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Complaints & Reviews

Rip off

The detergent dispenser flap on my Miele Dishwasher G2143 broke. I expected this to be a minor repair to install this small part:. The part will cost me $86|.63 (I'm told it is made in Germany and cannot be replaced as just that small flap, even though I was assured that these products were now being manufactured here in Canada), plus an automatic minimum labour cost of $189".00, totaling $275".63 for this small part".

I will never buy another Miele product because you cannot buy the parts and then have someone else install them for a reasonable price'. I advise future appliance customers to buy high end products made in North America that do not have a monopoly on parts and labour as Miele does, . Miele customers cannot even deal with the stores where they bought their appliances as all service calls are directed to Miele, making you completely dependent on them and allowing them to charge you outrageous prices for even minor repairs.

Beware of this company

Beware of this company they are not the customer at all. The company was delvered but not installed I had been calling them for months to get them to install my dishwasher. It is still in my storgage unit wainting for installation. Also they are alaws closed for people to contact them. THis company does not care about their customer. If you want to be pulled in every direction use this company.

Miele is out for your blood I am so pissed off. I will never buy from them ever again. Stay away from them.

Do not use this company.

Doesn't understand service

The worst service in history. Dryer is three months old and stops drying. Two service calls and three weeks later I still have no dryer, just a bagful of promises. A part is missing, and even though I was told it had been ordered four days ago, there's no sign of it. A Call leads me to learn that it still hasn't been ordered!!! It's been over two weeks waiting for the company to care . They still apparently don't. They either need to improve quality so service isn't necessary, or fix their pathetic service capabilities. I won't be buying their stuff again, and certainly will advise everyone I know to look elsewhere if they care about quality. Price doesn't equal quality in the case of Miele.

Essential items to run dishwasher not carried

I am a frequent PC Richards buyer and bought a very expensive Miele dishwasher.

The first one was the wrong dishwasher, not what I ordered, annoying, but they fixed the problem. It is a special machine to deal with hard water build up.

It requires special salt to run the machine and they don't carry it in the stores although the salt is a Meile product. We have to go to Renos in Patterson to get it and the rinse agent. Likewise the GE water purifiers which are not always in stock, although they will have some models available. They suggest you buy two when they have them. DUH! They are not cheap. You change them in 6 months. Have the necessary supplies available to customers.

  • Bm
    B. Mulligan Jul 31, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a Miele dishwasher, which after four years is extremely noisy, and the service company from which I bought a service contract, will not fix it, until it stops working.

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Bad washer

I got a brand new machine, in a brand new home, new subdivision. I was calling Miele to find out how to get rid of the smell in my clothes, they recommended using vinegar and do sanitize wash, did it, did not work, they recommended using a descaling product, tried that did not work. Each time I called they suggested different things and nothing worked. Each time I called it was at least 20mins wait. Many times I had to put the phone down as I was calling from work and can not spend that much time on the phone.

Now they won't do anything, they are totally rude and unhelffull on the phone. They promise to call back and never do.

I spent so much money on a machine that they advertise they have the best service in the industry but I have never had worse service. They were rude and refused to listen.

I will never buy any Miele products again and recommend that no one buys there products ever.

  • Jo
    John Bevan Dec 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The machine doesn't smell when you get it so it's obviously comming from your garments.
    Make sure you wash at the correct temperature and use the correct amount of low suds detergent.
    Washing in cold or low temps will leave a sludge build up in the outer suds chamber which will grow bacteria and mildew.
    A 95c wash without a load and a little detergent containing bleach will help remove the sludge.Repeat wash untill smell disappers
    Good luck from john Bevan

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  • Re
    Reviewer39440 Oct 16, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I wish I had bought the same BOSCH that worked for years with no problems in AZ. Every year our Miele breaks down. Every year we spend money in the hundreds of dollars for service and parts. Unfortunately it's a terrible machine and the company is unsympathetic--blaming it on AZ water hardness.

