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I bought a mercedes a170 for it's safety features, trustworthiness and ever thing else that goes along with the merc-name.

My car have broken down five times - leaving me at the side of the road (usually at night). it has been to 3 different dealerships, not one of which was able to fix the problem.

The number of excuses for not wanting to give me roadside assistance are endless and the persons answering the phones at mercedes-sa useless.

I now drive in fear of when my car will break down again, have to limit the areas I go to and can't make appointments in the fear of me not being able to make them on time.

Mercedes benz - trustworthy? definitely not!

Anyone considering buying a mercedes should reconsider. even with my extended motor plan, the service has been nothing more than a great disappointment!


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I am the proud owner of a 2007 C180 avantgarde demo that I bought just before the cigar shape one came out. I currently has 116000 on the clock. I have done all the services at the Stucky's Newcastle dealer where I bought it. On my last 2 services I reported the aircon / climate control to be checked and re filled as it looses the gas very fast- within 24 hour after I collected the vehicle. I paid for a test to find a leak at a aircon dealership ( as Newcastle Stucky machine was not working ) they could not find a leak and was told the whole front dashboard needed to be taken out to repair the aluminium part inside at a cost of about R20000 to R25000 in 2020. I spoke to the Volksrust branch and over the phone it sounded that they will check for me, but that was the last conversation I had with them. I am a pensioner with limited income and believed this vehicle will take me to my destinations until I could no longer drive " as this is one of the best vehicles on the market ". How does one warrent R20 000 on an aircon if the vehicles value is 3 times that. I would value your expert opinion on this case as I do believe I am being seen as a soft target and gullible, but I can assure you I am not. During this time I had to replace a back brake light, the boot spring and passenger front door lock mechanism. I am the only driver and would so like to drive in an climate controlled vehicle again.
could you please give me your expert advise. in 2001 I waited 11 months for my C180... so my loyalty has spanned over 20 years now .
Susan Slabbert

Jun 25, 2021 2:17 pm

I bought C 200 amg cabriolet 2020 as new at mercedes sandon branch, the car never showed me any sign or notification that need a service my milage is on 9000, i was told first servive is on 20000, apparently is 20000 or 1 year, i never took it on 1 year as i was waiting for the car to notify me or report for service. i took my car becouse I was asking myself is over 1 year six month without a servive neither the notification arlamed me, in my supriced i am told my car is out of service plan i must pay 27000 to buy service plan. is this the way of robbing their customer? For God sake the car is on 9000km.unfortunatly i dont have the R27000, they can keep their car.

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May 05, 2021 2:03 pm
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Cargo Motors Marlboro, Bad Service
I purchase a 2017 Merc Benz, C180 from Merc Benz, Marlboro. I traded in my 2011 Merc Benz for a 2017 one with the millage of 95000. I took delivery on the delivery on the 26 March 2021. Contact sales person : Amos Mokoena.

On 30 March 2021 @07h43am, I forwarded a mail on all the issues experienced.
Firstly, Amos advised me that the millage was 92000 though when we arrived to collect the car we discovered it 95000
The front passenger window did not close from inside,
License and registration was outstanding (a permit was provided),
No Share key,
Settlement on my old car was based on and considered prior to 25 March 2021, kindly advise on the effective debit on the 25 March 2021 against my account as Cargo motors advised me that they have considered the debit of the 25 March 2021
Requested motor plan extension quotations,
Gifts and appreciations,
Finance Contract outstanding

