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      Jun 26, 2010

    I just wanted to tell everyone how infuriated I am with MetroPCS Customer Service. I have been having issues with my phone regarding text messaging since January. I am constantly on the phone with them since January (and have about nine pages of names/badge numbers/times I spoke with them) and since my my phone will randomly stop sending text messages at various frequencies (either once a day or every couple of weeks, if I am lucky) The only way this problem will be fixed is I have to call tech support, have them reset something on my account and then I can power cycle my phone (Note: Simply power cycling my phone on my own does not work, they have to do something on the account)

    Finally, three days ago they offered to open a ticket. Then yesterday my phone started having issues making phone calls. I had to call from my landline which took 45 min. to get though because of their IVR. It understood everything except my pin number. Because it kept thinking I was saying something completely different it would not let me speak to a customer service rep.. the system explicitly refused to let me get any further until I gave it my pin number which it could not understand! I had to call in as a new customer just to get to speak to someone.. that took 20 min. of the 45!

    They [customer service] said that my phone needs to be replaced as it sounds like there is a problem so they transfered me to the dept. that could handle that. The dept they transfered me to was the insurance line for phones damaged, stolen or lost by customers! The phone was never damaged by me, it just has never functioned like it should!

    So I called back, spoke to yet another rep. They told me to go to the Winter Park store (about 45 min. away) and have them replace it. So I did. I explained my issue to a nice Metro PCS agent at the store. However, he said I had to pay a $10.00 plus tax processing fee to have the phone replaced! I don't understand why I, as a customer, have to pay a processing fee to have a phone replaced that has been having issues since I got the phone! He said I could speak to a supervisor and I did.

    The supervisor was rude and condescending. He acted like I didn't know how to use my phone and that I had too many txt messages and/or emails on my phone. He tried to get technical with me but when he realized I was more technical, he backed off. He said these phones can't handle saving many text messages and said he was going to cancel the phone replacement order!. I showed him how much available memory my phone had and explained to him how much storage space one text message actually took. He kept arguing with me saying that he has the same phone and same problem and what fixes it for him is deleting all his text messages and emails.

    I explained to him that this phone is $250.00, it is a business phone and is should not have an issue that it is having because of too many text messages (Besides, I had hardly any on the phone) and for the fact that it works fine after they do something on the account temp. fixes it negates his whole point. I had to urge him to not cancel the order and he even said that he had other customers to help and that he didn't have time to discuss this with me!

    I called back into customer service after that and explained everything I have here (and more since I have had many more issues than I have explained here) and told them that all I am requesting is to have the 10.00 processing fee waived since I have been dealing with this issue since January and they should do this as a courtesy; they refused.

    I am going to see what this replacement phone does as it is my only option at this time. I know there are some issues with the phone because I had been told over the phone and by the nice man in the Metro PCS Store that it looks like my phone has been having issues receiving updates. I know that they must be having some type of issues with their network as well.

    I guess the bottom line is you get what you pay for, either service wise or customer service wise. 1 out of 10 people at MetroPCS are nice while the other 9 are rude and condescending. They do nothing to actually make you happy. They offered me a $3.00 credit (three dollars) for the problems I have been having since January.

    I will pay for one more month of service (it is prepaid) and I hope that I do not have these same issues or at the very least that I have them less frequently! It is sad especially since I paid 250.00 on this phone and I do not think I can use it on any other network but I will do more research.

    I wanted to share my experience with anyone that wanted to listen in the event they were considering MetroPCS. To be fair, I have not had many issues placing phone calls until today. I do have issues with it taking a while to dial from time to time but that could either be the phone or the area I am in. If you like to text you may have issues (My friend has MetroPCS and he also has issues from time to time texting, just not as much as me)

    Hope this information helps others in making a decision about MetroPCS and I am curious to know if anyone else has issues text messaging on the MetroPCS Network.


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