Moe's Southwest Grillharassment

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I work for the Rehoboth Beach Moe's a Few Months Back. I'm not gonna go into a long complaint however; if a Moe's Employee ever see's this I hope it gets back to their main office. If you ever take some time and go into this Moe's you will notice every month they have new faces. Now most work places have new faces that come in but not to this degree. There is always someone new working there. If you come there anytime past 5p.m. and pay close attention to the employee's you may find out why. One of the workers there that I believe has been there at least a year is the coss of it all. Her name Kira. How this woman ever became Management is beyond me. She's got a foul mouth on her that won't stop even in front of customers. At one moment she can be nice then the next moment shes deems of all evil. I have never seen a Manager treat an employee with such hatred and slander in my life. Even worse I believe she thinks she's superwoman or something because she'll do it in plane sight of everyone. As I said I didn't want to make this a long complain but don't take my word for it go in Moe's sometime when she's working; or go into Moe's sometime and see all the new people constatly every month and ask yourself why...


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    BEnchboy Feb 27, 2019

    Maybe you need to quit since you are too immature to handle your job.

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