality loans which forcloses on you. the bad thing about this is I made the payments to Nationstar like they told me to and I should have been talking to Quality Loans. Go check at the county recorders office. I thad to Learn this the hard way!!!

  • He
    helpingotherswithmtg May 22, 2015

    That's impossible. You start off on a trial plan to see if you qualify for a repayment plan. If you default on the repayment plan then you may not qualify for the next step which could eventually result in foreclosure.

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Deceitful Company

Aurora Loan Services is a deceitful company that does not care about homeowners. After many months of applying for a loan modification so that I can keep my house, I finally received a call on 7/28/10 from an Aurora senior underwriter, Mike Lumpkin, stating that I had been approved for a permanent loan modification. He said, "Congratulations!" Oh, that was a happy day. He told me to sign the documents he would send to me and told me to make my first payment on 9/1/10. Well, the documents never arrived. Instead, he did an about-face and denied my modification on 8/27/10, and the foreclosure sale is set for 9/15/10. When I got home from a trip out of town, I discovered that Aurora had given me exactly one day to correct a title issue. One day! Who can fix a title problem in one day? Give me a break. Well, Aurora never gives anyone any breaks. So there goes my house. They can have it. It's way underwater anyhow. But does this really help the economy? They don't care at all about helping the economy or keeping a roof over a family's head.


I am a victim of predatory lending practices. I bought my house in October 2003, and soon after Aurora Loan Services purchased my loan. A couple years later, I fell behind on my payments. Instead of working with me to lower my monthly payments, Aurora began charging me $200 more a month (to make up the difference from falling behind).

From [protected], I worked with them to lower my monthly payments again. After denying me several times, they finally agreed to work with me. They would charge me $1, 500 a month for two years and then my payments would go up to $1, 800 a month for the remainder of the 40-year loan. At that point, I had been living in my home for six years and I owed $10, 000 more on it than I originally bought it for. Making mortgage payments for six years had done nothing but put me into an upside down loan.

My husband lost his job in the fall of 2009 and we could no longer pay $1, 500 a month. Aurora refused to even talk to us about forbearance until my husband could find work. Instead, they immediately started the foreclosure process.

So long story short, our house is being foreclosed on. Aurora doesn't care about homeowners.

  • Ec
    EC of California Sep 20, 2010

    I did not realize how many people are being lied and cheated to by Aurora. I have tried every which way to work with them to save my home and have hit a wall each and every time!!! I have suffered serious setbacks from 2005 to present and have tried to retain my home regardless. I was expecting Aurora to work with me, however they have no intention of letting me keep my home unless it becomes a full out war. They took over 6 months to deny a modification and stated to me that the lender/investor was not interested in the Obama home save program. They did not at any time notify me of the denial, I became very concerned when I recieved the Auction date 9/22/10 and when I called them I got a recording saying to give them until November 20th to review. I finally got through to someone and they stated the denial letter was in the mail. I took them 6 months to deny me based on they don't do "2" modifications within 1 year. 6 MONTHS TO SAY THIS!!! I called for an amount to bring current and was told if I submit proof that I have the monies available (401K) they will stop the auction, however now that I amasking them for the dollar amount I'm getting a run around again!!! This is truly a nightmare!!! Get an Attorney these people are only out to rip off those unfortunates that seek their help. Homeowners BEWARE OF THE BIG BAD WOLF: AURORA, AURORA AND AURORA!!!

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  • Jo
    Joshua Tree Dec 04, 2010

    yes I agree, we too have requested help from them to no avail, for them to consider a loan restructure, no go. Aurora are just a collection agency, I believe, so it's hopeless to even try to deal with them.

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  • F1
    F1rst1n Dec 10, 2010

    Kind of the same situation here, however I was denied a loan mod and Aurora kept stringing me along for over a year. I have done overwhelming research and have spoken with two seperate lawyers. Trust me when I say that foreclosure is a blessing in disguise. Im truly sorry to hear anyone who is struggling in these times and has had to deal with Aurora. I can afford my payments, however my home has lost almost 50% of its value, I have never been late on a payment and my Christmas present to myself this year is to start the foreclosure process. God Bless...!

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liars/cheats/crooks hamp not!

So glad to not be alone, yet I feel for others like us, having to work, deal with these people. This first...

1st of many on this company

So glad to not be alone, yet I feel for others like us, having to work, deal with these people. This first...

a sign of hope for others

I had good experience with nationstar and think they are ethical. My modification became permanent this week - what a blessing!! Saves me $600. Per month and I can now stay in my house. It took a very long time to process, almost a year counting application process and trial period.

I had flagstar mortgage for my home loan. They sold my loan to nationstar the same year I applied for the "make homes affordable modification program" and I had to do paperwork all over again.

The waiting on fannie mae to sign final papers took couple of months. Nationstar has two different departments for regular loans and modification program and they don't communicate very well with each other, so I would get many recorded phone calls from the regular loan dept. Telling me my pymt was late, but every time I called to verify there were no problems the representatives were very nice and knew what they were talking about, and would reasssure me that things were going okay and to ignore the calls from the other dept. I felt they tried hard to get me into the program, and they followed up with whatever the gov't needed very quickly.

I'm writing because I had read alot of complaints and got very worried a few months ago, thinking I might be getting screwed.

  • Li
    Lisa L. M. Aug 08, 2010

    Sandra, this is the first positive note on the internet I have seen about Nationstar and only hope it is in fact true. My load was also sold from Flagstar and everything else is similar to what you experienced but I am still waiting on the permanent loan modification. If it happens, I will be able to live my life again. If they screw me, I will be contacting an attorney and hope they can sort it out. I have done nothing wrong but gotten a reduction in my salary that made my payments very difficult to make but I sacrificed everything to never miss a payment. I have yet to miss a payment but their chronic phone calls might suggest otherwise. Thanks for writing, I hope your message isn't a prank.

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  • Sb
    sbg1974 Apr 08, 2011

    Yeah, mine was great at first too. Wait till you start getting all the legal fees and such related to your mod.

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