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MB Financial Bank reviews & complaints

MB Financial Bank complaints 15

MB Financial Bank - customer service

On December 20, 2018, at approximately 1:00 p.m., I enter MB Bank at 33 W. Huron in Chicago to deposit a check draft. I work out of the country and needed to transfer money from my bank located...

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MB Financial Bank - overdraft fee

So my checking account was in the red with 9.80 cents I managed to keep it under the 10.00. I receive 750.00 diredt deposit from my disability SSI so I had a loan company who also gave me wrong...

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MB Financial Bank - i'm complaining about a fraudulent activity

I was a victim of an scam, I was given a fraudulent check I put it in my account, I thought everything was fine, than I received a check back charge on my account. I went to the bank and explain what happened and also give information of the scam showing I was targeted me taking money out my account because I knew it was there only to get this news that the I owed the bank I have been with MB, since 2009, and for this bank I had trusted over years to say they was not going to return the money was very hurting. Please look into this matter. My name is Yolanda Atkins, Chicago IL., 60617 ph# [protected]

MB Financial Bank - loan

On May 5th, 2017, a motorcycle dealership attempted to process a loan through MB Financial for about $4000. It was rejected by unknown reasons. It should be known my income to debt ratio i...

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Jan 28, 2016

MB Financial Bank - mortgage payments increased using insurance swindle

MB Financial Bank holds my mortgage. After one year, the new payment book arrived showing higher payments. When I called to point out the error, MB Financial claimed that since I had "insurance...

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Jan 28, 2016

MB Financial Bank - mortgage fraud

I have the misfortune to have a mortgage with MB Financial Bank. First, they blew off our closing date, which had multiple closings tied to it. Every single other bank in the closing was ready to...

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Dec 10, 2015

MB Financial Bank - mortgage lender

MB Financial has repeatedly altered their quote numbers, missed deadlines (currently 8 days overdue and we may lose the house because of this), and mislead all parties involved as to the ETA. Highly unprofessional, and should never be allowed to operate in the Lender space if they can't satisfy their own claims of efficiency. Original Closing Documents should have been delivered to us by December 2, however the agent was still contacting me on December 4/2015 for Materials from the HOA, that I then had to pay rush fees on. Clearly, this Agent/Lender hasn't the ability to do the required job.

MB Financial Bank - commercial

I have been a customer of MB Financial Bank for nearly 10 years. The repaid my loyalty by stealing my business, harassing and threatening me and by dispossessing me of all my property, my reputation...

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Aug 16, 2015

MB Financial Bank - mb bank-mafia in designer suits

My Banker with MB was a friend-I thought. I discovered that he had corrupted certain staff members and that they were actually working for him. While, in the end, the banker was booted out of the bank, the damage to my business had been done. He left without the key employees I needed to operate. Of course I complained to authorities. The FBI told me my "my bankers were stealing from the bank." What did that mean to me? I was not informed. I do know that I was screwed out if my business. They should have taken it over and helped me sell it at as much as could possibly be gained. Instead that did a sweetheart deal with an insider-a landlord for two of the properties. My bank sold my business to him for 1/3 of its appraised value. They then proceeded to destroy me as if it was fun for them. They took everything and left me only with the shirt on my back. I strongly suggest you think twice before banking with MB Financial Bank.

MB Financial Bank - fraud

I have extreme and highly toxic allegations to make regarding MB Financial Bank. I was a commercial customer for this bank. MB Financial Bank manages the pension funds for CPD and the Fire...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

