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PHH Mortgage CorporationMortgage loan in forbearance - reported to credit bureau as 120 days delinquent

I received notifications that my credit score dropped 75 points from 825 to 740. I contacted PHH. My mortgage has been in forbearance from May to October 1st. I was told there was no record of the forbearance. I faxed all monthly bills stating the loan status of being in deferment due to Covid impact and in forbearance to dispute resolution. I also faxed a copy of my credit report showing the status being reported 120 days late. This was sent to credit dispute.

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    PHH Mortgage CorporationForbearance scam

    I have been on a COVID forbearance plan that allows me to defer the skipped payments until the end of the loan with no adverse effects to my credit and I get a call with the offer to continue the forbearance for 3 more months except the words, " at the end of the time a lump sum payment is due. This unscrupulous company is trying to trick home owners into falling for this and this should be considered predatory lending practices. Be very careful when dealing with this company.

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      Sep 02, 2020

      PHH Mortgage Corporation — Refinance

      We have a had a home mortgage loan with PHH which formally was Ocwen and GMAC, which means we have been with...

      Jul 29, 2020

      PHH Mortgage Corporation — Predatory mortgage practice

      On December 1, 2019 my mortgage with PHH Mortgage matured after 15 years of payments. The company says they...

      PHH Mortgage CorporationRefinancing

      Today is July 22, 2020, Our refinance application which started on March 24, 2020 was approved and went to processing for closing and cash out in April and ever since it went out of control and no body is answering our emails and phone calls.
      We have been held hostage and lost our potential investment income and now need counsel on how to get answer.

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        PHH Mortgage Corporation2nd mortgage

        May 2020, I mailed a payment for my 2nd mortgage. The payment was returned with no explanation. I called PHH and asked what the problem. I was told the 2nd mortgage matured 11/2019 and they could not accept any payments. I have been making payments up until May. I was them told that they would refinance, then was told they could not do that, but I would need to do a loan modification. In the meantime, they have reported my loan 30 days past due to the credit bureau. I sent a loan modification application to them and received a letter of receipt from them. I've now received a certified letter from them asking for the full amount of the loan even though they are supposedly in the process of modifying the loan which could take up to 30 days. I've tried to make 2 payments but they won't accept them. I need this to be resolved and the past due taken off of my credit report.

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          PHH Mortgage CorporationMortgage servicing due to bankruptcy filing

          May 4, 2020
          My mortgage was soId to PHH from Ocwen in 2019. The mortgage account was not included in the bankruptcy. I have never missed a mortgage payment nor has it been late since the filing. It wasn't late before the filing. They have now restricted all access to the account. I can only call in and make payments. They keep me on hold for at least 45 minutes just to make a payment. I cannot verify my mortgage because it is against their company policy. I cannot view my mortgage online because it is again their company policy. I cannot call to get information on the account because it is against their company policy. They keep stating because of the status of my loan they cant tell me any information. I cant even get an monthly statement to keep tabs on my loan. Everything I call in no one can answer a question and I am transferred all over. This is the most degrading thing I have experienced.

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            PHH Mortgage CorporationLoan paid in full letter

            PHH never closed my paid off loan from 2001. I am now trying to sell my house and can't close because there is an open loan against the property. I can't get anyone to help resolve the issue after 2 1/2 weeks and 4 hours on the phone with customer service. In the mean time I have missed my closing and maybe the sale.

            Tom Stall

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              Feb 29, 2020

              PHH Mortgage Corporation — Mortgage

              Foreclosed on my house I had paperwork in for a modification. I have screenshots that reflect that there wa...

              Dec 12, 2019

              PHH Mortgage Corporation — insurance check

              Dear PHH, I need your help in resolving an ongoing issue. I've reached out, (via email, fax, phone call...

              Nov 15, 2019

              PPH Mortgage / Ocwen — credit report

              I am going through a modification and I've made all my payments plus more and my credit report says it...

              Nov 12, 2019

              PHH Mortgage Corporation — reverse department call center

              My father passed away September 19, 2019. I called to notify the company a week or so after. I was told to...