Nothing was attended to, I personally arranged and resolved the front passenger window through Merc Benz Lenasia. During this repair, Merc Benz Lenasia picked up that my vehicle required wheel balancing and alignment at at cost of R530.00. I did advise Amos on this, he in turn advised not to go ahead, he will arrange, yet to sorted out. Regarding the settlement through my account through MFC, MFC refunded the last debit though Cargo Motors advised the settlement was considered on the debit of the 25 March 2021,
As nothing further happen, I again communicated via mail on 06 April 2021 on outstanding the problems,
License and registration outstanding,
No spare key
Motor plan quotation on extension,
Gifts and appreciations,
No finance contract,
Wheel balancing and alignment,
Regret, nothing happen.
I again communicated to Amos on the 13 April 2021, on all the outstanding issues, still no response and in the interim the permit had expired. I plead with Amos to help, on the 17 April 2021 at 16h00, a license disk and number plates were delivered to my house. Again, the plates are unusable as no *****s or methods on mounting them to the car.
On the 19 April 2021, I again communicated to Amos via mail on the outstanding issues, this also including the the lights requires focusing.
Believe or not, still nothing.
I messaged Amos via whatsapp on Friday morning(07.15am) 30 April 2021, advising him that I would have a discussion with Standard Bank (finance house) and there after decide the way forward on his unsatisfactory support. Again, no response.
At 11h30 am I called him, he very abruptly advised me he has an emergency, he will call me when he gets to the office, I advised him that I intend returning the car to Cargo Motors. No call received.
On Friday evening, at 18h34 I receive a whatsapp message from Amos advised me he will sort my car on Monday. I replied, I want to return the car. Over the weekend he advised me that he would discuss with his manager on Monday morning and advise on the return of the car. Over this week-end I requested from him his manager's contacts, he did not provide.
On Monday, I call Amos, advised that I would consider keeping the car provided I am compensated some how, perhaps providing an extension on the motorplan as a good will. He advised he will discuss with his Manager and revert, but.
Last night I advised him, I would return the car today, he advised that he manager is not in, he will discuss and advise
This morning, I receive an email from him, a quotation on a motor plan, dated 05 May 2021, all incorrect vehicle details.
I'm extremely unhappy, I need some form of compensation and yet, the issues not resolved

Mar 11, 2021 9:45 am

l sent my car for service at mercedes benz dealer in cape town after 5 days of service the car fan belt broke and am suspecting that the alternator has given up too .Surely before a service they do a diagonistic to check for any kind of faults and let you know about them none of that happened now the dealer is denying any kind of responsibility.ln that regard what is my position as a client of the exclusive benz.

Dec 08, 2020 12:12 pm

I bought A200 AMG from Durban Old Fort Mercedes-Benz in September/ October 2019. They gave me banking details for Umhlanga Mercedes-Benz, KwaZulu Natal as payments and management is done there. The sales person told us that the car had run-on-flat tyres. I was surprised to discover in October 2020 that the tyres were not run-on-flat when I had first tyre puncture n the car. I contacted Mercedes-Benz Umhlanga about the complaint. They told me that they will look at my file to find out. However, they called and told me that my file shows that it does not have the run-on-flat tyres. That was a surprise to me as the quotation and invoice do not state so. They ask me whether I wrote a letter specifically stating that I want car with run-on-flat tyre. That contradicted confirmation with Sales person on sale as I told him that I don't want my wife to pannic in time of tyre puncture as both of us will use the car. I also phoned the sales person, who is now in Mercedes-Benz in Gauteng who promised to speak with his Manager and will see what plan he can do. I am very unhappy and dissatisfied with Mercedes-Benz!

Oct 23, 2019 5:46 am

I bought an E250 2014 model and for the last 6 months the car does not start sometimes even though I don't drive it after 2/3 days. My argument is how come other brands of cars start after 6 days not being driven, Am i missing a point. The mechanic comes out starts the car and I am told by Mercedes I must drive the car every day or buy a battery charger so that when I don't use the car I can charge the battery. Being a woman I ask myself why must I go to all that trouble with a car that was so expensive. This problem only started after Mercedes repaired the blind spots on the car (I keep on insisting to them) the answer I get is "NO" they have checked. I drove the car everyday since the 2nd October 2019 and today - not starting. You allowed only 2 call outs for the mechanic and thereafter you must pay for any call outs (it's damn ridiculous). My motor plan expires end January 2020 and I took out and another 2 years ---- very unhappy Mercedes client.

