MBI - Probiller.comcharged me monthly for something I don't know.

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Today I was looking through my bills in order to reduce expenses and found out that MBI-ProBiller.com charged me monthly for something I don’t know. They need to return all the money they have stolen from me or they will be put in jail by my lawyers!

  • Updated by Desiray · Nov 01, 2018

    I demand my money back ASAP!!!

  • Updated by Marieta99 · Jan 23, 2019

    How is the below going

  • Updated by Martiashassett1990 · Mar 05, 2019

    By have taken money numerous times I want NY money back and for it to stop
    Martia Hassett
    [email protected]


  • Te
    TempUser12 Jun 11, 2013

    Did you ever find out what it was? I have just noticed that I have been charged £25 pm since March and I have no idea what it is...

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  • Ki
    Kira Madrazo Apr 24, 2018

    @TempUser12 Here is an actual ph number our bank gave us to contact MBI 1 855 232 9585 to resolve any and all unauthorized charges they dont give you this number on the website

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  • Ra
    Razzguitars Oct 29, 2018

    @TempUser12 I just received a $9.99 charge on my bank statement & I contacted Probiller & they discovered my debit card had been compromised & used for a Pornhub premium account. The thief had a different email account and internet service. They were excellent helping research the problem and processed the refund immediately. They are a billing company so if you received a charge for a service you didn’t order the same thing probably happened to you. I’m thrilled that I found out before other fraud activity occurred on my account. Great Customer Service.

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  • Bi
    Billy joe 4444 Apr 19, 2019

    @TempUser12 The reason you are all getting charged is because of porn. If any of you signed up for a brazzers porn account then you are still getting charged. Don’t try and be slick. Everyone who is getting payments taken by this service is because you signed up for some porn site.

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  • Sa
    Sachinkashyap Apr 21, 2019

    @Razzguitars My account debit unauthorised inr Rs 2898.99
    You help me

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  • Ma
    Marcus Rose May 21, 2019

    @Razzguitars Just had the most frustrating digital conversation with one of their agents! Refused to refund the full amount that was fraudulently taken from me because whoever signed up in my name managed to get my full name and date of birth correct. Had to fight to get 75% of the money taken back! Will update if it doesn't come through on time

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  • Da
    Damian Wall Jun 11, 2019

    @Razzguitars Yeah... It was a thief... Sure thing buddy 😉

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  • Me
    Melissajwisham9578 Jul 03, 2019

    @Kira Madrazo The number appeared on my bank statement. Except it is slightly different. 1-855-232-9555

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  • Re
    ReallyPissedOFF92 Nov 02, 2019

    @Billy joe 4444 That may be true. But I have two separate cards. One for day to day spending, and one for all my subscription services. Yet they are changing small consistent amounts to my day to day spending card which I don't use for any online transactions

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  • Au
    Aurora Moreno Dec 13, 2019

    @Razzguitars This exactly is happening to Me. MBI-Probiller $9.99. I’ve been charged 3 months. Come to find out it’s from PornHub as well. WTF?? How did you get this resolved exactly?

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  • To
    Tory Rose Jan 27, 2020

    @TempUser12 I demand the owner Robert Deal, take immediate action on this incident. Also, would ask that he remove this inept manager from her position as well as to do an audit of the inventory making sure that no improper items have been put on the racks due her lack of expertise. It would be a horrible injustice to find that she's put shotty product out for resale due her inept judgment.

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  • Jo
    John Webbe Jul 31, 2013

    Have you tried to contact them at all? Or do you just blog about your problems hoping they go away?

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  • Ki
    Kira Madrazo Apr 24, 2018

    @John Webbe Do u work for them or just defend thrives to random ppl????

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  • Pr
    Probiller Support Aug 12, 2013

    Hello Jardine,

    My name is Dale. I'm a supervisor at Probiller Support. I'm sorry that you're having a bad experience. Probiller is a third party biller that bills for websites. If you're seeing charges coming from us, it has to be for a website of some sort. There could be an active membership charging you. Please contact us at 877-264-4302 so that we may help you look into these charges further.

    Thank you,

    Probiller Support

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  • Ni
    Nina Papakastrisiou Jun 03, 2019

    @Probiller Support Hello I’m from greece so I can’t call you. Is there any email I can contact you guys? Cause I got charged as well and I don’t know why!

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  • Na
    Nauris Dec 17, 2013

    Contacted MBI Probiller about my charge, gave them all details but they said that can't find any account with my details, WTF?

