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deactivate the service of wall paper messages

Salaam alaikum, Sir I want to deactivate the service of wall paper's, it is coming from 6290, by down...

usb connect


To recharge my 1 GB Bundle connection I called mobily customer care on 06th sept 2009 and as per the direction of the customer service rep it has been activated and surprised to see this one as disconnected on 7th sept. I lodged a complaint. my complaint No. as
1-[protected] & my mobile no. [protected]. As promised, so far nobody from mobily has contacted me. As per the ads, I should receive the messages regularly for the recharge which I have'nt received any.

  • Xp
    xprsurslf Oct 31, 2009

    I have the same issue. Mobily connect won't recharge. Its more then 3 weeks. I can't even get to customer service during day time. I am soo sad and disappointed. Problem I am facing is that I am not picking up any internet plan. Basically I depositied 200SAR for 5GB internet but the credit was finished in 15 mins and forget about getting refund I cant get customer service from 1100 number in English. Can anyone help me?

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wifi sgnal, sulay area, near kudu

peace be with you, and may allah be with you, please rectify my problems with regards to wifi signal weak, i really need to be connected with my family in the philippines. my area location is here in sulay, exit 16 amid kudu and herfy establishments in the kingdom of saudi arabia, please help me, thanks so much


I bought a Mobily Connect USB internet dongle some weeks back. After a week of near flawless performance, the service has rapidly deteriorated and is far from what was promised.

The transfer speed fluctuates greatly and disconnects completely when the dongle tries to link up to EDGE Mobily. Downloading anything that demands time and even a moderate rate of transfer is a complete waste of effort.

The "online" help is neither online or useful and Mobily customer service is up to the usual Saudi standard of completely inept.

I was initally impressed by Mobily - who seemingly offered a much more professional service to that of STC. I'm unhappy to say however that was just an illusion.

I would strongly warn anyone against Mobily Connect.

unreliable usb connect data card

I have purchased a Mobily USB Connect Data Card 3 months back hoping to use it for internet access and be...

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anonymous call

dear sir am rajani lakshmi am working in uae, when i talking to my husband by using internet too much guys(hackers) is disterbing to me (they are also indains) but from ksa . they are hacking my mail id and searching my mobile no also, and daily calling from ksa after 10 o clock . wat i will have to do, were i can complaints about this calls. mobile no. [protected] his name iss kabeer, he is the theaf, he is too much disterbing to me his yahoo id [protected], he is hacked my pc and black mailing to me, i think ksa is one islamic country but they cannot prevent this type of ideits,

  • Sz
    szbhatti Mar 30, 2010


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  • Sz
    szbhatti Mar 30, 2010

    i am recieving messages from 6290 that download link (from NATTA), deducting 03 sr/- per message upon recieving the message, so i want to unsubscribe the services

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it is totally useless

Caution for all people planning to buy mobily connect. It does not give the speed they advertise. You will be forced to use dial up again as mobily connect does not work at night. I stay in Alkhobar town- middle of the city where the speed is expected to be the best..Please think 100 times before you go for it...It is a waste of mony..

  • Ro
    Roger Nov 21, 2008

    I was also caught up into this racket I would say. I did not have dsl connections from STC. So at first I wanted to try STC wireless broadband. I called 907. The next day two gentlemen came to my doorstep. They were so quick enough to bring the unit and throw it at your face. They didnt even bother to see whether it worked or not. Got my sign on their paper and went. Next day it activated. Believe me or not dialup was 200% better and dependable. Afterall I was paying 300SAR/month for this rubbish wireless. I dint want to waste any more time with it. No use of calling 907 as in these countries you should not expect to receive polite feedaback once you make a complaint. They say go to STC office. When u go there one fellow told to call 907. Then and there I cancelled the damn thing. Even after cancelling I still keep getting bills for the wireless. I made somany complaints but no answer.

