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MegaBus - megabus #542 departed atlanta, ga (tues., june 19, 2018)

I boarded the above bus in Charlotte, NC (scheduled to depart @ 12:05 pm). It was delayed due to a confrontation between driver and passengers scheduled to board, ref: a "luggage dispute." Refusal to move, the driver requested police assistance which caused the bus to run "idle" due to temperatures ranging from 93-103 degrees that time of day. It was noted that "this bus
experienced other mechanical issues" in route to Atlanta on Thurs., June 14th. Once departing, air conditioning was very little! Change of drivers led to once arriving in Durham, NC, the driver was unable to restart the bus. A mechanic was summoned who was unable to determine the cause. A request for a "GO-GO Bus" to carry us to Richmond, VA led to an "approx 4-hr wait" in the bus (or city terminal). Temperature exceeded 100 degrees by then. Several senior individuals and children (and others) on-board waited while the driver attempted to get information as to the "next steps" to be taken. [This bus should have been detained after arriving in Atlanta. It should have never been put back on the road. Travelers experienced "un-due stress" during these trips! Transfer to other destinations had to be attempted to be arranged, or seek lodging until other transportation could be found. Nothing short of "full refund" should be returned to "we the passengers, " and MegaBus should orchestrate "back-up plans" such as "intermediate stops w/buses" for such cases, or arrangements w/other major bus companies to be requested to transport passengers to their destinations (in a timely manner).] My name is Sadie Jones, Reservation #72/[protected]-M37R-1205-CHR-WAS, Depart: June 19, 2018 @12:05 pm, Amount paid: $82.00. I can be reached email: [protected] Thanking you in advance for your prompt attention to this "request!"

MegaBus - megabus - san antonio

The bus showed up over 15 minutes late to start. As we are 45 minutes away from San Antonio the bus driver pulled over and said the engine went out. He didn't call dispatch until 20 minutes later and couldn't give us much information as to what was happening Currently still waiting for the "mechanic" to bring the missing parts I would like a refund

MegaBus - driver

I was on a trip from Atlanta to Memphis on bus DD547. We made a stop in Birmingham on the way. When we pulled into the station at Birmingham it was 3:58 pm. The driver said that we had 10 minutes before the bus was leaving and proceeding to Memphis. We did not have 10 minutes. The driver left the station at 4:06 pm. Two men that were on the bus were left behind because the driver did not give us the appropriate amount of time. These two men were on a business trip and had very important luggage with them. A few passengers saw one of the men walking back to bus when the driver had turned on the ignition. When they told the driver that one of the men were walking back to the bus he acted like he did not hear any of us and proceeded to back out of the parking space. The driver also told us that none of the power outlets on the bus worked and that they had mysteriously broken. However, when my fellow passenger plugged in the charger to her cellphone, the outlets were suddenly working. The driver was very rude to his passengers.

MegaBus - broken window on bus

The seat I was in had a shattered window above and it started raining very hard and I got soak and wet because I couldn't change seats because the bus was full but when we reached NC I explained to the driver what happened and all he gave me was a trash bag to catch the rain which didnt help at all it began to rain again and the driver only hes sorry and will report it and I was told he could change my seat because the bus was full until we got to Columbus by that time u had to change clothes

MegaBus - coach bookings and lies

Megabus you [censored]! Twenty of us are currently stranded in Cardiff with the same problem. We all booked return tickets from Cardiff to London (some people are going to Swindon). However, apparently the return tickets provided (for all twenty of us) were for the previous day. Your system did not raise an error. Your coach driver refused to let all 20 of us on the bus as well as refusing to give us his driver number. We were told to book the 4.40am bus, which would mean a four 1/2 hour wait.

After we all protested, he finally called his "Manager" who stated that an emergency coach would pick us up in half an hour. That was over an hour ago! So he lied

How despicable! We have just contacted your customer service and they have stated that we should have checked the tickets. But why would you sell a outbound ticket for one day, and a return ticket for the previous day? We clearly wanted to get a return ticket today and our options were either 9pm or 12.10am. 9pm would have been to early as we were going to a concert which started at 8pm.

