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Metlife Home Loansmortgage modification

In June of 2009, I requested a home loan modification application from MetLife Home Loans. To date, my application has not been processed. I have sent in six modification packages(two of the packages were sent certified mail). They sent me two letters stating that they received my packages and they were waiting to be assigned to a servicer. The last package that I sent was inAugust of 2010. Today(November 1, 2010), I was told I needed to resend the entire package over again. MetLife needs to be held accountable. They are destroying the lives of many people. We need to have find out how we can file a class action law suit. MetLife has no knowledge of the mortgage industry. So we as homeowners need to take a stand. They have incompetant employees who lie and hang up on you.



  • Ju
    Judith Pinkham Apr 30, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    How can you stay away from the crooks when all 580 Banks perpetrated their Wall Street multi-fraud on you? You cannot because the crooks will always pass you the worse thieves to you. Nationstar and First Horizon are the worse Thieves you ever seen on earth. What you need is to stick together and fight back.
    They never lent you any money, they simply perpetrated fake loan on you and me, by moving people 8-types of retirements and Wall Street investments to ourselves. We have crooked lawyers and authorities helping them go free. Go to Youtube, learn "The Truth about the Bank", you don't need to trace your loan to Wall Street, you need to have the court force them to prove they lend you money in real cancel check. All Banks committed crimes together against the people. They created the illusion that they lent money. Otherwise they would not be able to make 119%/year when Interest is low 3%. Before 1993, they earned 4-5%/year. Go figure out. Sue the Banks and crooked lawyers, including the bad decision makers. The created $0.01/sh stock and exchange with your Retirement at $25-$30/hr, plus our tax$$ TARP. That is why we lost our moneys in 2000's, and more ahead.

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  • Cm
    C.Marshall Aug 08, 2013

    I too had a really awful experience with Metlife Home Loans. I was laid off and even though I called to notify them, no one offered me any programs and when I asked about them I was told they didn't have any that I qualified for because unemployment was not a guaranteed income. After 8 months of filling out modification financial documents and sending in packet after packet of paperwork they sold my loan to Chase. Metlife, come to find out had their own unemployment program that would have frozen my account for up to 1 year and modified my payments automatically because unemployment benefits IS supposed to be considered valid income. Then they tell me that my school financial aide and loans count as income but later I'm told they do not. I never spoke to the same person twice and was promised my paperwork was being fast tracked because of the circumstances and it never happened. If I asked for a supervisor I was hung up on. I agree, there has to be some type of class action law suit that can be done here, but even that takes money to get started. Money, anyone going through tough times does not have.
    I'm praying that Chase will be a better experience but I'm not going to hold my breath.

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  • Ni
    nicolearnold Feb 24, 2013

    This happened to me as well I submitted a loan modification 4 times they lost it every time. they lost it after I was told I was waiting to be picked up by a loan counselor. then they told me not to pay for three months because if I paid I would show that I'm not in need. after three month I was in foreclosure. all I wanted was help. thank goodness my parents loaned me the money to save the house. if there is a lawsuit I'm in... send info to [email protected]

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  • Ta
    TAlvarado Dec 11, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree 100% with the run around and unaccountability of MetLife Home Mortgage's scam they are pulling on clients trying to get modifications. Unfortunately we found ourselves in a financial hardship due to my husband's IRA fraud entry being liquidated. We asked MetLife for a modification January 2011, and have shared the same mentioned problems with speaking to different people, getting computer generated letters from non existent people, requesting the same documents over and over. Finally given a trial period of making three payments of $1415.12 for three months and upon completion are now asking $2252.71 along with $718.47 to complete and record modification. This modification is $7.21 less than our original mortgage amount. We received this information on 12-6-12 and are demanding documents be returned 12-12-12. This company is absolutely horrible to deal with and appears to have no intention on helping people save their homes. To add insult to injury we received a letter yesterday stating we should consider moving to a more affordable home. If there is a class action suit brought against this company, please include me! [email protected]

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  • La
    Lash12 Dec 27, 2011

    MetLife is the worse company I have ever dealt with. This is my first message post. After being a customer's for nearly 4 years I want to refinance my Jumbo loan. I had 3 really good options. However, I picked MetLife because I thought I have a loan with them and never have been late with a payment. The first question I asked Rod Walker was I don't have 20% in my home anymore can you still refinance me. The answer yes, you will just pay PMI. This was in May. After getting approved through the paperwork, paying for the appraiser I was told by underwriting I needed 20% down. Mind you this was September!! I verified through Rod's supervisor he did tell me this and we were going to get an exception. That with nearly a 800 credit score, a current customer in good standing and willing to make an exception to what was promised with me they should make an exception. Well in Mid-November after 7 moths of paperwork hell I was told I could not refi. They lied and broke every timeline they established with me. I went to Home Town Lenders and within a month I closed on the refi. Horrible, horrible company.