MB Financial Bank - savings account/credit card

I recently decided to close my accounts at MB because I was not overly thrilled with the service received thus far and also am in the process of consolidating accounts with my fiancee. I was especially peeved when last week I received a credit card statement with 0.00 balance after receiving a response from my application of "application could not be processed at this time." I thought my application could not be processed! I have not received a card or any further correspondence - now you're telling me I have a credit card I didn't know about?! So I mention this when I go to the branch to close my other accounts and the response was "ok, I'll forward the request to my credit department to close the card". Fair enough. I say, I would like to close my checking and savings accounts too. They then proceed to tell me that I do not have a savings account at MB. What?! I tell them, of course I do I have it set up to automatically transfer $100 from my checking to savings every month. Still no record of it...are you freaking kidding me? Turns out that since I had recently transferred my money to my account at another bank in preparation for this they closed my savings account without notifying me and within 24 hours of zero balance. Although I understand the logic behind this rationale, I find this practice extremely rude to customers. 24 hours is a little hasty and no notice is outright mean. It is also highly unprofessional not to mention non-compliant not to have any record of it when I inquired about it. If they had said, "yes we see that you had an account with us which has since been closed" it would have been a different story. I left a larger bank for MB thinking that service would be better and I wouldn't be supporting the 'evil empire' but it turned out not to be the case. Is our hard earned money respected anywhere these days?

***I also want to note that the representative who assisted me at the branch was very professional and helpful and I don't fault her for the failings of the bank

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

MB Financial Bank - deposit missing



I work at MB and I can tell you that we DO care. And, as LadyScot noted above, how you made a deposit -- when, where, what time, etc. -- plays a part in how your deposit is posted to your account. I asked around the bank for some clarification as to what happened and my co-workers all invite you to call us (1.888.422.6562) so that a banker can look at your account specifically to explain what occurred. I thought you'd be relieved to know, too, that all agreed that this does NOT happen "all the time." Diane

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

MB Financial Bank - unauthorized closing of a checking account

My checking account was closed today without my request, knowledge or consent only 24 hours after going to a 0 balance. No one at the bank is sure why it went to a 0 balance in the first place. I had money in my account, I went to the grocery store and asked that a certain amount be withdrawn on my bank card from my checking account and the remaining balance be put on another credit card. Instead, the remaining balance of my checking account was taken out. This was not the store cashiers fault as she couldn't have possibly know the exact balance of my account. This resulted in the 0 balance in my account. Subsequently, my account was closed the next day. I was told this was standard practice. I only discoverd the problem because I was expecting my IRS federal tax refund to be deposited in my checking account so I was watching for it. It was only when I could not access my account online and when I was not given a checking account option through the phone automated system that I called and spoke with a service rep who informed me that the account was closed. It defies logic that an account would be automatically closed with 24 hours of a 0 balance with absolutely no communication to the customer. MB not only has my phone number, my address and my e-mail address, I am signed up to receive e-mail alerts, why was I not contacted in any way before this happened? This is not only absolutely mind blowing but incredibly irresponsible on MB financial's part. I can understand perhaps getting in touch with the customer once the balance of the account had been at 0 for 2 weeks, a month maybe and asking if it was their intention to close the account but 24 hours!!! That's insane. My salary is direct deposited into this account, I have bills that pay automatically from this account and I would not have known there was a problem under normal circumstances until my work check was bounced back and bills started to not process through and be sent back. Not to mention the unholy mess they would have created if my IRS refund bounced back to the government, it could have taken weeks if not months to straighten that out. This is not the first problem I've had with MB and the only reason I've stayed with MB is because I love the tellers at my regular branch who have been wonderful dealing with any issue I have. Unfortunately, this last issue has destroyed any faith that I had left in this particular institution. They have a wonderful local staff but whoever is making their policies obviously has no regard for the hundreds of thousands of "little people" that do business with them.

Agree with complaint

MB Financial might as well just change their name to Wells Fargo Jr and be done with it. To treat loyal customers like so may marks to be ripped off mercilessly is unacceptable, indefensible, and criminal. $350 in overdraft fees in 2 days, all timed and manipulated for maximum profit, and even charging overdraft fees FOR overdraft fees? Even the Mob had more moral scruples than that. Run, don't walk, from this evil, greedy institution.