    Then I went to mobily. Paid 499SAR and got a mobily connect dongle. It too sucks like nothing. believe me i am living in the center of khobar city and one would expect to have the best reception here. Speeds are worse than dialup. Some sites never open. They claim the speed is 7.2Mbps. ###. Just after 2 days I decided that I will no more waste my money and was forced back into the dial up age. this is when u really value the countries like US and Uk where I use to work before. Customer satsifaction is number 1 for them. No company can go scots free once they have violated something that they claimed would do. In saudi no body cares about customer satisfaction. Every one wants only to fill in their pockets. They try to introduce all new gadgets and things not because they love u. Its because they love your wallet and need to rip you off your trousers. As the competition in the telecom sector has now increased in saudi more and more service are being offered. But no one looks into the quality of these services. The government and telecom agencies responsible for controlling these companies should take this matter very seriosly and look into the quality of the services offered by these companies. Pls any one who wants to buy STC or mobily wirelss broadbands, JUST FORGET IT.

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  • Sh
    SHRAD Dec 30, 2009

    Looks that the situation of consuming internet service through the ISPs in Saudia, is the same for all. Initially, I got a AfaqShamel DSL with modem for 512kbps speed. They said that the subscription for the telephone and Internet service is free for 2 months, since I felt the speed is not good, I have upgraded the speed to 4Mbps for a monthly subscription of SAR.244. After 3 months I have received a bill of SAR.1485 describing that it is the charge for previous and current bill. When I try to get explanation by calling 907, (they responded after many attempt and after loosing the battery charge of my mobile many times) and saying that this is because, I have upgraded the speed during the free subscription period and because of this reason, my free subscription for the first 2months became void. Then he has given so many explanations on the billing amount that I cannot understand. They charge for land line to mobile treating it as the calls are national calls. But they advertise that local and national calls are free. Also they charged SAR.0.35 for local calls(!). I went to pay the full amount (SAR.1485.00) and told them to close all my subscriptions and account. They said that it will be done after one week since I paid through VISA credit card. After a week when I went to request closing of my subscription, they told me to pay the charge that I have already paid. But they said that I have to pay SAR.2790 (SAR.1485 - the previous bill that I have already paid for x 2). Then I was informed to see the manager. Finally, he checked all my documents and said that he has closed my subscription. But even after closing, I found that the DSL service was available. Again I went to the STC customer care (Think how much I would have spent for the Limousine!) and told them to disconnect. They said that it will be automatically disconnected. Until then you can use the service at free of cost. I donot want to take another risk and I told them to remove the wiring from the PABX box and my house and I got it done.

    After few months I bought a mobily connect SAR.350/month. I am often facing the problem of my connection to the internet is getting disconnected while the mobily connect remains connected. Also, the speed is not as they mentioned on their advertisement (7.2mbps) and not as the customer service agents quoted (2 - 3mbps) and it is really at the average of 0.10kbps. Regarding this I went to Olaiya, Batha and Murabbah to complaint and to get solution, but I got only explanation instead of solutions. Finally one nice technical support guy from mobily batha told me to request for a tower from your nearest customer care branch. It is not the problem of getting the tower signal or in connecting the mobily service to my PC. The problem is that the connection between mobily and internet is getting disconnected frequently. Also, a tower is mounted on my neighbouring building. I am getting 3 bars of signal strength in the tower icon of the modem software.

    So, it seems that Internet service unlike other countries (even the TCN countries like India, Srilanka, pakistan, bangladesh etc.) is not efficient here and it seems that we have to consume internet services with this limitations and fluctuation in speed and connectivity.

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  • Al
    Alberty le Roux Feb 04, 2013

    I am working on a farm on the Jordan road outside Tabuk. I am suppose to have internet reception from Mobily, but you can not complain about the reception the last month, because there are almost nothing. Mobily advertise themselves as the best, but at the moment it is frustrating to be on there system.

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  • Im
    imranstill4u Apr 04, 2014

    mobily network is waste of time n money good for nothing ppl sitting and working for mobily hahahahahahaha worst network

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mobily connect

I'm working as National Sales Development Manager for TOYOTA in Saudi Arabia, I'm one of the victims of Mobily service, since one week I'm trying to reuse my mobily connect without any action from the company customer services, it's really a case study, I came back from my vacation trying to use my connect it didn't work. I called the customer service asking about the problem they mentioned that its a problem of the SIM card and we sent an e-mail to the technical support to solve the problem, believe it or not till now 21st July I called them more than 6 times receiving the same answer without any action. It is a real customer service & delight.

