MonitronicsPhone contract agreement scam


Called to ask for a quote on upgrading a former system, and the equipment and monthly charges associated with that upgrade. Asked for a contract to be mailed to me, which it was... With a bill for the service that I supposedly verbally agreed to reactivating which I did not. Basically they took it upon themselves based on my phone call requesting a QUOTE, to reactivate service. then when we called to inform them of the error, they insisted that I had actually agreed to the reactivation and tried to say that we were responsible for the bill. After being put in a very rude loop of hold time and people with attitudes it was decided that they would cancel the fraudulent contract. It's a phone scam just like every other fraudulent company out there, do not even call them for a quote unless you feel like having a bill sent to you for something you did not actually sign up for!

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