Michaelscustomer service/ store manager

M Nov 21, 2017

Two weeks ago I ordered yarn while it was on sale, and had the shipment delivered to my local store. I was notified on November 20th that my items were delivered. Around 6:35pm on November 20th, I went to my local store to pick up my items. I was given one bag of yarn, and took it out to my car. Before I left the parking lot, I opened my bag and realized that not all of my items were in the bag. Also, the receipt in the bag of yarn highlighted the missing items and said "cut" next to those items. I then went back into the store to ask the associate if those items were delivered. She stated that she had no further deliveries for me, and that I should call the store tomorrow to see if maybe it was delivered then. I then left. In the meantime, I called customer support to see if maybe they could shed some light on the situation but that had no idea what happened. They couldn't tell me where my yarn was, even though it said "delivered" on their end. They said to call my local store tomorrow as the store associate suggested, and see if it was delivered the next day. So today, November 21st, I called the store around 11:30am to see if the items were delivered, and still no yarn. AND WHILE I WAS ON THE PHONE WITH THE STORE ASSOCIATE, I HEARD A MAN, who I assume is the manager, IN THE BACKGROUND STATING THAT I SHOULD HAVE NEVER LEFT THE STORE WITH OUT ALL OF MY ITEMS THAT I ORDERED!!! Making it sound like it was MY fault!! So I called customer support AGAIN and they still have no idea with my yarn is. I was told that the item was out of stock...but funny, the item wasn't out of stock when I ordered it. And I was never notified by email that the item was on back order or no longer available, AND I was never refunded the money that I spent on those items!! I can't believe that your customer support can't give me answers. And I can't belive that a store manager has the AUDACITY to blame his customers for the company's mistake!!! I currently have a replacement request in..hoping that i get my yarn, and I was told that if in 3 days I don't have a shipment confirmation, to call customer support for a 3rd time, and they will finally refund my money. This is ridiculous. And once this situation is rectified, I will no longer be shopping with Michaels. You obviously don't can't train your employees to deal with problems, AND perhaps you should choose your store managers better.

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