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  • Di
    diamongrl1177 May 29, 2011

    I had posted previous about the mess MetLife has put us in. We have reached out to a lawyer that is willing to take our case. We are now on 9 months and still waiting to get someone assigned to our loan. MetLife keeps requesting paystubs, bank statements, budget forms, etc. I am now getting the knocks at the door. Our lawyer said there is nothing he can do, until we are served. However, he is looking to do a class actions lawsuit against MetLife. He told us exactly what they are going to do and step by step and he was right. There is no way I can come up with what is past due and customer service tells me, my loan will continue to go to foreclosure until I am assigned someone and I still may not get approved for a modification. I am really about to say the hell with it all, sell, pay off all my debts and rent. I refuse to lose almost $100, 000 in equity because of these idiots. There are HUGE write ups in USA today about the processes this bank uses and how they are illegal. The article also outlines the necessary steps that the government has put into affect. If anyone is interested the Law Firm is Michael Haas in Lancaster PA He only handle real estate cases. He told us to keep records of everything, every phone call, mailing, letter, so when we do go to court we have a case. Good Luck everyone.

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  • Ra
    Ranger_Rick May 11, 2011

    I guess I must be lucky or something... but I have been through similar problems with them when my wife became ill and was no longer able to work. Due to the loss of income we struggled for 3 years to get by and after all our savings was gone had no more resources to fall back on. We then went to MetLife and requested a loan modification due to hardship. This was in July of 2008. They told us they could not help us until we were 3 months behind and the home was in early forclosure procedings. So I stopped paying them and after the 3rd "missed" payment contacted them. They sent me a packet and I agreed to a 6 month forbearance to stop forclosure proceedings. They said after that they would review my situation for a modification. The forbearance payments were 1/2 of my then 1150 per month payment. We completed the 6 month forbearance without any missed or late payments and upon completion they sent me another "packet". I completed, returned (kept scanned copies of any and all paperwork on CD) then waited. I called every two weeks to see what the status was and kept being told it would take 60 - 90 business days to process, this timeframe was never reduced no matter how long it had been since I first sent in the paperwork. Finally near the end of May 2010 I get a FedX envelope in the mail. It had a Modification agreement that lowered my payment by a whopping $150 and they also stated that they wanted the first payment and all accumulated late charges up front with the signed paperwork. Upon receiving this offer I had less than 4 days to return it signed, notarized with the funds requested. No warning or time to prepare. It did have a number to call and low and behold an extension for some guy named Christian. I called told him that this offer was not acceptable that $150 was not enough and I would not be able to make that adjusted payment. I said was there anything I could do? He asked me to hold... about 20 minutes later he came back (I considered it a miracle) and said they had one other option. The original modification had been calculated using my expenses instead of my income (not sure how that works) and that they would send my request back for recalculation using just my income. A month later I get another offer packet, this time with a reduction of interest rate that effectively cut my payment by about 45%. This I could live with so I signed it, sent it in with the funds requested and then was told to not make a payment till I heard from them. I called each month to get a status and was simply told that it was "in process" and this was from the loss mitigation dept. BTW Christion had since left the company and MetLife chose not to disclose who the new processor of my modification was. Finally after 4 months they told me to go ahead and start making the modified payment. This was in Nov 2010 and that my modified loan would be finalized in 60 business days and I could then start payment using checks again instead of money orders. Well its now May 11 and I still have to pay by M.O. and the modification, though finalized in Feb, is still in "back end processing with loss mitigation" and until it is completed in 60 - 90 days (there is that famous timeframe again) I will need to continue to make payment by MO.
    Ultimately I guess I am one of the lucky ones, although it has been hell and has required tremendous patience and persistence I got my modification and will get to keep my house. There are details I left out but my point is, don't give up, be persistent and you can get something done with these people although it is not easy and they have incompetent people that don't know their own jobs if you get lucky you might get one person that knows enough to get things moving. Also one other tip, if you get a Call center person on the phone and need loss mitigation, don't even talk to that person just tell them to transfer you to loss mitigation even if they tell you they may be able to help you. And later on if you get a modification through only talk to a Customer Relations representative not the call center idiot that answers the phone. Immediately ask to speak to Customer Relations. I have had a little success with this.
    Another tip, never call on Mondays or Friday afternoon nobody will get though. I have found the best time to call is right after lunch Central time on Tue, Wed or Thur or first thing in the AM on Wed or Thur.
    Maybe one other trick, don't tell them you simply want a modification due to inablility to pay other bills, tell them you want a modification due to "hardship" and then provide a letter noting the hardship (loss of income, spouse becoming ill, etc) They never asked me for anything other than a letter stating the hardship. No backup documentation from a Dr. or other.
    Hope this helps some of you and good luck.