Feb 11, 2019 8:45 am

I cant believe Mercedes benz port Elizabeth doesnt have wiper blades or xenon bulbs for my 2001 S500 MERCEDES. THEY ARE AVAILABLE IN CAPE TOWN. IM RIDING TOMORROW MORNING TO BETHLEHEM FREESTATE. The wiper blades are not even available from outside suppliers as the blades are 27 inches long, and attachment to wide

Jan 22, 2019 1:37 am
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Today the 22nd of January 2019, I took my car for service and when I made the appointment for the service my car was under 100 000km today it exceeded with 200 km and the Service Consultant by the name of Wayne advised me that its already out of motor plan and I will have to pay that is the Mercedes Benz rule. What puzzles me is that the exceeded km were not even more than 1000 and he started to school me how the Mercedes Benz works. My query is that if the exceeded km were 20 000 km that would be understandable. I took it for service for the 100 000 then I knew that after 100 000 which is 120 000 km I will have to pay. That is my logic. Or was I suppose to stop the car where ever I was and request a towing car to come and get it so that it can remain on 100 000 km. I've been a customer at Mercedes Benz Bedford View from 2010 Jan. The car I am driving is the 3rd one that I bought from the same dealership which is Mercedes Benz Bedford view.
I can be contacted on [protected] My name is Nomsa Ntezo

Jan 14, 2019 2:15 pm
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My car has been to Mercurius Tzaneen on the 18th November 2018 for service, from there it started showing THE ORANGE ENGINE LIGHT, I took it there, they called to say it has been fixed, before reaching home the light showed up again.I took the car again last week Monday the 7th January 2019 up to date it is not fixed and I'm immobile, they are saying they can't do anything to help me.What to do in this case?

Jan 11, 2019 4:40 am
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Since when did you stop informing clients?
According to Leslie Green, Mercedes Claremont Cape town SA
You only quote for diagnostics when your vehicle is booked in & not when it is a breakdown.
Why can't you keep your customers informed in both situations?
I am not good with surprises especially when the amount has never been discussed & came to R1147.70.
I find it to be very poor service from this department.
For me it is just common decency to keep your clients updated all the time.
I'm looking forward to your response.
Kind regards
Rico Combrink
B200 turbo Mercedes

Nov 23, 2018 2:11 am

My name is Jacqualine I bought a Merc C220 Bluetech AMG line of 2014 at Cargo Motors Klerksdorp. This is my second report to this web. I noticed that the car has patches at the front bumper and the paint keeps on peeling off. Even the bottom part of it have got holes. I think the car was on a serious accident and I was not informed. I have been complaining to Mr Bekker and Fikile for months now and they never call me back for feedback. We even took the car to the industrial site for inspection for the report. Everytime when I call them they promise to return my call and never did. I am not happy with these and I think that Cargo motors have not treated me well because they have never return my call even once. Contact [protected]

Oct 24, 2018 4:18 am

The fraud that Motor is. My wife's vehicle is on a motor plan expiring at 100000km. Vehicle currently at 99800km and Mercedes Benz cant service it because according to the vehicle it says "service due in 2500km or 247 days" . Clearly by this time the vehicle will be out of motor plan.

Jul 30, 2018 1:56 pm

I bought a c250 with a set of 19 inch amg rims. The insanity of the manufacturers not to include a spare wheel is beyond me. i broke down twice with tyre issues. They couldnt help on either occasion. They are so arrogant its not even funny. Theyve got a sleepyhead supervisor in the complaints department. A real deadbeat of an individual who says WELL ITS NOT GOING TO CHANGE ANY TIME SOON. They probably put it down to harsh or poor driving. Problem is i was driving at night and drove over a dug up peace of road and thats when i think it happened. As for the second time, i think i was following some1 and obviously if you are following someone you cannot see the road infront of you. Regardless i drive a half a mollion rand car and i feel the same feeling of insecurity that i felt when i drove my old corolla over a long distance, maybe its worse with the merc. I am so frustrated to have spent so much of money only to end up with an ancient problem such as this one. Mercedes benz you lousy dog who refuses to lose money to satisfy a customer that chose you because they thought you wouldnt miss an important thing like security and reliability not forgetting peace of mind. I mean yes lovely vehicle but an even more brilliant F up

Jan 09, 2018 1:50 am

I bought Mercedes Benz CLA 250 Sports 4Matic in September 2016 from New Vaal Motors in Vereegiging. I have had an engine light problem since the first day I driven the car until today. The car cuts off while driving, every time after I have fil up the petrol tank whether at reserve or not still does the same. It has been a year now and the problem still persists.
This is very frustrating and embarrassing situation that I have to go through each time I go to the petrol station. I have reported this matter at New Vaal Motors in Vereeniging and they insisted that, there is nothing wrong with the car. I took it back early this year and I was told that, they have re-formatted the software and they hope all should be fine.
Unfortunately, the car is still the same and I do not know what I should do with it.

