Mor Furniture For Lessbill

A Sep 05, 2018

My husband and I purchased a couch from Mor. We never received a bill of our first payment. The only thing we received was a letter from collections. We got in touch with the person that helped us, come to find out they didnt have our apartment number so they never sent a bill. They sent us right to collections. My husband contacted them and sent them the correct information so they could mail us our bill and the person that he spoke to said we could pretty much start over and they will start sending us a bill, it wouldn't be in collections. So he faxed them over our info and it was pretty much like we were going to start over and they send us a bill and we make the payments. Still never got one bill. The next person we spoke to said that they couldn't help us because we were already in collections. But we had already faced over the info with correct address and all the info they asked for. It's not our fault they got the address wrong and never sent a bill. In fact Mor had our correct address in their system. I dont understand where the miscommunication happened. We are trying to and willing to pay our bill but they didnt give us a chance. First anything we received from Mor was to collections. It's not fair and I dont understand. Even after having all the right info they say it's nothing they can do and we are still in collections. What can we do? No one seems to know how to help us or fix this. We are trying to pay our bill and this isn't fair. Its ruining our credit.

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