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hacking into my phone

I have phoned MTN twice now to report that there is someone several people that are accessing facebook from my phone which in my opinion is fraudulent, as well as the fact that i am fitting the bill.

I was told that this is not MTN's problem, whcih i find unacceptable, as there is clearly someone hacking into my phone, and as an MTN customer, i expect service and assitance!!!

It is also importatn to note that i have never allowed anyone else to access facebook from my phone at any time, so HOW DOES THIS the interim i continue to pay...

Another worrying aspect is that they may have access to more of my PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION...???

THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE...WHO IS GOING TO HELP ME SORT THIS OUT!!!??? After being an MTN customer for over 10 years...its disgusting...

mtn overbilling as they feel like it

I have been waiting since October 2009 for being over billed for data in Septemeber and October, when I called the call centre the agent agreed, I was in bundle, however they charged for the data and the bundle still, it was worked to an over charging of more than R3000, and to make matters worse ther was also a problem with how my calls are billed in the same time. I have seen that the problem has been rectifed on their system, however the money owed to me has still not been sorted out. I was last told that the billing department have a back log, and I must just wait.

mtn customer service

I took out an additional cellphone contract on 29 December 2010. I was advised that the contract had been approved and that we could collect the phone within the next few days. Since I do not reside in the city where the contract was taken out, I was reassured by the sales assistant that this would pose no problems when the phone is collected. To date we have still not received the phone. I have phoned JHB, Cape Town and East London and have been advised that the store has no contact details. I find it extremely hard to believe that any store has no telephonic contact details. And even harder to believe that a consultant could not just phone me and give me an update on the status of the contract. Service at MTN is more than pathetic as apparently there is absolutely no one that can assist as we physically have to visit the store.
I will be sure to cancel my MTN subscription as soon as my contract is up.

  • Ek
    Eko Anna Nov 14, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Have been trying to recharge my phone for weeks now but they said i can't recharged, please i want to recharge my phone this morning help me out. Here is my number 07030114074;Thanks

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sim card swap

went into MTN shop in Ellisras, Limpopo to do a sim card swap as my card stopped working. Gave copy of ID and company letterhead to get the card. Was told by Elsabe that my phone would be up and running within 24 hrs, and if it wasnt I was to phone her . I did phone her and she said I had to give my ID and company letterhead, which I said I already did (how did I get the new sim if I didnt provide these docs?). Anyway, after phone call after phone call to this shop I am still not up and running. I have been promised that it will be working but nothing happens. I have also been told by the people in the shop that they will get back to me before 13hoo today and I havent heard from them. They only open again on Monday. I do not know where to go from here or who to complain to. I find it absolutely shocking that this is how we are treated in this country. I paid R110 for this swap and I still cant use my phone.I am so frustrated...

not taking liabilty to payments made

I had a contract phone with mtn then in 2008 July I stopped workin an I could nt pay for it so I received a demand letter from trans union debt collectors which I dnt hav anymore because that was in 2008 so I phoned back an explained to them that I'm unemployment as soon as I get my provident fund money I will pay which in November I started paying to the provided account, then mid March to April I started phonin trans union to find out the status of my account they could nt find my details I then had to fax proof of payment to them with 3days later they acknowledge that they received it an they then told me that they have reconcilled the account and have sent all paperwork to Mtn. I then started receivin sms's from another debt collector called VVM Attorney which there were instructed to colled an amount of R12 thousand and some odds regardless of the R6000 paid with trans union I tried to explain to them that I have already so much money already with anoth company I was then asked fax proof of thise payment to them because I could not get the letter from trans union that states that I have paid with them they informed that MTN has taken the account from them and since they submitted all my paperwork to mtn then can not help me any further in future I should contant Mtn. I faxed more than ten copies of proof of payment to VVm an eventually someone acknowledged them then I was instructed to start payin the account before I get listed on credit bereau whilst they investigate, I then paid R250 for months an phone the again was asked again to fax proof an they will get back to me did that an waited now I was nt payin any more they would send sms, emails and would call even an al the time I will explain the same story that I've just explained until on 4 occasions the consultants would say to me they r busy investigation and liasing with mtn with regards to this matter so I shud just wait until yhe get back to me I waited I then receive an sms offering me 30% discount from the R13 thousand that I owed then I phoned and queried that was told okay they busy finding out it they Will call me., until on December the 08th I received a notification from trans union credit bereau that
As foolows Dear Maphalala Consolation N, XDS, a registered Credit Bureau, received a default alert on your MTN SP a/c. Kindly contact VVM on: [protected].Ref:[protected].
So now I started phonin again an they asking me proofs again even when I try an phone trans union they dnt seem to help I'm just going back an forth and at the end of the day my name is gonna go bad where as I've paid an none of Mtn or Trans union wants to help and admit to receiving the money while amont close to R6000 went someones acc with the reference #.