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Faulty vacuum

2 years 2 weeks ago I purchased a very expensive Miele vacuum cleaner. I was told it was the best and on there website it states that you buy this vacuum for life.2years 1 week after purchasing it, the motor blew up. I took it to the technician who quoted over R2000 to replace the motor. I was also told that it is very common that just after the warranty/guarantee expires, the motor packs up. He has dealt with many of these claims. I was contacted by a very arrogant sales manager by the name of Mihai.The service received from him was shocking. He lacks basic manners and never bothered to contact me again, just going ahead with authorising the technician to replace the motor, without my consent. I am now faced with the account. It is unacceptable that a Miele vacuum should last such a short time .The shocking customer service or lack thereof leaves much to be desired

Lousy service

Six years ago I bought a Miele G692 SCU+. I was told it was the best of the best, that would it last from 15 to 25 years. However, after a year it broke down with water intake problems, but recovered without the help of the Miele-mechanics, who could not identify the problem. The same problem reappeared this year, and still the Miele expert could not identify the problem. After 10 minutes of casual inspection using a computer with wires he suggested a renewal of the interior parts, for almost the price of a new dish washer. Of course I rejected this expensive option, so better buy a new machine, which was also recommended by Miele. I had carefully explained all details of the problem by phone and Miele had promised to do the repair of this particular thing. But the only thing I got out of the “Miele expert consultation” was the conclusion that Miele is expensive, unreliable and cannot be repaired for reasonable price. For that information they charged a very high fee.

Miele should have the background knowledge to predict this outcome of the “repair exercise”, and warned me not to hire them. I got the impression that no serious attempt to make a repair was done.

I refused to pay (twice in writing). They scared me by sending the bill to a debt collection agency, with no foregoing warning to me, although this is a violation of Danish legislation. They raised the already high fee with 50% by adding reminder fees to the bill (it came up to some 170 Euro for 10 minutes of lousy service).

I got so scared, because I am a retired person with a low income. A trial might be too costly for me, so I gave in and paid the bill. I am so pissed that one shall accept any incompetent service from a big company, because they can scare you with lawyers, if you are poor. They can always argue that the damage is so big that a repair will not pay, and that you should buy a new device. I suppose that this is more profitable for Miele and it makes life easy for the repairman. Miele should be honest about their policy. I am disappointed that the Miele dishwasher only lasted for five years.

Perhaps I should have been more suspicious to Miele, because I had a similar experience with a washing machine some years ago. Miele could not repair it, but somehow I made it work again myself (by chance). I will try to get my money back through the Danish “forbrugerankenævn” (“The national consumer agency”), the fee of which is within my economic capability. But I cannot afford to engage a lawyer.

Lack of customer support

After 7 weeks of owning Miele appliances I still feel rejected and a low level life form in Miele's eyes. A gas hob costing alomost £1000 did not work when fitted, it did not spark nor ignite on 2 burners. 2 engineers later from Miele and the hob was replaced, yet still one burner would not ignite and one would not stay lit. Dozens of calls to their call centre has resulted in little or no effort being shown on their part - just a call centre of secript reading time wasters. Even the Manager, Kate, has promised on numerous occassions to call me, but no. They will not refund the cost, they only want to check the technical spec and fix it. Geat if they can, but whe will they ever make the effort to follow up and call me? They will not give me the direct number of the CEO - I am sure he would like to hear about this. All in all Miele have provided the most dreadful service imaginable. I would never recommend them to anyone, and I would advise prospective buyers stay well clear. Their marketing promises Award Winning Customer Support - I would suggets those giving the awards should take them back. Horrible company.


Miele sent a so-called engineer who saw mouse droppings and alleged that the wires were chewed and therefore dangerous and the machine should be scrapped. I checked the fuse after he had gone and it was blown and the machine worked. An alternative company sent an engineer (£60) who diagnosed a blown suppressor which he removed and the machine has worked perfectly ever since. Miele sent a bill for £120 and refuse to withdraw it. I am not sure what to do except refuse to pay and am writing back to them although their letter had no contact details at all on it.

Did not advise that there was no return of Vacuums

Advertised on main Page that they had a 30 Day return Policy. Clicking on to the Return Policy did not say a...