Thanks Mobily,

Mohammed Assal
National Sales Development Manager
Saudi Arabia
Cell# +[protected]

  • Xz
    x-zajil Aug 16, 2008

    I was working in this company (Zajil - Jeddah) which is part of Mobily company, recenly the company hiered new branch manager, who doesnt have any profissonality or any expience to run such position, he just do problems and to the existing stuff spetially the people of experience. this company is realy place of games.

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  • Ed
    Eddie Hughes Aug 26, 2008

    Mobily sucks, its unreliable and the customer services whilst polite are useless! The connection is the most unstable load of crap I have ever used!


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  • Hu
    hus Sep 02, 2008

    This company reminds of 2 Riyals shops, punch of yemanies all what they know is that they are selling something, quality is almost none! when u ask if the item is good, they respond immediately it is half swiss made and they witness the TQM procedures of manufacturing the items!!!

    to make the long story short:

    STC = Group of ppl holding the chicken that lay golden eggs, they will never hire good skills ppl (they tend to feel that the good guy will bust them)

    Mobily = same as STC + Kids running business secured by stupidity of SA regulations with one goal in their mind [email protected] who's in reality are STC blacklisted.

    ZAIN = another round to fool customers again.

    heeeh, i love telecommunication business in this country always hit and run. "good customers" they will pay and cry later no and the sweets of it there is no harm at all :>

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  • Ab
    abdullah Jan 30, 2009

    I tried to contact the Mobily service operator for the whole day and i cant contact them. they wasted my time.. . service is not good

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  • Su
    sunfun Apr 30, 2010

    Mobily the Cheaters.
    Brothers, If you subscribe to connect the internet service of Mobily beware, after end of intial period when you recharge and connect to the net you will be charged with 2.6Riyals/min. and your balance will go to zero with in an hour. The cheater did not tell any costomer till he looses money few times.
    When you recharge, call 1100 wait the operator to answer you somtimes takes much time. Tell him that you have recharged your data sim and activate the service, give him the number of the sim. After that put your data sim into mobile and wait, sometime you have to wait for 24 hrs. A confirmation massage will be received that the service has been activated then only use the sim to connect to internet otherwise you will loose your money.
    Kindly tell any one you met.

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  • Pa
    pasaway008 Nov 23, 2010

    same here... when i browse the internet, the page always says, netowrk busy... im switching to STC, now only waiting for call...

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  • Pa
    pasaway008 Dec 07, 2010

    Good bye mobily.. we just switched to STC.. and guess what? no more LAG, no more "network error"... now, in the office, im going to talk to the network manager to change also from mobily to STC... bye bye "ROBUST SERVICES"????(by arab news) of mobily...

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  • Na
    nadeem malik Sep 08, 2011

    For Mobily B2B. please contact Account Manager at 0541223091.

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simcard thefted

My dear mobily,

I have useing two mobily simcard with two mobiles.
Detail bellows,
00966 [protected] - for normal useing registred. Nokia 1100
00966 [protected] - for 3.5g registred. Nokia n73 3.5g
But on -25-05-2008 my mobiles are stolen by some local persons
Complaints mentioned in local polishstation.
I want same simcard from your side
So please advaise me what is the next step
Name: danis piad saldanha
My iqama id [protected]
My email: [protected] Sa

Thanks and best regurds

  • Az
    azeez Jul 09, 2008

    sir i have got a message from u yesterday that you gotrewards from negaty services.i dont know nothing about it.what is this?where i want to contact to get the rewards.if it is true get details too.

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  • La
    Lakshmanan Jul 20, 2008


    i too got such a message that I have 1000.53 points from Negaty Progrma. When I checked with teh Internet service provider's web site -, I do not find any thing.

    If some one knows about it, please let me know.

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mobily connect sucks

6 months ago, eight of us living at Jadawel compound near Radwah police station, subscribed to Mobily high...

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