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G Aug 04, 2019

On Thursday 8/1/2019 I purchased 2 one way tickets at $51.98 with reserved seating in handicap seating. The Departure time for travel from Riverside, CA to be 10:40 pm to arrive in Las Vegas at 2:50 am on 8/2/2019.
I am requesting a full refund of $51.98 and the additional travel costs from Lyft at $25.77. It is your responsibility to arrive and depart reasonably and this did not occur due to negligent maintenance of your bus.
Below is the reason you are liable for the requested refund and incidental costs
1. The bus arrived approximately 60 minutes late
2. Mechanical failure of the hydraulic system caused departure to be delayed by 2 hours upon its arrival
I was traveling with my Certified ADA wife with the expectation of arrival as agreed but due to negligent maintenance of your bus I and my wife did not arrive in Las Vegas until approximately 6:00 am missing our scheduled RTC ADA transportation ride at 3:30 am. This forced me to schedule Lyft to get home since the RTC ADA transportation does not wait for scheduled riders more than 5 minutes & my wife was scheduled for medical treatment.
I received an email confirmation on 8/3/2019 that you had processed refunds with codes AIIRATI-J9THIM at $20.00 and AIIRATI-GPM382 at $19.98 with instructions.
This is to inform you that your total refund amount of $39.98 is incorrect and should have been $77.75 as indicated in my original request to your service representative that took my complaint and processed my refund request.
The email instructions given were bogus and there was not a location on mega to process those codes as indicated. I expect a refund of $77.75 in a reasonable time refunded back to the card charged or I will escalate my complaint to all agencies that apply along with seeking legal advice regarding my wife's deteriorated physical condition suffered due to you negligence.

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