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Good Morning,

Yesterday evening 7/31/18 I stopped into my local Midas. First, time customer. I had received a coupon in the mail so was going to check out the service. I recently moved to Quakertown, Pa and I also wanted to find a new auto care facility.

I was greeted upon entrance. There was only one man there and NO other customers. It was 4:35 pm. He told me right away, when I requested an oil change that he did not have time to do it. The hours say 5:30. He was rude about it. You mean to tell me he couldn't do a quick oil change in 45 minutes. Like I said there were no cars in the bays.

I left and took my money over to Jiffy Lube. I was literally in and out in 15-20 tops. My thing is why would you turn away customers?

Thank you,

Pamela Emory


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    Don'tBeAnIdiot Nov 15, 2018

    Alright Pamela,

    I am going to try and type this slowly so you might be able to understand it. The world does NOT revolve around you. Just because you did not see any other customers in the waiting area does not mean they were not there prior to your grand arrival and already scheduled an appointment. Suppose they made good use of their time by completing some other errands while their cars were in queue for being serviced. Gee, I guess that would almost be efficient? Hmmm. Did you bother to ask the manager if there were already other appointment scheduled? I would gather by your huffy little tirade above that you did not. It's conceivable that even though cars weren't currently in the bays, the technicians were retrieving them in the parking lot. You are highly unlikely to be the model citizen that was ever so polite to the manager on duty when you came in with your coupon. Grow up.

    Hope that helps,


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