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I am billed for data usage which mtn's system did not previously pick up

I am billed for data usage which mtn's system did not previously pick up - they say. I hav already received accounts for sept - oktnov 2009 and paid the amounts charged for data usage, there was also itemized billing indicating the usage for each period. Now mtn is saying they did the itemized billing incorrectly and we hav to pay for these mistakes! My call charges for [protected] is 43.20 but my data usage charges 529.35= are they crazy? I already paid data usage for [protected] and will nt pay any further amounts u make up! Correct the 529.35 immediately it should be only 233.11 for [protected] (If u are not lying again). I hav had problems with mtn before I even received my phone & having these 2 contracts which my husband pay is pure hell! If my marriage ends in a divorce because of yr incorrect billing u will sure to be hearing from me! Send me a corrected account immediately to [hidden web address] no excuses! I also want to terminate these contracts with yr **** company immediately-inform me of my options. South africa stay away from mtn their bad service, fraudulent accounts & excuses! Be warned thet dont care a bit and are only after taking money!


Received text saying I had won a plasma tv and 31, 000 credit - call manager on [protected] - called and was to told to load n1500 card to *555*131* plus the card pin - received mesage saying money would be paid in 12 hours - called manager and was told I could have the money - n31, ooo plus the n1500 I had loaded as cash and that I should call one mr moses attaka on [protected] to arrange special delivery as they were not allowing people at their apapa depot - all I had to do was load 4xn1500 to pay for delivery !!! This is a scam and I feel that it could not be worked without inside help from mtn lagos/abuja - 08 is surely an abuja number.

  • Ru
    rugo Dec 17, 2010


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  • Oh
    OHIKERE Mar 03, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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bad customer service

Good morning,
I would like to complain about a service I got at mthatha plaza mtn.
On the 19th october, I went to mthatha plza to get my blackberry 9700 bold taken to repairs. I got there and I was told the server was down. I was refered to another sho mtn sho at owen. I got there and they told they couldnt help cause my phone was contract and I didnt have a receipt.
Then went back to mtn mthatha plaza on 21 october 2010. I was still in the queu, when a lady shouted from the behind the desk, and said, if you are here to bring your phone, we will not take it. We are doing stocktake. I was shocked.
1. The approach was very unprofessional
2. There was no sign at the door saying we are doing stock and thus we will not offered certain services.
3. Its the attitude, its not about what the person says but how they say.
4. It was like they are doing me a favour and it was not.
I left without being helped.. Mind you, I stay 40 km away from mthatha. Total of 80 kms to and fro

I never gave up, I tried again, I thought this was just a instance of bad service. I went again to mthatha plaza 29 october 2010. What irritated me first was that the shop was empty and the ladies there were busy giggling and talking. I was standing in a queu. I was the only one in that queu. After few minutes. She calls me. I told her my story. No we cant help you, without the reciept. Go to the mtn you got the phone. I was speechless. I pleaded. Still no help. I asked to speak to the manager and I was told. The manager is not there. Then the next person in charge. Then both ladies, said she is not there..