Why were we not given the option of of buying a ticket with cash to get on your half empty coach. Why is a 7 and half month pregnant woman and 5 young girls under 17 (one of them is 9 years old) left stranded at a coach stop at this time of the morning?

Why did your driver lie and tell us a coach was coming for us? Surely he should have just reiterated that we needed to get the 4.40am train.

Why is your customer service officer Sandra so rude. Do your stuff have no empathy? Why are they such [censored]ing jobsworths? What's wrong with your company? I guess you get what you pay for eh? Buy cheap tickets and you get substandard services

So I guess we will have to book the 4.40am and wait in the cold for another three hours. More money in your coffers then. I'm pretty sure this is not the first time this has happened with your company. And I'm not just talking about the twenty of us currently stranded here. This is probably a regular occurrence with your company.

Rest assure you will be hearing from me again.

MegaBus - 33/[protected]-m6r-0820-chi-uoc

33/[protected]-M6R-0820-CHI-UOC and [protected]-M6R-1645-UOC-CHI

My ex needs to bring my daughter back to Cincinnati from Chicago. My daughter was sick so he cancelled his trip but he did not get an e-mail confirmation. I called customer service and I was told the trip started so we could not get a refund. I want to cancel the return trip but we cannot get a full refund and to keep the money we have to pick a future date and we get charged the service fee. Not to mention the furture date would simply be a place holder to save the money on the ticket and if we do not travel on that date we get charged a service fee two more times. I just want to say that this really stinks and although you have nice buses we will not be using your services any longer. The customer service person hung up before I did I could disconnect the call because I was talking to my ex on the phone and I said, "so it sounds like I need to just hang up." I told him in the conversation, "Fine, I do not want a refund then just give us a credit for a future ride." Then he told me about picking a future date. That stinks!!!

MegaBus - bus tardiness

I am extremely disappointed in MegaBus. I had 3 tickets for 4:15pm reservation from Baltimore, White Marsh Maryland to New York City. It is currently 6:18pm and I am still waiting for the bus. I have not receive 1 email about delays which also shows lack of consideration. There are 2 mega bus employees and neither one has an update on when we are leaving.

MegaBus - luggage

Up on my trip from los Angeles to Oakland CA on may29 at 11:59pm I was forced to purchase extra luggage despite saying it was my carry on. Luggage handler denied my bags until I purchased one...he was very aggressive n hostile during the whole situation. I had one luggage n one carry on..n he forced me to buy to extra luggage despite saying it was my carry on.

MegaBus - delayed coach journey and missed connection

I, Ion David, bought a ticket from London Victoria to Atherstone for the 21st May 2018. Reservation number for the ticket is AECHN7Y. The journey had a connection in Coventry - leaving London...

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MegaBus - service

To Whom It May Concern,

Yesterday I was on my mobilephone on your website trying to book a trip from my brother from Washington DC to New York. I selected my trip and proceeded to check out but it would not let me check out unless I signed up with an account. Assuming the trip I selected would be the trip that would go throug I made a account. Unfortunately the trip was scheduled for the 26th instead of the 27th. I proceeded to call customer service just to reschedule my trip for the next day assuming there would be no problem. The operator explain to me because of some type of policy after three hours I would not be able to get my money back or use my money towards another trip. I asked to speak to the supervisor, she was not helpful at all. She was very abrupt and rude and basically told me the same thing the previous operator told me. When I asked to speak to her supervisor she told me her supervisor wouldn't be able to do anything to further assist me. Very upset I still deciding to do business with your company and use my phone again to purchase a ticket and was getting the same results as the first time. To make sure that my money wasn't taken from me once again, I called customer service and was told I would be charged a seven dollar fee. I didn't feel I should have to pay the fee after all the trouble I already went through so I asked to speak to supervisor once again. The supervisor told me he would not be able to waive the fee, which I found appalling because as a manager myself at business establishment, you are supposed to go above and beyond for your customers. I then had to reschedule my brothers trip and take time out of my day to find a PC to go on to make sure that the trip was able to be booked. I can admit that I may have not read the proper terms and conditions but it was only after numerous attempts to try to schedule a trip on your website. Honestly it's about the principle that the customer should come first and accidents happen but you should make your customers happy. The second supervisor I spoke to kept telling me that there was nothing wrong when he tried which I found very condescending because clearly it would work for him because he works for the company. This has been one of the worst customer experiences I've ever had to be honest, usually when I ask for a supervisor I feel more comforted but the supervisors in this situation made me more upset than the operators. I will never use mega bus again unless I am giving my $30 back or some type of compensation for this outrageous display of customer service.