              PHH Mortgage Corporationmortgage payments, threatening foreclosure

              My name is Brian E. Robinson, 252 Sullivan Dr, . Memphis, Tn. 38109. Loan #, [protected].I am complaining of PHH mortgage co., for saying I am behind on mortgage payments, threating to foreclose on my property. I have my cancelled checks to prove that I am not behind or late on payments.I have tried multiple times to talk to customer service, to try and find out whats going on, only to be told I will have to have a lawyers permission to talk and get information. I have sent the mortgage co., a copy of my discharge from bankruptcy, 05-2019, twice. You act as if I am still in bankruptcy, but I am not. The customer service is very poor. When I am fortunate to talk to someone, I can bearly understand them, the English/accent is awful. I am sure this complaint will be overlooked, just like the phone calls and mail, but I am still trying to resolve the issue. I have left my phone #, and address, but no response.This treatment is unacceptable and unfair. Brian E Robinson. 11/09/19

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                PHH Mortgage Corporationcredit reporting/billing error/mortgage assistance

                Subject: Complaint Letter on Account # [protected]

                Dear Sir:

                My mortgage company, Ocwen Financial Corporation, purchased PHH MORTGAGE. Ocwen Loan Servicing transferred my mortgage to PHH MORTGAGE. PHH MORTGAGE is reporting erroneous information to the 3 credit reporting bureaus, reflecting that my mortgage as "loan modified non government". In addition, below you will find the changes to my monthly statements, and the amount reported on my credit reports as the outstanding principal balance due as of September, 2019 billing.

                Outstanding Principal Balance (not payoff amount) $333, 944.92
                Regular Principal Balance $115, 431.81
                SAM Waived Balance $218, 513.11
                (The SAM will lower the principle balance on your home to 95% of the current fair market value, for this the lender has the right to share precisely 25% of the equity you build over the life of the loan, of course never the exceed the amount they forebear These waivers are contingent on the fact that the homeowner must not fall behind more than 90 days during the first three years, if the homeowner does fall more than ninety days delinquent the forbearance stops and the amount that was forgiven becomes a balloon loan that would be due at the maturity of their loan or in the event of a sale regardless of the amount of equity built up in the home.)

                My online billing statement reflects the following:

                Loan Type Conventional without PMI
                Original Loan Amount $293, 000.00
                Principal Balance $115, 431.81

                When they took over Ocwens mortgages, my billing should have only changed as I made payments. They made my report change due to these new calculations lowered my payment percentage to 11%. My credit score dropped significantly as a result. I am furious that they reported incorrect information AND no previous payment history from Ocwen. My mortgage was NOT modified with PHH nor did I receive any notification of any changes to my mortgage loan with PHH. It was transferred from Ocwen which I did receive written communication, and I had zero control of that decision. I want PHH MORTGAGE to do the following:

                1. Remove the false report stating my loan was modified.
                2. Correct the original loan amount and principal balance due on my credit reports.
                3. Update my loan history from the Ocwen mortgage transfer.

                The second issue regarding this complaint letter is the level of service I received on my denied loan modification request. I submitted a significant hardship letter and application, requesting a cash out refinance. I provided substantial documentation to support my hardship, which included a chronic illness, costly medical treatment, financially assisting my ill mother in emergency situations which eventually lead to her death (provided copy of death certificate), 2 month mortgage delinquency, outstanding debts that would be paid with the proposed cash out, and commitment to sign up for automatic payment to rebuild my credit standing moving forward. The appraisal amount was $338, 000, and I was requesting $80, 000 cash out before debts were paid. The reason for the denial was the following:

                1. Time since delinquency is too recent or unknown. How can that be when the Ocwen account was transferred, and my medical treatment report, mother's illness and death certificate, and other documents was enclosed.
                2. Lack of recent revolving account information. I only have two accounts, my mortgage with Ocwen since 2006, and my car loan with Westlake and paid off car loans with Honor Finance.
                3. Number of accounts delinquency. THIS IS WHY I SUBMITTED A HARDSHIP LETTER FOR A CASH OUT REFINANCE.
                4. Serious delinquency and public record or collection filed. Public record was dismissed and the medical collections accounts were to be paid with the cash out request if approved. I submitted all the accounts and debts in my modification request package.