Bad service

I would like to report my problem with your company in Greece. Since July, i' ve contact with Miele in Greece about the broken crystal of my oven. The telephone center though it was supposed to service on Saturday from 9:00 to 15:00. Till 13:00 no one answered the phone and every time i called they hanged it up. At last at 13:00 someone answered. They refused to tell me how much the broken glass costs. How am i supposed to know if it is in my best interest to fix the broken glass or to buy a new oven? At the end i made an appointment a week later and they came not to fix it but to check if i gave the right code and then order it from Germany. They told me that they will call me for another appointment till 15 of August. OK! Last week, since i had no call from them i called back to see what has been done! After calling a lot of times (the telephone center had problems)i spoke with a lady called misses Rapti. I asked her to give me someone on the phone to make my complains because every time i called no one could give me a straight answer when the door of the oven could be fixed. She was no polite and refused to give someone to speak. She said that she would report herself the problem and someone by the end of the week would call me to speak. Also about the crystal door (after having me waiting on the line a long time -with no music at least on, to know if the telephone line was still on ...i thought she hanged of!)she told me that they will call me back (again at the end of the week) to tell when to have an appointment to have the door fixed. She also told me the delay was because Miele in Germany, did not sent the spare part yet! My problem is almost 2 months! My question is how a so big company as yours, has so bad service! I used to work in telephone service and the way they treated me and the way the telephone lines work are unacceptable. Dont you check what is going on here in Greece? You are supposed to be one of the greatest companies in Greece. Please help me with my problem, because i don't believe that a hole company can be characterized from a few bad people and bad service here in Greece.

Terrible everything

We purchased the Miele KFN8462SD because we decided to replace our 12 year old Zanussi when we were doing some changes to the kitchen. I wish we hadn't! This fridge broke down after 3 years and needed a new temperature sensor which cost GBP180 including fitting. It spluttered on for another 8 months before the temperature controls died. All in all the most expensive mistake I've ever made in the kitchen. I've replaced it with a Bosch which cost GBP199. Wish I'd done that the first time!

  • Am
    Amar Jul 13, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a very expensive vacuum from Miele in 2003 for close to $1200. expecting to have a dependable and relaible vacuum. Within the first month I began having problems with filters, nozzle and the suction was horrible. I have never been able to use it without clogging or build up in the power brush. I even had to have the engine motor replaced! I am sure this product is a lemon and should have been given a replacement from the start. I have no problems with the dealer i purchased it from and feel the corporation needs to step up.The company did nothing in the past..but now i have another part that needs to be replaced.Sadly, I've always had an electroluz for 25 = years..and never had this problem!!

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Unauthorized billing

In Canada they will not sell Miele through dealers anymore. There new system is to go through their 'Service' line [protected]). When you finally talk to someone they give you a run around about the correct part and when they finally send it... it is the wrong one. They don't want to supply you with any billing information and now I see why.

It is a sad thing that such a great company is going down the tubes. I'm sure if we could ever get the right part, we would be happy with it. It is just the service in Canada is really horrible.

  • He
    Helenesw1 Aug 20, 2018

    I have a defective Miele dishwasher and the company refuses to admit it and won't replace it
    The same malfunctions happened 4 times
    All they say is it is out of warranty
    Very bad customer service
    Helene /Florida

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  • To
    Tonio Catania Jan 22, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Horrible after sales

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  • Ki
    Kimberly Fognano Oct 29, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have owned 2 vacuums since 2011. Having to have already replaced one about 5 years ago, I am now finding that I have to replace the hose. I have never had such trouble with a lesser expensive vacuum cleaner! We would like this hose replaced!

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  • Li
    Lin Sarah Marie May 04, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought it in 2014, and now 2020 Mar already broken, motor not working, it cost USD300 to fix, def not worth to spend that much to fix. I use it average once a day, so 365 x 6 years = 2190, max I have used it for 3000 times. Not as the review said 10, 000 times. Only 6 years and the motor is broken. Def not using Miele again in future.

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