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On May 5th, 2017, a motorcycle dealership attempted to process a loan through MB Financial for about $4000. It was rejected by unknown reasons. It should be known my income to debt ratio is approximately 3 to 1. There was MORE than enough income provided to be allowed the loan, yet I was still rejected. This is now the second time through this bank they have rejected me, within about two years. Clearly they do not evaluate the pertinent information at all and instead make snap judgments on those who don't meet some type of "criteria". They are clearly discriminating and picking whom to choose to work with instead of those worthy of a loan. I feel matters like this should get more attention to the public so they can think twice about what bank to use. Had I known the dealer was going to use MB Financial, I would have told them NO to begin with. I would like to know specific details as to how they evaluate their applications and how they feel someone is deserving or not or a loan.

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