Loni Greene

MegaBus - the driver


My name is denise jones and I'm very upset due to the fact going to Memphis from Chicago was horrible and now going to Chicago from Memphis is even worst I purchase 2 tickets for me and my daughter and both was general seats my daughter is 5 months old which requires her to be in a car seat now the first incident going to Memphis was I got on the bus and I was about to sit on the lower deck and the bus driver got really nasty with and said why would I sit on the lower deck when it's 88 seats on the bus because she didn't want to hear my daughter cry if she did and she made me go upstairs with the car seat which was very hard to do and she got even more upset cause I was holding up the line because I was having a very hard time going upstairs with car seat she was very disrespectful to me and now I get back on the Megabus going to Chicago from Memphis I get on the bus with the car seat again and attempt to sit at the lower deck and the co driver immediately tells me I cannot sit at the lower deck with my daughter because if she started crying it would disturb his sleep and made me go upstairs with my daughter which was hard due to the fact of the car seat now I thought I could sit anywhere in general seating if I paid for it and the fact that the drivers have a problem with my daughter because she might is no excuse if it's general seating and I'm very angry and highly upset because this is not fair what so ever I always rode Megabus before I had my daughter and now I can't sit in general seats downstairs because she's a baby is really crazy and it's discrimination and if anything does be done I will be filing a lawsuit because it does not state anywhere on the Megabus website that if a infant is riding on the bus they cannot sit on the lower deck both rides was horrible the worst experience I have ever had riding the Megabus

MegaBus - megabus service

I got on the Megabus in Miami at 12:30 pm and was checked in by the driver. I showed him my confirmation paper, he told me I was ok to get on the bus. The trip itself was fine, but I began to notice the time. It was getting later and later and I was supposed to have been in Orlando around 4:20. I got to Orlando at 7:49 having missed my bus back to Miami (as it was a day trip). When I asked the people working here what can be done to rectify the situation, they became extremely rude and unprofessional. Horrible representation for their growing company I might add. I was being told that there was nothing they could do and to call customer service and to not ask them another question about it. HORRIFIED! I could not believe I was being spoken to and treated this way! I did however call customer service thinking maybe there I would be met with people who have an ounce of dignity and respect for customer satisfaction. I kept being placed on hold and being told to call back within a specific period of time. What?! And then what put the proverbial nail in the coffin was that I was asked to REPURCHASE a ticket to get home. I ALREADY PURCHASED THE TICKETS I WANTED TO PURCHASE! This experience was in the simplest form the most disturbing and unethical display I could have every had the displeasure of being involved in. And I will continue to post this to discredit this company as it does not deserve to have customers if they are treating them this way. And once home, I will no longer patronized this company as they have a lot of work to do to get their attitudes about proper business acumen and service up to par.

MegaBus - timing

I never had an eight hour trip from New Orleans to Houston. The driver was the slowest and inconsiderate. At 3:40 which was suppose to be my arrival time we were still outside of Baytown. No...

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MegaBus - megabus reservation number [protected] m21r 2200 new bal

