M Oct 27, 2018

As of 10/26/18, i am no longer an employee of store #123. I had been sexually harassed by a customer as i was working (cashier) and immediately called my coordinater after he left my line, i was told to wait to come tell her because we were busy. So when i finally went into the office, i explained what had happened with 3 managers in the room, i had been taken as a joke and laughed at for what happened to me. I was told by one of them if it happens again call one of us and they couldnt do anything because i called afterwards and not while it was happening. One told me not to call him to walk me to my car when i got off because he wont be here. Another laughed and 'cool story bro.' I quit on the spot after that. I will be taking this as far as i possibly can. I am not the first victim of this kind of incident of the managers not caring what happens to us at work could be very serious and i will not be the last. If you dont mind your managers not caring about you or what happens to you, this is the job for you!

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