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  • My
    Myosha Rockwell May 02, 2011

    I agree strongly, I have sent in my paper work and resent in my paper work, I feel that Metlife wasn't doing anything to help it was more like they were trying to make sure we lost our house and guess what we finally lost our house with nowhere to go. They are ripping people off so they can re sale the property. They wont try to help they don't care about your situation just re sale the property and get the new owners money and what we have left to pay so sad and I'm with the class action lawsuit. at a loss for words Omaha, Nebraska

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  • An
    Andy70 Apr 17, 2011

    I have read all your comments and I have experienced the same nightmare with MetLife (First Horizon) that most of you have. I have been fighting my battle since 2008. It feels like a never ends. Always the same old story. You send in the requested paperwork, no communication from them for several months and then some bs shorterm forbearance agreement with an unrealistic ballooon payment before it starts all over again. If this is mortgage hell then MetLife is Lucifer! Count me in if there is a class actions lawsuit against these bozos.

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  • Al
    Alex Martel Apr 12, 2011

    Well as I suspected MetLife Home Loans/ First Horizon or whatever these crooks are calling themselves have been using the same tactics with most of there mortage customers. Why? Because they can & we're helpless to do much about it. I've inquired about legal action and most will have nothing to do with it. If someone can find a Law Firm that is willing to take them on let me know. They're about to forclose on my home I've owned since 2001...Bankruptcy has been the only thing to delay it a little longer. PLEASE email me if a class action suit is brought against them. [email protected]
    They pulled the same lost paperwork, need it again over 90 days old, ect, ect...they finally sent me a ridiculous 'trial modification' with not terms but to send them $3700 a month for 3 months...are they insane? Why won't anyone help?

    Frustrated in CA

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  • Di
    diamongrl1177 Apr 08, 2011

    GOD am I glad that I came across this page. I thought I was the only one alone in this mess. I have been trying to deal with MedLife since October 2010. I have now received paperwork that my mortgage has been sent to a law firm in Philadelphia. After much research on this law firm, they are hired buy these banks because they accelerate the process of your foreclosure. I have made calls after calles, this is now my fulltime job, day in and day out to get some answers. So, I have documented everything, everyname, etc. MetLife keeps requesting my husband's pay stubs month after month, and never assigning anyone to the account. So I started to do some detective work, the "guy" that assigned to my account at the law office, has NO LEGAL EXPERIENCE AT ALL. He was a food funner for a grocery store. THis is what they have working on my mortgage, handling my personal information. I have sent over a 8 1/2 inch package of all my inforamtion from 2007 on March 24, and they STILL do not have it and have no record of receiving it. LOVELY, my financial information is out there floating around. I have called HUD, credit counseling and have followed all the necessary steps to help save my house. I have offered to PAY EVERY MONTH, something and they will not except it. I have called an asked my my past due balance is, and they cannot tell me. I asked for them not include my taxes, my parents offered to pay those, so we could get out of this mess and afford our house. THis is a mess, oh, and all because one girl at MetLife "ALEXIS" told me that I had to be 3 months behind before they will help me and to request a loan modification. LOVELY. We need to rally together to do something about this.

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  • Ta
    tabbyann Apr 08, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've set here & read over several complaints about Metlife Home Loans & I hate to say it but I'm actually relieved in a way to know that my husband & I weren't alone in this mess. However our home was foreclosed on Jan.3, 2011. I'm just hoping I can maybe find an attorney willing to sue the HELL out of this company. I agree totally this should be illegal for them to do this to people. In the spring of 2009 we did a modification on our home & at first every thing seemed to be okay. Then they returned our fifth or sixth payment on & when I called they said we needed to apply for a permanent modification. Then they kept saying they hadn't recieved our packet even though I had fax confirmation. So the fourth packet we sent certified mail which once again they said they didn't recieve & when we told them who had signed for it then they said it had to be assigned to an agent to work the file. This went on for months & then they transferred our loan out to IBM-Lender Processing Service to handle the modification. We had to hire an attorney to stop a foreclosure in May 2010 & then they requested all new check stubs, bank statements & etc. to process our modification. We did stop that foreclosure but they did the same thing Metlife did. They kept saying we neede to send more info & it's waiting to be assigned to an agent to process the file on so on. Then we recieved another foreclosure notice in Nov.2011 we had to once again send more info in & they said it was being assigned. I was literally on hold for right at two hours one night after being transferred about 4 or 5 times before anyone ever picked up & then they wonder why your'e ill toward them not to mention their inability to do their job or atleast speak fluent English. Anyway they never assigned it to an agent nor did they postpone the foreclosure to work on the modification.So if anyone knows of an attorney handling a classaction I'd like to know about it. Here's my email address [email protected] Luck to YOU all!!Tabbyann

