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Oct 03, 2018

Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africa — fraud by mtn - fraudulant accounts for services not yet used (data, minutes). breach of contract with consumer by mtn

I received an account for end october - before I even use my points, minutes, data for an excessive amount...

Cape Town

Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africaservice

I was at Festival Mall today and I decided to pay my contract account at MTN the lady in the door she was helpful she handed the number so we can wait for the consultant which they come available eventually. but they ignored us me and other gentleman until one of the Indian guy ask one guy whom we find there if he is waiting for someone the response was i have been waiting about 30min for my number to be called instead people they come and go, the Indian guy apologize and ask other ladies why are they're not attending to customers then we where called to the counter no apologies and I said to lady I want to pay my account and she asked how much I said I'm not sure can't you check for me the answer you need to be sure and I can't check for you, well I check my phone then she was busy on the call I had to wait 5min and when I was ready to pay she said we don't take cash which was my first time I had that most of MTN store they always take cash the attitude I didn't like it at all I feel this guys they need to be trained about customer service. If you which to get hold of me [protected]

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    Sep 20, 2018

    Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africa — accounts department

    We made payment on the 5/09/2018 - R1473.00 05.09.2018 My husband incorrectly used a different number a...


    Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africawelcoming clients to your store

    Good Morning,

    I trust you are having a good morning thus far,

    I walked in to your MTN store at Stoneridge in Edenvale.

    The staff member opening the door did not even greet me or acknowledge my presence. Service starts with a friendly greeting and a smile. Trust me it costs you nothing.

    Lets get the basics correct and then we can move onto the more complicated things, like understanding what your client is enquiring about:).

    Have a lovely day further,

    Pravin Pooran

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      Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africapoor service

      I have been a MTN subscriber since 1994 (in the area where I live, it has the best coverage of all the cell phone companies, unfortunately). 07 August this year I applied for a ‘Fixed LTE package' and was informed by the sales assistant that the process shouldn't take more than 48 hours to be processed and finalized (ref#: MV12240860). Three days later a made a follow-up enquiry and was informed that either payslips or bank statements for three months was requested by MTN for further processing - I provided payslips of the previous three months. When the sales assistant was asked why the request from MTN, she couldn't give a clear and concise reason only that the reason MTN had provided had something to do with a clothing account from my wife, which ironically is paid up and hasn't been used for more than two years and, the best one, apparently my monthly income is too high!!! What a joke!!!
      More than three weeks later and NOTHING! Only to receive MTN's infamous sms ‘your application has been declined since you don't meet our/the criteria'… WHAT BLOODY CRITERIA??? I have a clean credit record with nothing outstanding and/or any defaults or judgements against my name! Got informed by the same sales assistant that despite the three month's payslips submitted with the previous application, a new application was to be submitted, but with bank statements specifically accompanying the application this time (ref#: MV12722928). This was done on 05 September, only to receive the same, infamous sms on 08 September. Going back to the MTN sales assistant today, 10 September, informing and showing her the sms, she confirms that according to their (MTN) system, my application is still being processed! Does anyone from MTN know what is going on in their company???!!!
      To top things of, I received a call from MTN on 04 September about an upgrade on my existing contract - needless to say what my response was. The irony also is, that this person confirmed that my application (the first one) at that stage was showing on the system, with no action being taken on it other than being received and logged onto the system and that my application should've been a mere formality without any additional requirements. What is to be believed?
      Phoning the MTN call centres are an absolute waste of time - seems people are on permanent tea- and lunch breaks, with the phones not being answered, or just being picked up and immediately put down again.

      The issue is not with the MTN branch or the sales personnel there.

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        Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africaearly termination fee paid off within stated time frame

        I paid off the amount MTN stated I should pay within the time frame that was given to me. The amount was R9997.81. MTN took my account to VVM to further state that I owe them R2300, the reason to why I still owe this amount is not stated for me. I submitted proof to both MTN rentions and VVM and none of them stated the reason why I still owe the amount. VVM account A5040833

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          Aug 24, 2018

          MTN — payment was done phone suspended

          I will send you the proof of payment for my account and with all the people I have talk to. Yesterday I wa...

          Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africabroken contract phone and bad service at mtn store

          Mtn Account Number : A5126884

          I am really disappointed in the service I am receiving from MTN.

          My contract upgraded on the 13/07/2018 I then upgraded and received a phone a week or two later the phone was faulty a total OUT OF BOX FAILURE, it kept freezing and I could not use the phone the screen then ended up having some black spots a week after I received the phone .I went into the south gate store hoping I can send the phone in for a new phone or repairs whatever the case would be, the consultants refused to assist.

          I went into the store the store Friday the 10th August 2018 I stood in a long queue and when I finally got to the point of assistance the consultant did not understand what I meant when and referred me to another consultant by the name of John .I spoke to John who then advised me the phone can be booked in but I need to return the phone with all the items I received and I agreed that I would come back with everything .

          I went into the store again the Saturday afternoon 11 August 2018 the consultant that assisted me the previous day John was busy and I then went to another consultant by the name of Simphiwe . He was very rude and after explaining the situation to him that the phone was not working he was very sarcastic and told me that I didn't get the phone from the store and now I want to bring it to the store he told me he can't log the return because the box of the phone was a bit torn but I explained to him that I was not aware I would receive a broken phone thus was not aware that the box had to be intact and mind you it was a small tear not even affecting the box he then interrogated me about why the phone is not working and there after told me that now suddenly the systems are offline and I need to come back when the system was online I refused to leave as it is not easy for me to walk into a store everyday day or weekend as I work and I live in Ennerdale which is a distance from the store and all the other clients were assisted and not advised that system was offline I was the only person the system was offline for .

          Simphiwe then told me if you don't take you phone and come back your phone won't be fixed I then said I will sit and wait till the system is online as I don't want to leave again with this phone. He then said he will take the phone and gave me papers to sign and he will send it in on Monday and will contact me to confirm that it has been done I signed the document and left the phone and walked out of the store with no proof or document given to me. Monday came and went with no call I waited until Thursday and decided to go to the store again to find out if the phone has been sent in .
          When I got to the store on Thursday the 16 August 2018 Simphiwe was not in the store and the person I spoke to said she cannot assist with a form I should have received I explained the situation to her and very rudely she said I can't help you speak to John who is second in charge .

          John was with a client and I advised him that I was told to wait for you so that you can help me .John then told me that he is very busy and what he is doing will take time and he would not advise me to wait for me . I said its fine I will wait I waited and hour and I was just looked pass they were socializing and laughing and nobody helped however I sat in the store eventually he told me that he will also be able to see nothing on the system and he does not know what happened to the phone as Simphiwe helped me and he is the only person that has access to see what has happened to the phone. Very disappointed as I have been sitting for more than an hour .He then said he will make sure that Simphiwe emails me proof that the phone has been sent in the next day as he will be at work . I left the store once again with no assistance at all so now I am not sure if I am the person that is wrong as I received a broken phone from MTN that I am paying for.

          I have still not received a call or email from anybody in the store please advise me what the next step should be as I don't know what to do.

          I have emailed Mtn on the 03 August 2018 and they have only responded to the email on the 15th August 2018 requesting my information and that they will look into the matter .

          I logged a hellopeter complaint on the 03 August 2018 and the feedback I received was that I need to contact mtn, so I notice that MTN also does not assist on this platform as they respond privately but with no help but only so that it shows the business as responed which is very sad for us as clients .