I have been an mtn cleint for more than 10yrs. I had never experienced that service..

I drove to east london, which is 270 km from my workplace. I want to a different mnt shop hemmingways shop not the one I bought my phone from. Guess what, I was helped in 5 min. The receipt printed..

  • Jo
    Jossias Sep 23, 2009

    I am always getting suspended with my account still having credit and the call centre always fails to solve my problem. I am always promised to be called back by the supervisors but no one ever does. AS A SHAREHOLDER AND A CLIENT, i feel this company is failing the clients.

    Please hire competent staff who will be able help clients. I eve think of cancelling my TWO contract lines with MTN b'cause i call make calls even when my credit has just been updated.

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  • Ra
    Raks76 Apr 08, 2010

    I still have not had any responses from requests to upgrade my MTN Contract. The contract has been due for an Upgrade since November 2009 and my contract expired on 27th of March 2010. So far all attempts to contact MTN via account managers; in-store visits; dialling 808 or e-mailing them have just been swept aside. They sometimes assist at first but do not follow through and always have excuses but not solutions. All i want is to upgrade my contract. Although prompt and efficient service is not MTN's normal business practice i was wondering maybe if it would be at all possible for anyone at MTN to assist me with prompt, efficient assistance to upgrade my contract? c'mon shock me! and if you are wondering what it is am referring to check [Hidden Web Address] ; then book all your staff(manager's included) on a course to provide efficient prompt service. No doubt once you do all of this and if you do it properly it would take time, i still will be waiting for a response from you.

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  • Bh
    BhekiD Nov 09, 2012

    Dear Lindz29. You are not the only one to have experienced such bad service from the same shop. I also bought a brand new blackberry 9780 on the 3rd of October in Bloemfontein. The phone I was using then was giving me problems hence the decision to replace it. About 2 weeks later when l got back to Mthatha I realised that the video camera was not working so l took it to the Plaza MTN shop where l was told they had closed for stock-taking. Just like you said, there was no sign post to notify us and I had wasted more than an hour waiting to be served. I went back the following day and the first person that served me gave me a certain number that l had to dial. l dialed it but was put on hold for more than 30 minutes only to be told a camera problem cannot be fixed via telephone. Any lame person could have known that. It was later collected for repairs and I was told to expect an SMS as soon as it arrived to the technicians in PE. Its been 3 weeks now and l haven't heard anything. l went there on Saturday to enquire and was told to wait for the SMS. For how long do l have to wait?

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Airtime fraud

To mtn mobile contractors, there is a scam going on in mtn whereby you loose your airtime without making any phonecall or internet connections. I have logged several complaints with mtn 808 line and also with mtn active online services and over a month they dont give me an adequate respond and also they cant provide me with my itimize billing and I cant evern access it online to view all the call done in my mobile or any debits done. Mtn has been sending me from post to pillar, telling me that a technicain will contact me to resolve the issue my first claim was logged on the 16 october and after the claim I have lost my airtime twice already with no support of retrieving my data from mtn. I am still waiting for someone to credit me or show me proof of how my airtime has been dissapearing without trace... They are my service provider but they cant control what going on in their network — so I call it fraud within their department until they resolve the issue and credit me.

Concerned mtn contract holder.

  • Nc
    nclsrcle Jun 24, 2011

    I have been myself ripped off by MTN for a few months. They register you to an offer that you dont even know about, and every time you load some airtime they take part of it.
    It lasted for months until I understood the scam going on. And when you complain they tell you that YOU have registered online to something...
    Friends of mine are in the same case as well...
    So airtime disappears, no itemize billing, nothing to check it out. Wonderful!