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  • Wa
    Waynemadison Jan 15, 2018

    @Nauris Ive contacted and made a complaint at both the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission... Go to their websites and complain. Once they get a certin number of complaints, the feds will shut this place down...

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  • Da
    David Hillman Aug 08, 2018

    @Nauris They done that to me Aswell I tried to find out what they are charging me for and she said I’m not on an account I started getting pissed off saying why is your company taking money that don’t belong to you I’ve tried 3 times to cancel it and it hasn’t helped me they are still taking money out they took money out yesterday and it’s starting to piss me off

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  • Ja
    Jackoffman Nov 06, 2018

    @David Hillman Yep Dave hill OLOL. 👋🏻

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  • Sa
    Saimfaric Jan 01, 2014

    Pro-Biller is a medium helping adult sites to collect customers payments for services they provide. if you visit and subscribe to these dating or adult sites, those companies charge you via pro-biller. It's not a scam!

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  • Jo
    Joe MMMM Oct 02, 2019

    @Saimfaric It is a scam. There is no denying. My regular payment is about $15-$20 monthly and I have no problem with that. But yesterday they tried to charge me $200 an $206 when I was sleeping. Only the fact that I had made a transfer yearly that day saved my money.

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  • Tr
    tradeboy Apr 04, 2014

    The charge on your credit card came from MBI Probiller.
    Mbi-Probiller is an online payment gateway providing the most secure and trusted billing solutions. If you do not know anything about this company, you can find the needed information on their official website: http://probiller.com/
    It is possible to contact the company representatives on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mbiprobiller
    If you have a Facebook account you can contact them there as well: https://www.facebook.com/Probiller
    You can also find their contact information on Facebook, but so it would be easier for you, we will provide it here as well:

    Phone number +1-877-543-2919.
    Other phone number are:USA and Canada: +1-855-232-9550
    Australia: +00-1-1800-5566-0000 International: +1-800-5566-0000
    Or try e-mailing customer support: [email protected]

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  • Xi
    Xi Hu Long Apr 12, 2014

    Probiller is known to steal peoples money. they mostly bill for porn sites so the best way to deal with them is to tell your bank you didnt authorize the charge and then tell probiller the same and that the bank has been notified. they have scammers who pretend to be staff offering help on here but then they dont help you and you get charged anyway. be careful this is a scam.

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  • Ja
    jassimrafi Sep 13, 2014

    sir i take one time tril only 1$ doller but now not ask me take .1$ & 2'day 40$ doller take my account wy like this please sir retan my mony my name jassim my mail addres [email protected] eim.ae thank you

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  • An
    ang60 Sep 17, 2014

    It is a scam! I don't go on porn sites. Luckily my credit card company contacted me when the pre-auth went through and they closed my account for fraud.

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  • Am
    Ambra Smith Sep 30, 2014

    I just reviewed my online banking and have 2 charges pending from mbi.. One for $30 and one for $29.95 and I have NO IDEA why!!! This is BS! Will be reported and refund demanded as soon as my bank opens!

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  • Ne
    Newtonlol Oct 01, 2014

    It's a billing site for porn subscriptions.. Blame your husbands

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  • Th
    thenine Oct 06, 2014

    So let me tell u what happened wit me... i just called them because u also saw two big amounts of transactions on my bank history... so i asked them why the hell there amounts were charged. I signed up on a porn site and it was a 1 day trial. And they said the deal convert into monthly membership after the 48 hours of trial. I couldnt agree that i wanted a monthly freakin membership and they said it was all written on the agreement page! Yo. What more could i ask? So i said i want cancel the deal. They were supposed to be a middle position money taker but the guy i talked to said he can cancel my membership! So u see, they are the same company all along man. Well my 80 dollars is gone. So i wasnt in a nice mood. So i said, is this the way you guys makin money? And you know what he told me? He said, 'yeah. Most of the porn site does it.' Haha. So it aint scam man. Its a business. Lmfao. Lets just go watch free porn site.

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  • Am
    Amo12145 Jan 22, 2017

    @thenine Can u tell me what number u called at so I can cancel the membership.

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  • Ma
    Mason Huang Jul 22, 2019

    @Amo12145 Visit probiller's website

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  • Me
    Meras Nov 23, 2014

    Useless company I signed up for a two day trial and was automatically billed for 120 dollars. Like WTF Then I contact probiller support and the rep basically called me a blind idiot who cant navigate a computer. This is a sad company who only makes money on those unfortunate enough to show an interest in trying their sites.