          I logged yet another Hellopeter complaint today waiting for the response and to see if that will be the case once again

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            Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africamtn online shop

            I applied on line for an additional R39 data contract on 18 July 2018. I received a mail from the on line shop requesting me to email them a copy of my ID as well as proof of residence which I did on 20 July 2018. Only on 31 July 2018 I recieved a mail from heliosAdmin stating that the contract was approved and that the courier company will make contact with me. On 3 August 2018 after not hearing from them again I replied on the mail requesting feedback. Up to date no feedback on the mail. I then phoned the on line shop on 6 August 2018 to request feedback. The consultant explained to me that they tried calling me as they need to know what SIM card to use. This was a lie as they definitely did not try to contact me when I look at my recent call list on my phone. The consultant also then told me that the contract was approved. I eventually received the SIM card on 8 August 2018, installed it on the phone and waited my 48 hours for it to start working... Nothing happened and when I dial a number from it, it tells me that it is RICA barred. On 13 August 2018 I contacted MTN and after being put through to 3 different departments, was told that I need to visit a MTN shop to RICA the SIM card. So after waiting 3 weeks sins application date, I was told the card needs to be RICA'ed. This brings up four questions:

            1.) What is the use of the online store if this is the case and I still need to visit a MTN store? This could have been resolved within the same day if I went to the store in the 1st place and applied in store.
            2.) If I still need to RICA the card by going to the store, why was I not told this the 1st day?
            3.) Seeing that I already hold two contracts with them, why do I receive such poor and delayed service?
            4.) Where do I post complaints directly to MTN other that their "contact us" link on the MTN website?

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              Jul 27, 2018

              Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africa — galaxy j7

              I am an MTN customer for the past 20 years. I am absolutely appauled and disappointed the way I havebeen...


              Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africacollections department


              I am an MTN customer and my account was handed over to you. I spoke to a consultant who was very abrupt and told me that I need to pay R13600 which is what I owe. I understand I had an outstanding amount of about R5000 From MTN which I needed to pay in order for the account to be sent back to MTN however now I am being told that the account was handed over and I need to pay R13600 which I do not have. MTN never called me about the account and MBD also never called me because MTN closed my line for incoming and outgoing calls ands I was never called to advise of this. I am only willing to pay the arrears amount and consent to a debit order again so my line is opened again and we can continue business with MTN, I am no longer willing to deal with MBD based on how they treat customers. I do look forward to your assistance in this regard.

              Anele Dyan



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                Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africafailure to reverse charges for a phone that I never received

                I have sent an email to the legal department on 30 June 2018 and 12 July 2018 and today 20 July and VVM says that they haven't received it. My account has been handed over to legal because MTN failed to reverse the charges for an upgrade whereas I haven't received the device.

                I write this email with such disappointment with MTN, my choice of communication since 1999.
                I was called and offered an upgrade in September 2017, I had not received the handset for 4 months and I cancelled the upgrade after an escalation failed and I still didn't receive the phone. To date I'm still charged for the handset that I never received. I stopped paying MTN in January after realizing that I'll be paying and no one will fix the problem… then how will I ever my money back, when they can't merely fix a simple issue like this one.

                Right now, MTN has handed me over to their legal department, my phone service is blocked, I cannot receive or make calls. This is not my fault but I am suffering as a customer. I have been calling MTN since December 2017 requesting them to fix this problem that they caused. I have probably more than 10 reference numbers which then serve no purpose since this issue is still not resolved to date.

                Please find attached an affidavit stating that I never received the phone after I was offered an upgrade in September 2017.
                Can MTN please reverse the amount that I was charged for an upgrade since September 2017 and fix my account. I will only pay what is due to MTN not what they have billed incorrectly.
                I am on a plan where I just receive 200 minutes, 500 MB of data and 100 sms only, nothing else.

                Can my services be reinstated with all my minutes and bundles for the month before I can choose which network I would rather work with where I'll probably be more appreciated.

                My contact number which is currently blocked is [protected]
                you can call me on [protected]
                I am unable to attach an email thread for understanding, I can however email it to someone once my case is allocated.

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                  • Wi
                    William Hartnell Aug 02, 2018
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    How many horrible situations with the Internet, e-mail...You also should be more careful with your mobile. Last month I tried to do something like this, but faced with phone hackers. Good that I could find them ( with the help of ) and protected myself from attackers. Just be careful!