                PHH only recommendation was Short Sale or Deed in Lieu. I don't know what Settlements mean as an available option. After receiving the denial letter, I submitted an appeal requesting forbearance, and received an acknowledgment letter in August, 2019. I have not received a response since then. I am continuing to look for ways to resolve my financial hardship, and contacted PHH again. The agent explained to me that when I make my payment on the 4th Wednesday of the month, I can call in to discuss establishing a repayment plan over the phone. Why wasn't this offered to me before as a viable solution option.

                It was so much easier to work with Ocwen, who really seemed to want to help homeowners who are having trouble making their payments. In my case getting current again. Please let me know how PHH Mortgage can correct these errors, and make servicing my loan mutually agreeable in their assistance to help a homeowner dealing with a hardship and major chronic illness that is now stable.

                I look forward to your response and timely resolution to this matter.

                Thank you,
                Mindy M. Spears

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                  Aug 09, 2019

                  PHH Mortgage Servicing — mortgage loan servicing

                  I found out today that PHH Mortgage has been rejecting my mortgage payments for months without notifying me...

                  PHH Mortgage Corporationthis company is a nightmare!

                  PHH started servicing my mortgage in February 2019, Ocwen which was my previous mortgage company forwarded my Feb payment to PHH. I started paying PHH through my bank on 03/01/19 by sending them a full mortgage payment. I then started paying them bi-monthly like I had been doing with Ocwen by sending a payment automatically on the 15th and the last day of the month. PHH managed to apply the funds correctly for April and May payments. However, when June rolled around I started receiving mail and phone calls stating I was behind on my payments. What I came to find out is any payment I started making around the 15th of each month was being credited as a payment towards the month prior.

                  I thought I had resolved this problem by talking with Franchezca Macedo from the "escalation department", I was mistaken as here we are in July and I'm receiving the same mail correspondence and telephone calls saying I'm late on my July payment as they applied the payment sent on June 14th (15th was a Saturday) to my June 1st payment which was already paid in full and had the late charges and payment reversed. Not to mention they've all ready applied my July 15th payment back to my July 1st statement which means I'll be dealing with this again for another month.

                  The call center is a nightmare to deal with, I can't talk to supervisor and I can't get a direct line to call someone at PHH that isn't from the call center. Franchezca Macedo is just some made up employee in my opinion, as when I tried to call her at the number provided I went back to the same call center. When I asked to speak with Franchezca Macedo on multiple calls, not a single call center employee can seem to find her or contact her. There seems to be absolutely no way with this company to actually contact the same person twice.

                  This little disclaimer seems to explain the company very well: PHH Mortgage Services, LLC is a debt collector attempting to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. However, if the debt is part of an active bankruptcy case or if your personal liability on the loan has been discharged through a prior bankruptcy court issued Order of Discharge, this communication is not intended as and does not constitute an attempt to
                  collect a debt and is provided solely for information purposes.

                  I get the feeling as a "debt collector" there interests don't revolve about serving our loans correctly, but in collecting as many fees as possible. I've never missed a payment with Ocwen all the years they service my mortgage, and have either paid on time or the way I'm currently trying with PHH. How is in the six months I've made payments to PHH the way I did Ocwen I'm going to get told I'm late with my payment three times? It is because they want to manipulate the system to their benefit as I doubt they actually want customers who pay their bills.

                  this company is a nightmare!
                  this company is a nightmare!

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                    PHH Mortgage Corporationmalfunctioning links in site

                    Tired of spending hours every month trying to give PHH my money. I am so frustrated, I have posted on every complaint site that I can, of my experience. I see that many others are having the same issues with PHH.