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  • ???????????????????? Jan 09, 2015

    Diss onest bissnes practice i guess can't trust no buddy these days hope they get what they deserve one day. who ever is reading this what ever sight you signed up to if they have a message borde or a way to post your thoughts you should let people know what could be happening to them maybe fight back. I'm probably never gonna get MY MONEY back but if I can take a sent from these ###ng ### holes lets do it

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  • Bj
    bjw81 Feb 11, 2015

    Signed up for 2 day trial. Then all sudden 39.99 & 17.99 charges are occurring. The end of trial hadn't even officially ended before my.account notified me.of pending charges!! I immediately cancelled and and charges didn't clear. Thank goodness on their end! If you sign up for trial immediately cancel, you will get trial and won't incur more charges fyi!!!

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  • Ki
    Kirkland Chrisjohn Oct 11, 2019

    @bjw81 How did you cancel?

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  • Jo
    Joe forth Feb 13, 2015

    Well guys never ever give your credit card information to a porn site, sometimes they ask you to just verify your age by giving them your debit or credit card information they don't charge you the same day but next week bam you are charged 50 dollars another week bam 50 dollars of you don't notice they keep charging you, so please it has happend to me and I don't want this to happen to anyone out there, I was fool when I did it, don't be a fool

    9 Votes
  • So
    some stupid dude Feb 24, 2015

    I also idiot, that try brazzers 2 day trial. After 3 month, they charge me 30$. They explained me - there was somewhere check button which I don't UNCHECK, and so I create premium account, with subscription. Good lord it's good I notice this transaction fast. I ask them to cancel any subscription and delete my card info, but thay told me that thay can't delete my card info "for record purposes". So I cancel my card and waiting new one. Hope this is end of story.

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  • Lo
    Lolo1881 May 09, 2015

    This is Sad! it is a clear Scam. I wont try any website that use probiller as they bill method. Horrible experience!

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  • Ra
    RamblingJ May 14, 2015

    The customer support of that place is terrible, be very careful if you use them, when they fix one issue 2 more arise. They are known to mis-charge and cite incorrect currencies, sometimes they do things right (key being sometimes), many complain about not reading the fine print (not really fine and easily viewable when doing the trial normally..) on trials and get charged for full membership, you need to learn from it and be more careful in future, amazon does that too (many more big names are guilty of it, sorry amazon i do love you lol), can't blame adult sites only of doing that. If that does occur there is an easy fix, tell your bank you did not approve it and it will be returned 95% of the time (provided it is not more than a 2-4 months worth of bills) but it will involve your card being terminated and a replacement issued. I was once mischarged by probiller, got cited the price in dollars (USD) but was charged in pounds (GBP). As i'm sure most of you old enough to have a card are aware 1 dollar is not 1 pound. If only it was just 1dollar/pound i wouldnt have minded but i was purchasing a very long membership for a friend's birthday (non recurring of course!) and was charged 90 pounds more than i was told (converted the dollar price and added more to price for exchange fees). I contacted them and the agent called me a liar (not literally but was soo heavily implied she may as well) and then finally I got refunded after i threatened to tell my bank to reverse it. This friend still had 1 month left on his membership before i added the extra amount. That month was removed even though that had nothing to do with the refunded amount/membership length. I contacted them for the third time (1st being the original order, 2nd was refund) and finally got the month reinstated (the month was non recurring). I then got offered the deal i originally was meant to be paying for again (this time the correct amount), i explained all the issues they put me through and still no one apologized, i said if she compensated me with a lower price or extra free time on the membership i may consider it. She outright refused and tried to say it was my fault these issues occured... I obviously said good day and left the conversation. I realised later that they may have put the instant recur of membership back on his account, i contacted them for the 4th time to discover they did and got them to stop that recurrence on it AND now i'm here preaching my message to anyone who will listen to warn them and to keep records (screenshots/proper proof) of what they say because they are not to be trusted in any way and aren't even human enough to apologies for there own blatant lack of any skill or morality.

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  • Je
    jezza24 May 23, 2015

    i payed for a 2 day 2 dollar trial on babes.com and they put me on a monthly subscription and i have payed out $2000 and didn't realize for over a two and a half year period because i never check my credit card account. Do not give credit card details to these sites. Babes.com is a scam

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  • Pe
    peter wherlock Jun 01, 2015

    why are you taking money out of my account every month why i don't own you nothing so why is it your taking money out of my account i want this stopped or pass it on to the law yours sincerely peter wherlock this shows om my account mb-probiller . com/mf 855-232-9984 my mobile number 07917185391

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  • Pi
    Picko Jul 04, 2015

    I've never visited a porn site. We did a bag purchase on a webshop of a well known brand. Simply they stole my credit card info somehow in between. Next day of the bag purchase I was charged 1 euros then next day 120 euros then next day 35 euros :) All from this probiller. I'm really wondering why credit card companies still deal with this company with trust, lots of complaints are being reported for scams from probiller and yet Visa and Mastercard allows them to charge people. At least have a mean of verification of those kind of transactions!!.

