Motherhood MaternityUnethical/poor customer service

T Mar 07, 2017

Horrible experience... Bought an online email gift card. When I didn't receive the card in a couple hours I called customer support. Customer support was rude and very unhelpful. He was not knowledgeable and didn't seem to understand why I expected an email gift card to arrive within a couple hours. After zero help from customer service the email gift card finally arrived 2 days later. When I went into the store to use it the cashier could not figure out how to use it. It kept saying the gift card was from an invalid source even though I ordered it from their webpage and even had the email from motherhood maternity with all the gift card information. The poor cashier tried everything to figure it out and called every source she could think of for help. After an hour of this I eventually called customer support and demanded a supervisor. The supervisor eventually promised to issue me a refund. He said I would receive an email confirmation of the refund and should see the refund in 3-5 days. For this reason I purchased the items I was going to buy with the gift card with my credit card instead. 2 weeks later... No refund. So now the company not only got my money for the gift card but also the money I paid for the products...

To make matters worse I tried submitting an email complaint on the webpage tonight and it said the message could not be delivered... I'm seriously out of options and I feel like i've been stolen from and lied to by this company.

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