                    -1 Votes

                  Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africacellphone contract

                  I entered into a new contract with MTN for R469 per month, I signed the contract on 30 April 2018 on the day the promotion ended.
                  I have been charged R533 for the contract as their Customer care says it was only activated on 5 May 2018.
                  The sales consultant who assisted me, Lyal Coombs was not helpful at all and told me MTN had billing problems.
                  The most frustrating thing of all is that the store has a contact number which only rings, no-one ever answers it - [protected].
                  My Cellphone nr is [protected].
                  I request that my contract be rectified to charge the amount I signed up for and that a refund be processed for the incorrect charges.

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                    Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africaappalling agent service and do sold a bogus contract

                    I had a phone contract with MTN that ended month end of April 2018. So because of the ridiculous data and minute charges mtn has I decided to end/cancel the contract and not let it go on a month to month basis. 

                    As I called in to cancel I spoke to a lady that advised me on an R89 sim only contract where I'd get 8gigs. 4gigs during the day and 4gigs at night. I told her I'd like to think about it coz I use minutes alot same as I use data so I wanted to shop around other networks. Called in a few days after that I spoke to a Guy called BANELE, who couldn't wait to get the sale. I told him I was in a bit of a hurry to go somewhere but he told me it'll only take a few moments and we'll be done. And surely so it did, I kept on emphasising on the 8gigs, 4 during the day and 4 at night he said YES! That's exactly what he's loading. 

                    Fast forward to this month I get a bill where I'm charged R121.93 for 2gigs and another R228.07 for an extra 2 gigs to make 4, instead of just R89. So I called in I've been transferred from pillar to post. Promised to be called and then nothing. On my last call I spoke to a gentleman called GORDON who I promised that I'll write a review on hellopeter and An email to head office should BANELE'S manager not call me back. Even with me saying that i havent been contacted. 

                    So over the past couple of days I spoke to Melisizwe, Patience( who I was told was a manager), petunia from retentions and Luyanda from customer service. My reference numbers were [protected] and [protected]. Such appalling service from MTN your agent's service which is just preposterous. Ive been basically sold a fraudulent contract that doesnt exist . If not called to rectify I'm taking this to further to the Consumer protector.

                    Cell number is [protected]

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                      Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africabreach of contract

                      I tried to activate sms roaming after a trip to a neighbor country. Firstly the sms roaming did not work properly. Since coming back I have been unable to make or receive any phonecalls, sms, or access data networks. This has been going on for the past 5days! Numerous calls to your call centre are just met with incompentance. They can't even get the nature of my problem correct. I keep being told that the problem will resolve once the network updatea. So for past 5 days I have been paying for a service that MTN is unable to provide. I see that as a breach of contract on their part.

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                        Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africaearly termination

                        Goodevening, i had 2 contracts with mtn, in Feb i decided to terminate them as i was looking to buy a home, i called the mtn cuatomer care and was given an early termination fee of R2133.00 to pay, which i paid at the Mtn store in Westgate shopping centre on the 22nd of Feb 2018.on the 25th of Feb they debited my acc again, when i phoned to enquire i was advised that it was the last my surprise in March they debited again, i phoned retensions dept and could not get a clear explanation, i spoke to a lady called Gugu who advised me that the fault was on mtns side and that she spoke to her senior who advised that they would attach a "credit note" and that i should not worry, the contract would be date i was never given any feedback as to whether that was done, no communication from mtn, to my surprise i find that mtn has put an adverse listing on my credit report saying that theyv commenced legal proceedings for an amount of R500, now im puzzled because ive phoned retentions on numerous occassions and was advised that the contract will be closed, never was i made aware that mtn has now decided that i owe them and plan to put an adverse listing, and as far as i know as a consumer i have the right to be made aware of such before a creditor does that, im amazed that after paying mtn excellently, and after being promised that all is sorted i am now adversly listed, now im in the process of buying a house and should this result in me losing my loan it will definitely be on mtn, because no proper channels were followed, i need mtn to sort this out as soon as possible, its uncalled for.