Re: Business account

I’m familiar with small business checking at MB as I work here. Your situation sounds unfortunate because it seems that there was a misunderstanding about the parameters of the account. MB Small Business Checking is free from monthly maintenance charges when you meet any one of the following: Your account has four or more MB Business Debit MasterCard® signature-based transactions per statement cycle OR maintains a $5, 000 or greater average balance for the statement cycle OR is linked to other MB accounts such as personal checking or savings (Certificates of Deposit do not qualify) that when combined have an average balance of $15, 000 or more. Of course, this is not a full outline of the account; your banker can provide that to you.

I know that these parameters were in place as of October 1, 2009 and all customers in this account type were notified by mail of this change prior to going into effect.

Again, because I don’t know the particulars of your account, it’s difficult to provide detailed information here but I encourage you to call us at 1.888.422.6562 so that we can resolve this situation. ~ Diane S, assistant vice president, MB Financial Bank

Re: Unauthorized closing of checking account

I am a manager at MB Financial Bank. I came across your concerns here and felt the need to respond. First and foremost, I understand your frustration; after all, we’re talking about your money. I also regret that, from how you describe your phone call to the Telephone Banking Center, it seems you weren’t provided enough detail so that you understand what happened and how it could be resolved. So I’d like to do that now.

Because we have hundreds of thousands of accounts to manage, our systems are automated and most accounts with a zero balance at the end of the business day are closed. We do this because a zero balance most often means that a customer means to close the account. By closing all accounts with a “zero” balance, we avoid the system automatically applying fees, which could overdraw the account and lead to additional fees. Believe it or not, this situation happens often enough and re-opening the account is a matter of calling us or coming into a banking center with a deposit. In addition, you could ask your banker to put an override on the account so if this situation does happen, we automatically re-open the account when we receive a deposit. We do have overdraft protection available on all accounts that qualify, too, and your banker or the Telephone Banking Center can help set that up.

As to why your alerts didn’t notify you is curious. From what I understand, it depends on how your alerts were set up. While an alert won't necessarily be sent if an account is closed, depending on the thresholds you set, it would be sent out if you asked for an alert if a balance fell below a certain amount.

Because I don’t know the particulars of your situation, this is all general information. I encourage you to give us a call at 1.888. 422.6562 and we can dig deeper into your particular situation so that we can determine what exactly happened and resolve this in a more satisfying manner. ~ Diane S., assistant vice president, MB Financial Bank

I opened a business account with them few months ago. They told me that there will be a $15 monthly fee IF I couldn;t maintain the $1500 balance every month, however, they said, that if I WILL NOT use my check card (debit card) for MORE THAN 4x, I will not be charged with the $15 monthly fee. I never used my debit card, if ever, i have just used them 2x the most. To my surprise, I got $15 deducted from my account. I called the customer service and they told me I should use my card EXACTLY 4x a month. My mom told me she was surprised too. She talked to the people at the bank and she was told that THEY JUST CHANGED THE POLICY. There was no notification or whatsoever. After getting so pissed off, I decided to close my account, but before that, I told myself, that I should get the remaining $18 from my account. So i went to the grocery today, and charged my card $16, to my surprise when I get home, they already deducted the $15 monthly charge. They used to charge me the $15 at the last day of the month, its only 1/29/2010. Its very frustrating...!!! Im still very much pissed off up to now, especially that I can't call them because its already 11pm.

Damn bank!

It's unbelievable what these banks, credit card corporations, and insurance companies can get away with. :( The bank that I've banked with for over 22 years may start charging for having a checking account. :( Unreal... If this does come to pass, I'm going to a credit union!!! I wish you luck!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

MB Financial Bank - scam charges

I have had a vehicle loan with MB Financial for 3 years. We have Never received a statement until I contacted the Attorney General for IL. When I received it, there were two charges for unnecessary...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

MB Financial Bank - false advertising

In March 2008 MB financial bank was publishing in Chicago Tribune and different local newspapers the promotional ad stating " Open an MB Free Checking Account with Direct Deposit and get...

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