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  • De
    Delgardo Mar 07, 2011

    Owe all these complaint I can relate to. I have been waiting for my loan modification to take place for over two years now.. I had to almost file bankruptcy as well in order to stop a foreclosure sale on m home in 2008. I completed a forbearance plan and I was told my loan would be submitted for a modification. I have sent in financial over and over again with other supporting documents. They even asked me if they can send an appraiser over to look around inside my home. I asked why via email and I got no response. They even lied to me telling me the Fannie Mea owns my loan when I asked them. I have sent numerous emails to the processor and sent emails through the First Horizon login page and I'm told to call in. The processor always likes for us to speak via phone so there isn't any correspondence to prove what we discussed.He just keeps telling me he sorry for the delay. I try to get the employee number or names when I make contact so that I have records. I really think they are trying to let my balance bill up so they can take my home. They don't send any monthly statements, I just don't trust them and I'm terrified at this point. I'm willing to join in on a suit. I call for a updated every two weeks and I'm told its still under review for two plus years wow. How are they getting away with this. Are there any state officials in GA that can help?

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  • Ka
    karenw50 Mar 04, 2011

    I have read a lot of complaints against Metlife. I thought I was out there in the fight alone. I have been trying to get a modification from metlife since August of 2010. I actually was offered a modification earlier with Metlife when the government first introduced this. However, by the time it was all said and done, my modification actually raised my payments. Of course, I couldn't make the payments and tried to get help 6 months later. Not only were they rude, they lied, and they simply don't care about anyone except their money making schemes. I actually tried a third party company to help me with this, and we have documentation about how they lied to them and to me that they never received documents, and actually put my house up to sell on Dec 23. Merry Christmas to me. They have NO CONSCIENCE. I have finally had to declare bankruptcy in order to save my home. I am still trying to get this resolved, but still no progress. The third party company has actually quit working for me...after $1500 down the tubes. There has to be help for people. I am so desperate, and feel hopeless. This is my family home, and Metlife is basically trying to sell it out from under me. They can't even get the paperwork right, they included a lot in my deed that was not included in the sale, it was given to me by my mother. What a shock it was to see that property listed for sale, along with the property that is on the deed. I have been working on this for 1 year to try to get this correct. Now they are telling me I have to get an attorney to speak to their attorney just to give me my property that is really mine. This is the worse company I have ever heard about. We need to do something! My email is [email protected] Any ideas, count me in.

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  • Pe
    peggyb65 Dec 13, 2010

    I totally agree with all of you about Metlifehomeloans. If you start a class action law suit, I'm IN! Not sure if you are allowed to leave e-mail at this address, but here's mine in case you find out how to start something! [email protected] I am TOTALLY fed up with these people!

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  • He
    Heidy78 Dec 01, 2010

    It's not holiday, neither weekend!!! 1 hour and 6 mn listening to that stupid music!! In the end the supervisor said he would connect me to the wright department...and again same music...but this time my call was never answered!!! Why did they buy my loan...### this!!! I found out my self dealing with bunch of lazy and idiot people!! Never had such a poor customer service before!!

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  • Th
    the greatfful Nov 21, 2010

    I am having similar issues with METLIFE and see that there may be potential for a class action lawsuit .I have had no clear service and have sent it all requested payments - under a tempoary loan adjustment, and this afternoon had a wierd guy looking at me through my bedroom window and taking pictures, really creeepy scare and intimidation tactics .THE METLIFE the company has requested the same informastion over and over then, then act like they have "no clue "on how to move a process forward .The customer service people are highly specialized and cannot access any system to resolve and orgainze a alternative payment or amortization schedule .
    It is highly dysfunctional . I would like to know how much they are gleaning from taxpayers, I think they try to sabotage rather than offfer any legitimate service I will be consulting the elected officals - senators next week as the incident today verged on harassment . I haver a awitness and as I say believe they ar in serious breach of the laws .many people have similar story to mine, IN MY CASE this has been going on now for over ayear and no progress has been made . I had been with First Horizon over 8 years and have had excellent credit .
    Question - can we make a class action lawsuit aganist these inept and nasty people ? Are they violating any laws ?

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