My trip from Baltimore to Manhattan was great but on the way back on may 15 from Manhattan to balitmore was not... the driver announced that we where 4 min away from the stop in balitmore where me and my son was to her off...we got are stuff together and waited for him to stop and tell else we where at are stop and tell us we can get off...but he did not. He stopped for about 10 seconds and blinked the lights inside and drove off...I could not see out the window so I did not know we where at our stop..and I do remember him blinking the lights but we did not know that meant get off th bus. I asked the guy sitting across from me if he heard him say we where at the stop and he said he did not say it either ..he said he blinked the lights in side and that meant we where there...I have never rode mega bus before so how was I suppose to know blinking the lights inside the bus meant get off...I tried to talk to the bus driver and he said I must have fell asleep and I did not sleep at all and he did not want to argue with me he said so he said he never we arrive in Washington DC at about 2:30 in the morning and I had a plane to catch back I. Harrisburg PA to get back to ky so I had to call Uber to get me and my son back to balitmore which cost me 170 dollars. And another girl missed the balitmore stop for the same reason we did and had no money to her back to Baltimore so I let her ride with us back to Baltimore. I think I should be refunded my money I had to pay Uber...Megabus drivers need to say when there at the bus stop not just blink the lights for us to get off. I was lucky to have the money to pay Uber but the other girl did not. I am so glad I was there to give her a ride ...I really feel you are responsible to pay me back 170 I payed Uber and tell your bus drivers blinking there lights is not a way to tell people to get off the bus. Me and my son was not the only ones to miss are stop ..but another girl did to and she tried to talk to him also but it did no good...

MegaBus - the bus

On 5/18/2018 I took the mega Bus from Indianapolis to Chicago. The ride up was very decent althpugh it ran over 30 minutes late.
On 5/20/2018 the return from Chicago to Indianapolis was terrible. First : we get there and the bus has Charlotte on it for destination and NO mega bus sign. So my friend and I run in the ran to the nearest overhang. Stand freezing and wet for 30 minutes. It is the same bus, so we got soaked for nothing. Why would you not have Mega bus or Indianapolis as a sign/ destination?
Second: on the bus individuals had seats saved. Once it was announced to stop saving seats and place your luggage in bins or overhead. But NO one went up and down the isles, so individuals got to keep 2 seats. !!! You are a ride company.
Third: No Wi-Fi which you claim to have, no outlets but worst of all NO SEATBELTS.
Fourth: The Bus was dirty and stank. With the clientele on the bus I might as well have been riding Greyhound. The lady hangover vomiting ( in the restroom) But gagging in a bag the entire time. The talk of drugs by her separate. The overwhelming body order of the individual sitting next to my friend. I could go on and on.
Fifth: The employee on the bus couldn't operate the wheelchair lift which made us late again.
The return trip was pathetic. I cpuld have had the same trip for less money on Greyhound or the train. It was my FIRST trip ever on a bus amd NEVER again.
Yes this review will go on Yelp and the Better Buisness

MegaBus - unprofessional service

I took the bus yesterday, May 16th from New York to Washington DC at 5pm. I was supposed to arrive in Washington DC at 9.15 pm. Around 8.30 pm, the driver has stopped to drive and park nowhere at a gas station. He said he can't drive more because he exceeded the 10hours of driving. Someone was supposed to substitute him 1 hour ago but no one came so we had to wait for someone else to substitute him but it tooks 1h30. I got back in Washington DC at 11.40 pm. This is not professional and don't recommend Megabus to anyone. I booked two tickets and I am asking for a reimbursement. My name is Anaïs Martin and my reservation number is AHAMUYI

MegaBus - my trip from atlanta ga to chicago il

I Vivian Smithwere surpose to leave on May 14th 2018 at 3:10 the bus was very late I call the toll free number spoke with a Guy didn't get his name ask him at 3:30pm were I was what stop were I were going I ask him were the bus were he said he didn't no to call back in 15 mintues so I were mad cause hew coudnt give the correct information. Then I call back it were 3:40 the bus still haven't made it a guy answering the phone again don't no if that were the same guy I ask the same question then he tell me that the bus is DELAYED I said why was the bus DELAYED a lot of peoples were out there waiting on the bus he still didn't tell I got mad again ask him can I get a REFUND or some of my money back for the suffering of waitng until 4:00pm when the bus got there I had a long ride he said something smart so I hung up now im reporting this he had an attitude the first time then he still coudnt tell me anything then we get on the road exactly at 4:05 on the freeway so the bus were 50-60 mintues late all I got was an apology im like that's not fare I take Megabus all the time I shoudnt get treated like that my ticket were 69.00 dollars from Atlanta to Chicago a long frustrated ride then we coudnt get nothing to eat after being on the bus for 8 hours before we stop to eat then wasn't nothing open but subway 1 person working so we late 15 mintues leaving again this trip were not right I feel I should get some o my money back if not all cause of the long haul the lateness I see 10-15 mintues late he was 50-60 almost an hour late I spend money with this company all the time.