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                          Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africafraudulent billing

                          I upgraded my contract in December 2017 to a package which cost R399 per month. In February I realised MTN has been billing me R958. When I complained they corrected the billing to R399 one month later but never refunded the stolen money. When I complained about the blatant theft they ignored me. When I threatened with legal action they laughed at me. When I posted this on social media they admitted guilt: "

                          Thank you for your post.

                          We sincere apologized for any inconvenience incurred.

                          We do pick up the promo fee was over charged with R559.85. The package is now corrected.

                          The account is credited with R1, 694.28 for the difference in  subscription fee from December 2017 to February 2018. The credit will reflect in 3 days on the account.

                          Kind Regards,

                          Alice van der Merwe

                          Complaints Analyst

                          It has been two months since and no refund.

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                            Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africaservice on contract application

                            Good day

                            I applied for a contract on the 02 June 2018 at MTN Lakeside Mall and they said it will take 24hours.
                            Monday I call the store and they say they have a backlog. On Tuesday I call they store and they said they have Escalated the matter as this is an issue they have been having. Today being Thursday 07th June 2018 i call the store they said it is still Escalated and they do not know for how long this matter will take.
                            I do not have a phone and i have given the store my work number and email but no communication has come my way.
                            I do not believe in this AGILE time it will take so long to do vetting of a contract to receive confirmation.

                            MTN needs to work on this issue urgently. Not only are you losing customers but it is a bad name on your brand. Now i have to think if i want to bidded for 24 Months to such a company.


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                              MTN Directassistance with mtn direct

                              On 14 May 2018 My Nokia 3 was delivered to my Home Adres. The phone was put on charge for 16 hours, on Wednesday I turned on the phone and it did not switch on, just gave a message that there was no operating system installed.
                              I am living in a very Rural Area and only get to town on a Tuesday. On Tuesday 22 May I went to MTN Store in Wonderboom Junction in Pretoria where I was informed by the assistant that I got my Phone from MTN Direct and I must contact MTN. I immediately called MTN and after seven calls I spoke with a lady very helpful, Mpho who explained to me that I needed to take the Phone to a MTN Direct shop. at that stage it was late in the Day and I could not go back to the MTN Shop in Wonderboom Junction. I explained to Mpho what my situastion nis and she made notes and also providded me with the following reference number: [protected]. On Thursday 24 May I specifically left for Pretoria from Thabazimbi district to the MTN Shop in Wonderboom Junction where I spoke with Zelna De La Porte at the outlet. Zelna took the phone and immediately told me I dropped the phone and that is why it is not working, I explained to her that I spoke with Mpho and explained to her that the Phone did not work from the get go and it needs to be replaced. She told me they will not accept the Phone. I then requested her to cancel the contract as I am not happy, she again told me I cannot cancel the Contract. she also told me "jy sal nie so met my praat nie" I demanded that she book the phone in and that I wanted it replaced, where she again told me "nee" After a while she took the Phone, out of the Box again and started to work on her Computer. She then took the phone with the charger out of the box and placed the charger, then the Phone (Face down) into the Box and pressed hard on it to get the box closed.
                              I am very disappointed in the way this matter is handled and the assistance I got from Zelna was absolutely appalling. I would like the Phone replaced immediately or the Contract to be cancelled and the amount that was deducted from by account to be refunded.
                              My Customer account number: A5144080
                              MPHO from the callcentre provided me with the following reference number: [protected]
                              Today 01 June I still did not receive any feedback in this matter

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                                Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africa[protected] mtn contract

                                I took out a contract with MTN on 15 May 2018.
                                Since I took out the contract I cannot make any calls, insufficient airtime according to the error. However, if I check my airtime I do have airtime.
                                All I am getting is the one call centre after the other passing me on to the next. The same answer 'no problem on their side, it must be the next department'.
                                I have now spend probably 16 hours on the phone with call centres, been to the branch 3 times, the last time on 30 May 18, where I spent another 2.5 hours, not due to lack of interest by the consultant, but the same reason that I experienced.
                                I cannot speak to a supervisor, even if they say they transfer me, the line goes dead.

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