Meijerl & t thinsulate & waterproof ankle top boots

F Jan 14, 2020

Bought these at the Lancaster, Oh store & already they are leaking & sole has separated & deteriorated to where they are no longer wearable in inclement weather. I do not have my receipt any longer. This leaves me holding the bag & don't expect you to honor their replacement with an alternative pair or credit. but these shoes were poorly manufactured from the start. I've never had this happen before & I have, over the years, bought several pairs of shoes, clothing, & groceries there without any problems, but if this cannot be honorably addressed, I will cease doing business with you & recommend others go elsewhere. These shoes need to be removed from sale until a remedy is found; at least others will not fall the same situation.

Frank Akers p.o. box [protected], Laurelville, O
H [protected], [protected]

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