Update by V Embrey
May 15, 2018

My name is Vivian Smith writing for a full or some of my refund back from may 14th trip from Atlanta ga to Chicago Il the whole trip were a disaster it didn't make since. The bus were50-60 mintues getting to the take off stop which were Ga we didn't leave until 4pm surpose been gone at 3:pm on May 14th 2018 it were hot outside with a lot of peoples waiting on the bus frustrated all day then when the bus got there it took off and we were late 60 mintues at each stop coudnt anything until after 8 hours of the long ride the customer serive Guy were very rude didn't want to answer none of my question I had to keep calling trying to find out were the bus were before it came how woudnt tell me he were just apogoly I never had this experience before I take Megabus all the time then when we did get a chance to eat still didn't get food subway were only open 1 person working in there a lot of folks it were terrible I feel I should get some of all my money back the 69.00 dollars that I pay my Reservation number is;[protected]-M9R-0850-CHI-ATL

Update by V Embrey
May 15, 2018

May 14th 2018 made it to destination at 5:40 am in the morning.

MegaBus - i'm complaining about the bad service/ lack raining / time depart & arriving schedules

the trip reservation number [protected]-M22R-0740-New-BOS.
it was from New York ( 34th b/t 11th ave and 12 ave to Boston, MA, with station-Gate 13.

the car situation was so bad. it was raining and there is a leakage in the roof windows glasses. it was raining over my head, my seat, and my staff along the trip. I was wet all the trip, I couldn't able to sit properly to be far away from the water but I couldn't ( it was still raining over me). I put a tissue to stop that water leakage but nothing works. the car was full and I couldn't change my set. I end up sick frustrated, dizzy, back pain, and throw up all the way. You can check up the attached video and pictures.

besides that, the leaving time is late by about 15 minutes and arrived is also late by around one hour. I lose my work schedule as I was late and sick and that didn't show good at all.

your bus situation is the worst and you gain money without give a proper maintenance neither provide a secure comfortable transportation ...!

it the worst experience ever in whole my life. I will never ever book with you and I will not recommend to anyone so they will not face what I faced. I need my full refund financial including the 8 work that I lost and the health impacts that I still facing because of that bad trip environment and your useless services.
you are the worst !!!

MegaBus - coach travel

Dear Sir/Madam

I have just had the misfortune of travelling on the Mega bus from London to Falmouth and I am absolutely outraged and extremely disappointed.

I never write to complain about such things but I seriously feel the need to write this.

Whist travelling, one of your customers (I believe his name to be Steve) was becoming quite unsettled and bothersome to your other travelers, who like myself and my girlfriend, like to have peaceful journey. If it wasn't enough that he was clearly drunk, and using foul language at every opportunity, he clearly thought it would a smart move to light up a cigarette in the toilet, thus causing the alarm to sound and the driver to pull over.

I believe another of your patrons telephoned Megabus and the police were sent. They seemed to have had a chat with him and let him back on the coach, to be sat with the driver. Unfortunately he returned to his original seat and started bothering your travelers yet again. Laughing and mocking the fact he had been let off. This time he returned with another can of beer and a rolled up cigarette in his mouth.

Due to the traffic in Bristol and the fact we had to be stopped by the police, we were running an hour behind schedule, not once we're we informed of any delays, baring in mind most of us had been travelling for approx 8 hours, with no stops at any destinations, however it seemed that "Steve"got off and had a couple of nice breaks while the rest of us were not informed or given an opportunity to stretch our legs.

This is all bad enough, when you are subjected to this kind of behavior, but when my girlfriend and I left the coach at Newquay, he proceeded to poke my girlfriend firmly in her back, when she turned and confronted him, he called her an [censored]! All this took place in front of the driver who, sadly did absolutely nothing. As you can imagine it got rather heated and my girlfriend was very upset, we took our luggage and left.

My girlfriend is due to travel to London next month with Megabus and I have to say I am reluctant to send her alone as clearly, your passengers are not your main priority. To let a drunk passenger have free reign of a busy coach does not serve me well!

Hope for a speedy response.

Yours Faithfully

Mr Peter Charles Watts.