    In conclusion ProBiller is a money stealing company, you can't do anything about it, just tell your credit card company to not authorize any payment from them except after returning back to you in person.

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  • De
    denis123456789 Jul 09, 2015

    We had to ring the bank to try find out what the subscriptions were for and who was taking our money. When we found out it was for a PORN SITE!!! my wife called and a member of your staff informed my wife that this was a €1 free trial that then automatically bills per month until forever or it is cancelled. Needless to say she cancelled immediately.
    I then got a conformation cancellation email from probiller. I used that information to look through my entire Gmail account including spam etc and I could not find any conformation email saying I ever signed up to these Porn sites, nor is there any emails monthly to say you have taken another payment which it the usual practice with any subscription based payments. Even if I wanted to I could not log into your Porn site as I have no record of sign in names/user name or passwords nothing.
    Both my wife and I knew we certainly would not have signed up to anything like this type of site none of this made sense, you had my email, my wife's old bank account we knew it had to by our son 14 year old Dylan. We have questioned him inside out and he has admitted that he signed up to the €1 free trial using my email [email protected] which I let him use on Xbox online and he took from his mothers
    purse what he thought was a credit card but was my wife's debit card belong to her old account and signed up using his name as the password dylanearle1 . I could kill him right now.
    My son says he signed up to what he thought was a €1 trial and that that would have been it, he says he was on for only a few minutes that night when he joined and he never logged in again.
    I have looked up this porn sited this evening and indeed it does say €1 trial but I don't see anywhere that it goes to automatic monthy bill of €29, 97. I only see €1 for a trial or the 30 days for €29.99 or 3 months for €19.98 or the 12 month/365 days for €90, that's only €7.50 a month
    I am very frustrated and annoyed with the situation I am left in. So here we are begging and pleading for you to help my some way to recover our losses with this debacle. I feel betrayed by our son and I feel a littler conned by this Porn site. I have no emails from probiller or brazzers from January until yesterday evening when we received the cancellation email for the subscription. If I had have seen an email of some sort of correspondence of any type from probiller or brazzers I would have investigated it straight away found out what was going on and cancelled immediately. €209.79 is the total billed and paid to you this Porn site all from a €1 trial my son bought. It is not just nor is it fair. Even to be charged the full year subscription would only be around €90, that's €19.79 less than what you have billed my for only seven months of access to a porn site that have not been looked at or logged onto since the night of the trial, this is what my son has said so I ask you to check your records and I'm sure you can see how often this site has been logged onto by this account.
    Our son is well and truly grounded for his entire life.
    I need quick assistance to resolve this matter,

    Denis and Ann Marie Earle(formally Morris before marriage)

    0 Votes
  • Ma
    Marisela Velazquez Jul 18, 2015

    Why are they charging me for something I didn't agree of and or buy nothing this makes me not want a credit and it debt card at all it ain't worth it what so ever

    0 Votes
  • Jo
    Jorgen123 Aug 13, 2015

    They have been charging about 100 dollars from me and i haven't bought anything, so they are pretty much stealing from me. So if you could please get me my money back

    0 Votes
  • Br
    Brian Glynn Nov 28, 2015

    08 Oct £20.95 the same again 16 Nov and a further £14.95 on 16 Nov for which I had no idea of and have not received any goods or service.

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  • Ta
    Tarantula Dec 17, 2015

    This is another example of why you should always scan all debits on your bank account. MBI-Probiller is a 3rd party biller that ends up scamming people who either didn't read the fine print (if any), or had their credit (debit) card used without authorization. I spoke with them and got a refund for 4 months of a 35 USD debit that was taken out of my account without authorization. I contacted them through their Skype no. 855-716-6513 (for some reason their 18552329550 on their website doesn't work. That itself should tell that they are discrete scammers.

