Midasoil change from hell


I took my 2004 Nissan Altima to Midas for a regular oil change/rotate oil tires and I had bee going to them for about 2 years or so. The next day I noticed oil spots under my car so I went back.. The same technician that did the oil changed checked again only under the car and replaced the oil filter. Later, I drove over 65 mph noticed the smoke coming under my hood and cloud of smoke coming from the tail pipe. I pulled over and checked under the hood and realized the tech forgot to put back the oil cap. I called them and had told them what happen because I was near a Auto Zone I walked to purchase oil cap, funnel and 5 qts oil. Added all 5 qts but the oil light never came on. I went back to Midas and they cleaned off the oil around the engine and refunded back the money with a apology. This could had cost me an engine.


  • Ma
    mad at Midas Aug 27, 2011

    took my car in had just had work done by Midas about two weeks ago and told my mother and me that no animal could have striped the coating off the oil pan wires so I filed a police report that someone tampered with car and they tell police that is not what they told us.

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    Melaia Tinaiqai Jan 23, 2014

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