MegaBus - unethical behavior from your grande prairie agent

My name is Beni Robert Lukumu. I am filing this complaint because inappropriate treatment that I received from one of your representatives from Grande Prairie yesterday, Sunday 6, 2018.

I purchased my ticket on your website on Sunday, May 6, 2018 at 3:54 AM and selected the Itinerary from : Grande Prairie to Austin. At 4:06 AM I called your customer service to confirm the time and the itinerary selected. The representative confirmed that the Bus will be leaving from Grande Prairie at 7:45 AM. I made my way to your station and waited untill 7:45 there was no bus. I called your customer service at 7:48 AM at [protected] to ask where the Bus was. She apologized and stated that the Bus has left Dallas and it is on its way to Grande Prairie and that I should not worry. Up to 8:30 AM there was no bus... I called the customer service again to confirm wether or not the 7:45 AM Bus was still on its to Grande Prairie. The representative stated that the bus has left Dallas and it was on its way to Austin...and she stated that I was not given the correct information.

She requested that I give her about 20 minutes time for help to listen to alleged misinformation that I was provided by their services.
She called me back and offered to re-book me for the next bus that was scheduled for 12:15 PM stated that, after listening the my conversation with of their agents, she presented an apology because the agent had gavin me wrong information.

I informed her that there is another bus here ( I believe the 10 AM) which is going on my direction. She stated that she was not able to reschedule me for that bus because it was longer in their system. Instead, she offered to re-book me for 12:15 PM bus and a gave a push back. She stated that at this point, it is up to the driver to take if there is an available seat.

I spoke with the driver and I explained to him that I missed my 7:45 AM because I was misinformed by your service. He asked me to wait aside until everyone who is scheduled for this trip is served then I can come in. I waited and was the last to board per the driver instruction.

As I was just about to seat down, one of your representatives from Grande Prairie walked up to me and told me that I must pay 5 fees because I was not scheduled for this bus. I told him that I spoke with the customer and was told that it is up to the driver and that you should show compassionate because I have been here since 7:40 AM after staying up the whole night.

He instructed me to get out in a mean way. At that moment, I got really upset because he did not show any care for what I went through. I got out the bus and handed him the money he requested. He refused to take it and I found myself stuck between trying to hand him the money and trying to to ask the driver not to leave because I had an important meeting in Austin.

While I was insisting that he takes the money he requested in the one hand and trying to ask the driver to wait in the other hand, he instructed the driver to leave and to the point where the bus almost hit me when departing.

I got really upset. He stated to me that if you don't leave from here, he was going to call the police. I told him that he have the rights to do so, call them because the police won't kill because of your abuse of power.

He called the police. When they arrived, I explained to them the situation. The police stated that, since he called them saying that I am stopping him from doing his job, we asking you to leave from here and called the customer service to have the issue resolved.

I complied with the police instructions, went to the near by Taco Bell, and I called the customer service and explained to them the situation. The customer service accepted to re-book my trip fro 12:15 PM bus.

I called the police to inform them that I reached out to the customer service and I have been rebooked for 12:15 PM. Since you instructed me not to return here until the issue is resolved, I would like you to come here to avoid any confrontation while I get in the bus.
The same officer badge (# 267 from Grande Prairie) came back and went to talk to your agent. He stated to the police that he is not going with what the customer service did, he is in charge here and he is denying me access to the bus.

At that point, I did not want to get in any further confrontation for the respect I have for your business as well as for the full respect that I have for law enforcement.
I called the customer service informed them of the mistreatment, disrespect and abuse of power from your agent. I was stranded there and decided to take an Uber to Dallas and explained the situation to your 3PM who was more respectful and caring than the Grande Prairie agent. He accepted and assisted me.

I wasted time, missed my meeting, and was not able to work in the afternoon because of the abuse of power from your agent and I didn't get to Austin until 7:20 PM after staying up the whole night.

At this time, I would like to get this issue resolved, this agent should respond for his inappropriate behaviors. I boarded mega bus many times and I have never had any issue such as this.

Please feel free to contact at [protected] via email at [protected] and I am looking forward to to hearing back from you.

Beni Robert Lukumu

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