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I have contacted Metro numerous times. Too many times to count about the network not working at times. I cant even use the map to get anywhere sometimes. Im really frustrated and Metro does not help at all. They say they will escalate my problem to an "engineer" but I have no solution. It seems like those tickets they write go directly to the garbage.
The last call I made, I tried to get a phone number to complain but the "supervisor" told me a phone number to complain doesnt exist. I would have to write a letter. Not even email. A letter? What is this 1950?

Sep 09, 2019
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  • Ti
      Sep 13, 2019

    Time to start a Class Action Lawsuit against metro pcs and Tmobile. This a common practice with them Ive had 5 tickets within the last several months and requested arbitration over a month ago without being contacted on any of it. They throttle phones and I can prove it with their own service agents. Its time to subpoena those agents and all their records of complaints for this reason. Big CORPS are nothing but bullies with their money and its time to take some away from them. When they break there own rules and conditions the ones they have in place do not pertain to the customers either

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