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they do not know the meaning of customer service

So I've been so excited about finally getting a BlackBerry, look it's a must have accesorie, but what da hell if I knew that MTN in the WOODMEAD RETAIL PARK, treats their clients like ### then why bother I would have gone to Vodacom or hell even one betta 8-ta (Telkom), I received my phone and has now been waiting for almost 4 days for my sim to be activated after I've paid the in-store activation fee????????????????, So I call the shop and guess what he took my number and now I am still waiting for him to get back to me and you can not tell me that their line [protected] can be busy 24/7 without anyone getting off the damn phone, no wonder we getting the type of service that we are getting at this moment. who's going to abuse the company phone if they need to worry about taking care of their customers!!!

so yes that's me Royally ticked off!!!

bounty promo

I have used my MTN line for 8years and I have never gotten anything from MTN Nigeria. Early in February 2010...

still being billed for a canceled contract

I canceled my MTN cellphone account on September 7th, but MTN is still billing me every month. I've tried calling the MTN call centre on [protected] but the recorded message tells me that my number does not exist with MTN. Not surprising since I cancelled the contract!

There does not appear to be any way for an ex-MTN customer to call MTN to resolve an issue of this nature.

  • Si
    Sirmelvin Oct 18, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I cancelled my MTN Data contract in 2009/03/30 and now out of the blue, I am harresed by DCCM! for R11 000.00! The contract was cancelled due to the fact that after my contract was approved it took MTN three weeks to deliver and then being billed double the next day after delivery was made! I spent a week calling MTN to get answers and THEY could not explain to me how that happened, but wanted me to pay. Ridiculous!
    Melvin, South Africa

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after 6 weeks my phone is still not activated

I have requested a new contract through MTN corporate on 16 September wanted to port my old number from my expired Cell-C contract.On 8 October I received my new phone with a SIM card with a different number than the one I’ve requested to port.I phoned the lady I did the contract with immediately and told her that this was the case. She had “forgotten” to do the porting and 'will correct the error immediately'. The number on the SIM card was activated and a week later on 15 October it was deactivated again.

On 22 October a new SIM card was delivered to me, without any prior arrangement from MTN, but it too was not activated.Ms Maseko had promised me on Thursday 22 October that the phone will definitely be activated and she will follow up the next morning, but that too did not happen.On 23 October, Ms Maseko did not answer her phone after multiple attempts, and I had e-mailed MTN to report this issue. I've received an automated responses but nobody has phoned me to try and resolve this issue. Today, 26 October, the phone is not yet activated and after calling the MTN helpline I was told the SIM card was wrong!

This is the poorest service effer and I still don't have a phone!

cannot make contact with anybody at mtn

My account went into arrears and I was informed that MTN cancels my subscription. I paid the outstanding amount and also by luck got through to MTN and informed them that when my contract expires I will not be renewing my subscription, which was then in about a months time.

I am now receiving an account from MTN stating that my account is in arrears again and that it was handed over to the legal department. As I cannot get hold of anyone at MTN (also when I can get through, because I cannot pass the security check they cannot put me throught to the correct person)I went to the MTN branch in Oakfields Benoni, and they cannot even get through to MTN legal department. I have sent the legal department an email with my contact details on stating my query, and that was last week Wednesday 21st October 2009, and still nobody responded to my query. All I want from them is to solve this query before I get blacklisted for non payment. I will never recommend MTN to anybody as they are useless.

  • Cl
    Clint T Nov 01, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased an IPhone 5 from MTN last year, I have been given the run around regarding the warranty period of the phone being 6 months, although it clearly states 12 months, the phone was handed over on the 8th of October this year and since have been advised it has a Major hardware problem, to date there has been no solution to the repair of the phone or a possible replacement as it is still under warranty. I'm unhappy with the support of the MTN service provider where I purchased the phone from on the 20th December 2013, very DISSAPOINTED and will take the IPhone issue up with APPLE as I believe their product is being abused by MTN

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new contract approval takes 3-4 days, 5th dy, none

Applied for a new contract with MTN on Sunday, 25th October and was told that approval will take between 3-4 days. Called on the 4th day and was promised a call back which did not happen (3 times). Attempted to call the customer service (0831808), could not even get through when I eventually did manage to get hold of someone they refused to lodge my complaint as I was not loaded on the system. Do I really want to do business with MTN if the initial sale is this torturous? Today is the 5th day and I will not be holding my breath! I guess I will be approaching another service provider and hope for better service! My cell number was listed merely as a contact, it has nothing to do with this complaint.