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  • An
    AnthonyCK Jan 10, 2016

    I dont know what i had buying, 04-01-2016 Nordea pay køb USD 1, 00 MBI-probiller.com/ B Den 29.12 04-01-2016 -6, 96 kr. 2.074, 72 kr. 04-01-2016 Nordea pay køb USD 1, 00 MBI-probiller.com/ B Den 29.12 04-01-2016 -6, 96 kr. 2.081, 68 kr. 04-01-2016 Nordea pay køb USD 1, 00 MBI-probiller.com/ B Den 29.12 04-01-2016 -6, 96 kr. 2.088, 64 kr. 3 times in 1 day, they stole money from me and i dont know where its come from. Next day they stole 3 times again.

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  • An
    Anthony Mitchner Jan 12, 2016

    12/31/2015, I already called to have them cancel and get a refund.

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  • Ma
    Mathew "Sidehack" Kleinhans Jan 12, 2016

    To John Webbe, second waste of space on the page. Yes, the stroke who thought he would interject some comical or facetious, smartass response to this unfortunately, unhappy customer who was simply looking for information. Do you just creep around random blogs, looking to bash people who are simply looking for information. Why do you think it's your business to interject in a negative way, jagoff. If you have the issue with this, I'm easy to find. FB 81HellOnWheels81... You should mind your own business and worry about yourself. To everyone else who produced positive feedback, thank you so much; it was very helpful. It's sad that we have to deal with keyboard cowards such as this looser.

    1 Votes
  • Lu
    lucumone 72 Jan 17, 2016

    i have been debited from MBI probiller of two different amounts one on jan. 8th for 29, 99 euro and one on jan 13th for 34, 97 euro both on my VISA card. I dont'n know the expences i have made. Please let me know
    thank you
    [email protected]

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  • Al
    Alexussingleton07 Jan 19, 2016

    They Keep Taking Money Out My Account That I Don't Know About. They Do It Monthly, It Always Say 29.95 Tooken Out.

    -1 Votes
  • Re
    Reviewer35008 Feb 06, 2016

    I just had 57.00 dollars taken out of my account and I have cancelled anything that I paid for online 2 weeks ago. WTF??? How do I get my money back?

    0 Votes
  • Al
    Alex Thornton Feb 17, 2016

    I'm not sure what this is from or why they would be billing me so could u please help me to get my money back. Please.

    0 Votes
  • Wi
    WilliamWu Mar 31, 2016

    Would this method work?
    I have a prepaid credit card from many years back that can only be charged up at the post office. I don't use it anymore and it has next to no money on it (a few cents)
    If i change my brazzers current credit card details to that old card that is still useable but i just dont put money on it, will it just keep trying to charge from that useless card? Or

    0 Votes
  • Jo
    John Doh Apr 13, 2016

    On their website, MBI lists online chat and a 24/7 phone number. When I called the 800 number they answered right away and it was fast and simple to get the details of what membership was tied to the charge. The guy helped cancel them for me, offered one-time courtesy to refund the first month... Shockingly good experience.

    Same deal as many above: free trial ended and forgot to cancel. Triggered 2 memberships actually. One for $10 another for $40. Calling MBI solved it all in like 5 mins. And no I'm not a fake poster that works for them. They were great and I'm getting refund for $40, keeping the $10 for a single month and already canceled so after 30 days if I forget again I won't get charged $10 anymore

    FYI - Tried the chat and they engage quickly but it eventually took too long to get answer and times out.

    3 Votes
  • Mi
    Michael Barton Apr 27, 2016

    I have been in contact with them many times since I realised they were taking money from my account without authority.
    They keep saying it is in the pipeline.
    Last response was from Simon who guaranteed the money would be in my account by Wednesday 27-4-16.
    Rubbish as usual. Why haven't these people been charged and closed down.

    I am going to my federal member and the fraud squad.

    -1 Votes
  • Mi
    Michael Barton May 01, 2016

    I signed up for a 1 day trial 3 months ago, since then they have taken 3 months fees, different amount each time.
    I am still waiting for a refund which I doubt I will ever get.
    1) never have anything todo with this company
    2) if you have and been ripped off keep bombarding them with emails, it is the only way to get them to contact you
    3). We all need to attack these bludgers day after day

    0 Votes
  • Ro
    Robert Goldberg May 26, 2016

    I checked out my Capitol one account and found MBI Probiller stealing money from me since 2015. I'm A disabled veteran and cannot afford to have a criminal parasite such as MBI Probiller. I had the card invalidated and informed Capitol one that I will not pay for it.

    1 Votes
  • Kr
    KreePz CS:GO Jun 12, 2016

    Same thing happened to me. I de activated my account before the payments were meant to go in and it said account is already deactivated. I ### my pants. My bank is on with the fraud dep right now and im demanding my money back from mbi and my bank. Such a scam my god

    1 Votes

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