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This is the email I sent to [protected]
Our Baseball bowling league booked 6 rooms to stay at 4900 Circle 75 Parkway, Atlanta GA 30339on Saturday August 18, 2018 to attend the Atlanta Braves baseball game on Sunday August 19. Our league secretary (Trisha Chumley) booked the rooms through She was the first to check in. We arrived about 15 minutes later and our reservation could not be found. We spoke to the desk clerk, the motel manager and then to someone at motel 6. After 2 hours and 10 minutes we found out that the reservation for the other 5 rooms was cancelled by the person registering her. I have never had a problem like this. While waiting in the lobby waiting to find out what was going on, at least 10 other people checking in came back to the desk because their key did not work.
After finally getting checked in, we went to our room to find it unacceptable including a leak in the ceiling with a puddle of water larger than a basketball. The bathroom had no overhead light, only a lamp on the counter. I am including pictures of the first and second rooms we we're assigned.
Also the person booking our rooms slipped and fell in water leaking from the ceiling. The staff siphoned water from the ceiling and drained it into the pool.
We took the elevator to the fourth floor and it went past the fourth floor and dropped back down. This also happened to another team from our league.
I hope that you will send someone to inspect this motel. It gives Motel 6 a very poor image.

Carol Pierce


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The motel 6 on 2101 loveridge in pittsburgh ca... Is the worst the worst place... People are very noisy...

front desk/ manager

I moved from Cincinnati Ohio, stayed at this location due to job was easy to get to. The manager was so rude, disrespectful, irate every time I went to make sure my room was taken care of. I payed and was consistent she told me I can only do 14 days. I said ok and I would check out and then check in two days later. She then stated I can not stay, I explained I checked out and I have not stayed for a complete 14 days. I pay online and then I go to get my key corrected and they automatically cancel and took my key and stated I can not stay at their hotel any longer. I have never in my life experienced such evil and unprofessional this chain of motel has treated me. I thought highly but never again. I will make sure I take this to the top at Motel 6!

front desk/ manager
front desk/ manager

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received bed bug bites from stay

I stayed in motel 6 room 111 in North Ogden, Utah 21 jul 2018. Was driving to Idaho and my back iched thought mighte be because it was Hot. I was bite by bed bugs and still has not gone away 16 aug 2018. Stayed in Idaho falls Motel 6 next 2 days hope I did not spreade bugs to that Motel 6. Any form of rembursment, My number is [protected] stayed in cedar city Utah 20 aug 2018. David Pruitt

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    Molly W Aug 17, 2019

    The same thing happened to me at this very motel in August 2017. I wrote directly to corporate, including a detailed narrative, a copy of my room receipt, photos of the bed bug bites on my body, a copy of my doctors office bill, and a copy of the receipt for cleaning all my clothes that may have been contaminated. Thankfully, Motel 6 reimbursed in fully me a few weeks later.

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Room 207: Please see below email I sent you this morning again about bad services I am getting at your motel...