Meijercustomer service

T Sep 06, 2018

I visited a store today in Bolingbrook, IL and myself along with another customer waited for over 25 minutes for help in the Meat department. I wanted help really bad so I wondered over to the Deli department where 2 people were working. They paged someone 5 different times ( I was wondering why one of them did not take the initiative and just try to see what they could help us with). I continued to walk the store until I ran into a gentleman putting produce up. His name was Jaime he tried looking for someone but after no success he put gloves on and said " I can try to help with what you want". I really appreciated his efforts, he was able to assist me. I was very grateful as many people just advised us they don't work in that department. I was so stunned he was the youngest person I asked and he was willing to take initiative without hesitation. That young man is going places ( if not only because of his can do attitude). I am still upset over how long it took for me to even find someone that could assist. I go to that store often and it is always hard to find someone to assist in the meat department. I am sure there is alot of revenue lost just because there is no one ever there.

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