beware of mtn

I have a contract which i took out with iTalk cellular, and apparently now has been moved to mtn, i was not informed of this in any way. yesterday i tried making a call from my mobile only to get a message that my service had been suspended, so i called the callcentre at 19:14, spoke to a Nonhlanhla (totally rude, unhelpful) and she informed me that my account had been changed from debit order to cash paying customer and it was in arrears and i needed to pay all the arrears off before i could be reconnected again. i enquired why it was that i was not informed of those changes because i'd never missed any payments and i never really check my statements to check that the payments have actually gone through as they always do and she told me i was welcome to cancel my contract and proceeded to give me a number to call to do so [protected], unfortunately i've been trying to get through on this number and have had no success since last night. Please could somebody from mtn kindly let me know how to go about cancelling my contract please. i've been customer of mtn for a while and the treatment has been ok until now, i feel that mtn has made it quite clear that they don't want my biznis.

I am utterly disgusted by the service I have received from mtn

I am utterly disgusted by the service I have received from mtn!!! I had to do a sim swap a few weeks ago and thus bought a new sim card from the sandton city branch. A few days later the sim card started giving me problems when I was trying to make phonecalls. I would get an error message saying sim barred!!! I then went to back to the sandton city branch where they contacted the mtn call centre and was given a reference number and told the query was escalated and would be resolved in 24-48 hours. After two days the problem still persisted and no one bothered to get back to me to tell me what the issue was. I have called the call centre a number of times sighting this problem and have been told they will lift the barring of my phone but nothing has happened to this day. Two weeks later! Today I called again and was told the matter would be escalated once again!!! I am totally disgusted with the service I have received! I am paying a contract fee so that I can make phonecalls but I can't do this! I dont know what i'll do in the case of an emergency since I cant call although I am paying for this service. I am a totally frustrated customer!

mtn active not responding on validating code

Oct 14 2009 I reset the pincode for mtnactive. On 19th when trying to logon using the new pincode it responded with a validation request which I submitted, after which I received a sms with a validation code. After typing this validation 5 digit code website responded: could not validate login, contact 1761. When phoning this number it dropped on me, so I phoned 808. The lady could not help me at all and only confirmed that the 1761 number was indeed not working. She tried several times to get me to logon to mtnactive again without any result. I was left empty handed and cannot access mtnactive at all. I was recommended to try again as most likely there was a technical problem. So mtn personnel dont know for sure whether there is a technical problem? I think I may have to go through the process of resetting the online pin code again and wait for another stupid 48 hours before I maybe can get access to my account details again. I am getting tired of poor service from mtn. That's why I canceled last year my email invoices as half the time I didnt receive them at all. I want my access to mtn active back right now and dont want to spend half my lifetime resetting pincodes.

nsfwmob - deducting unauthorised money from account

Recently, airtime has been deducted from my account without authorisation. The deductions are coming from a...

they will not cancel contract

Wednesday 7th october we had had enough of no telkom adsl, and decided to purchase fastlink and data contract.
Currrently we use my mobile, nokia navigator, to connect. I need faster speeds as I work from home. We installed the system easily, but could not get it to work. After many phone calls to support we discover that we cannot get 3g in this area, honeydew. Mtn-edge works but at half the speed of my mobile! No point in that, so we went back to cancel. Absolute refusal, we have to 'prove' that it does not work. How do we do that? We want it to work. It does not. 3 hours later, northgate refuse to take back the modem, and we are transferred to many people at the 'customer service' none of whom are at their desks. None of them can help us! Their attitude stinks - they could just have politely apologised and then we would have just been dissapointed customers, now we are furious!

Mtn have sold us something (2 days ago) that does not work, as a consumer I am entitled to return the item and get my money back!!!