                    PHH website as well as their phones: [protected] and [protected] do not recognize my loan # nor my password nor "security code" in spite of resetting, numerous times. Can't submit complaint via PHH Complaint site to Facebook. Can't access via PHH email payment links, nor via IE nor Chrome. It's like flying blind. Have no idea of the status or my loan or whether my payments are posting. For the three months that my loan has been transferred from Ocwen, I always spend 2-3 hours trying to access my online account and on the phone with Reps trying to help me get access to my loan info, without success. I always have to give up with them to cut my losses in my time. Yesterday I was on hold long enough to take a shower, do my make-up, set my hair and let my dogs out & in, before the Rep that I was working with, finally came back on the line. And, then I had to rush to my clinic see patients. Last month, trying to get online to pay, I was on the phone with a Rep for over an hour, also, after strugging with the website. The month before, I struggled with PHH phone system and website for around 3 1/2 hours.

                    I am done wasting my time, every month with trying to make a payment. I will call a Rep every month to verify the amount (which is, in itself an investment of at least 1/2 hour), then snail mail my payments two weeks in advance (just in case PHH's check payment processing is also shoddy), since I cannot access my on-line account info. And, will start looking for refinancing, elsewhere, with a company that is run professionally.

                    With Ocwen, it only took about two minutes to go to their website & post my payment, every month.

                    If I find that PHH's dysfunctional payment venues or snail mail processing causes issues with my good credit, I will seek legal advice against PHH and Ocwen, for transferring my loan to such a travesty of a subsidiary.

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                      PHH Mortgage Corporationinsurance claim check disbursement

                      An insurance claim check was submitted on June 27, 2019 for over $10, 000 for storm damage to my roof. The hazard insurance processing center received the claim check along with $10.00 towards overnight shipping gurarantee fees The claims check was shipped Federal Express with no signature requirement!!! In addition, the document was not received overnight and I consequently had to go through the trouble of contacting Federal Express to track the document and contact my insurance company to reissue another claims check. I phoned the hazard processing center @ [protected] and over the next several days had to follow up on receipt of the re-issued claims check which was mailed through US Postal Service. I requested that the reissued check be sent Federal Express due to not receiving the first check as promised with the $10.00 overnight fee. After speaking with customer service representatives on a daily basis from July 16 through July 24 requesting federal express delivery, I was finally told that the check after a nearly 4 week delay was mailed through regular Postal Service. It is unacceptable and shameful to have to endure such lackadaisical and inept service from a supposedly insurance magnet!!!

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                        PHH Mortgage Corporationmortgage

                        Their IT service and customer service is pathetic...they bought my mortgages...I had no choice...their website will not transition and when you call you are hold for hours!!! When you call the "collection line" they refer or transfer you to the IT hold. DO NOT CALL ME FOR PAYMENTS IF YOU CAN NOT HELP OR HAVE A SOLUTION. They lie !!! What is the NY State Bnking department thinking...this is a bad company!!!

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                          PHH Mortgage Corporationunable to set up online account. got locked out.

                          Sign in kept rejecting user name and password . Tried several different ones. None accepted and locked me out. At one point it told me I was already registered. Called customer service. Gave me tech support #. Was told I had to call different # for WA. Kept getting customer service. Spent a lot of time on hold for all calls. Last customer service transferred me to tech support. Was on hold for at least 10 min before music(?) turned to static. Frustration level was very high so I quit.

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                            • Ka
                              kamala777 Jul 25, 2019

                              I have had the same problem since Ocwen sold my loan to PHH. I have spent anywhere from 2-3 hrs every month, just trying to give them my money. Website is dysfunctional. Never recognizes my loan #, my password, etc., upon numerous attempts. Tried resetting, etc. Spend 1/2 hr to 2 hrs, every month trying to remedy my acct on their website & always give up with the Rep because it is always too time consuming. Today, I actually took a shower, curled my hair & did my makeup while the Rep had me on hold while she consulted with their tech dept, trying to remedy my website issues. I'm done. I'll snail my pymts, two weeks in advance, until I can get my mortgage refinanced elsewhere. Afraid that PHH will ruin my good credit.

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