Meijerproducts not marked for sales price empty shelves

M Aug 17, 2018

I purchase grocery's from Meijer on weekly basis from the Warsaw Indiana store. Every week we are being charged more at register than sales price and the products they do have on sale there shelves are always empty I love the employees their and I've complained about this problem before things seemed to get better for about 1 month and the last 6 weeks items are ringing up incorrectly and I'm tired of telling the cashiers someone needs to get products marked correctly and scan correctly and start stocking your shelves Warsaw store has declined dramatically since it first opened and if a product is advertised that product should be available I've tried shopping at 7am at noon in the evening it doesn't matter there's always a problem Meijers is going to lose my business they need to clean the Warsaw In store up

  • Updated by Misterb57 · Aug 17, 2018

    Groceries are expensive enough without continually having products scan for more than what there advertised for

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