Megabusmy disability children and driver

B Aug 11, 2018

On 8-9-18 I board mega bus from Charlotte NC at 12:05 pm
I had 3 disability passages that the driver never acknowledge..
Had board bus last which my disability passaged and myself the care taker had be seat separate..
If driver would have done his job and acknowledge my disability tickets
What's point having a disability tickets if you not going acknowledge my tickets
So yes it was a terrible trip and experience for my disability passages...
It should not happen
I think I need a refund or a free trip
I do not appricate how I was treated with a disability passages
Reservation order number: AHHDETQ
Reservation number: (D)39/[protected]-M37R-1205-CHR-WAS
My email address: [protected]
I want a refund
Do not appreciate how I was treated or my disability passages
Megabus need inform they drivers to go by rules and do what they suppose do not what they want to do..
My disability passages was not treated fairly
I will go to top
Till this compliant get to right person
Thank you
And look forward hearing from you

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