Jun 28, 2018 2:38 am
Replying to comment of zmudau

Buy a Ford, BMW, or KIA, all are better, more reliable vehicles

Feb 15, 2017 6:43 am

I own a C180 ND 50494
VIN WDD 2040312R303483
This car has been to NMI Old Forte Rd 7 times in the last year for the same problem.
It went in on27122016 and they took like 6 weeks to supposedly fix for good.
DR R PATHER [protected]

Jun 28, 2018 2:36 am

I own a C350, bought with the clock at 50 000km, had problems with it from day one. service at Culemborg was pathetic, all the problems were just thrown with new parts at my expense until the problem disappears. in the last two years spent R150 00.00 on repairs. The best ? [censored]. Had a Ford and BMW, both better by light years ! will never ever purchase MB again it is the most expensive rubbish I have ever owned

Dec 21, 2016 12:55 pm

Also in doubt about your Vehicle take it to the Actually Dealer Mercedes they can usually tell you what's up.

Jun 28, 2018 2:42 am
Replying to comment of ctp2236

according to my experience, Mercedes mechanics are FITTERS, not true mechanics. They will throw new parts at the problem, at your expense, until the problem disappears. "The best or nothing"? my [email protected] arse

Dec 21, 2016 12:54 pm

Sometimes these cars come from out of country- like the United States that have been in floods- catastrophic conditions. prior to purchase ask for the VIN so you can check about info about the car's history.
And see if it has a clean title. even change your country origin- just to see.

Dec 15, 2016 6:54 am
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The comments of the TV series, Ignition for the Mercedes is on point. Quote: The driving experience can be described as turgid as best. The ride errs on the hard side. And under the stresses of spirited driving, it felt frustratingly disconnected. While we all agreed that it is an attractive machine, the Mercedes-Benz garnered unanimous criticism from our panel. It leaves us more disappointed than outright angry, especially when we consider what the brand once stood for. Can one truly say that the C-Class is engineered like no other?” Exactly how my car performs and MBSA declares that this poor quality is a characteristic of this W205 model which I find unacceptable

Dec 15, 2016 5:14 am
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I bought my MERC in 2010 and serviced it for 6 years at the same dealership I bought the car. The service reminder for the last service was set outside the duration of the service plan. The dealership had to ask me to pay for the service regardless of the reminder set by them.

Dec 15, 2016 6:32 am
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Replying to comment of Boni_M

Totally unacceptable. This is not Mercedes way of doing business but the people who work for Mercedes. Looks like different strokes for different folks. This should be taken up with their top management who these days are almost impossible to get hold of. I received assistance in the past but now they are ignoring my requests, therefore my campaign to bring it to the media

Nov 07, 2016 3:48 am
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I cannot understand why MBSA has an attitude towards their customers when we have concerns or problems. These vehicles are premium priced which we prefer to have, expecting a customer service backing and knowing that the service compliments the brand but unfortunately, it seems that the individual buyers are ignored as their income depends more on commercial and company purchases. A sad state of affairs.

Dec 15, 2016 6:29 am
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Replying to comment of J Burger

I have received the Mercedes backing for the last 15 years but I do not know why they are non customer focused now. There are too few people who actually complains as they feel it is fruitless but I am on a campaign to highlight their recent don't care attitude.

May 20, 2013 6:06 am
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I bought a pre-owned GL 320CDI end October 2012, 6 months on my gearbox breaks down and without any answers it costs me R29000.00 to repair. The dealer at New Vaal Motors and Mercedes Benz South Africa both turned their backs and refused to take any responsibility for the defect vehicles they sell to customers. If you think you are buying a safe and reliable luxury vehicle then think twice.
The labour costs the same as the parts and you will probably spend the same amount on repairs as the amount the vehicle was purchased for. Buying a Mercedes is now probably the biggest disappointment ever.

Dec 15, 2016 6:26 am
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I am planning to take MBSA to the media on a TV station to explain their Customer Service protocol


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