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Max Novelty reviews & complaints

Max Novelty complaints 114

Max Novelty - New Luxury Recliner camping chair

I ordered the above on 9/14/2021 for $24.98 plus s/h and $34.98 (USD) was charged to my card ending in 2555. To date, cannot reach anyone about a tracking number or a Refund, after many, many attempts. My order #HQM822002.



Florence DeSalvo

PS: [protected], is an email that I originally had contact with..but to no avail.

Desired outcome: Refund of $34.98 (USD)

I can forward any/all emails as proof...

Please send me an email address so I can forward such.


Florence DeSalvo

[email protected]

Max Novelty - 2021 new recliner luxury camping chair

This is what I sent to the Better Business Bureau:

10/24/21 To whom it may concern at BBB:
This item was ordered 9/19/21 (order #HQM82441). I paid $49.98. Item was never rec'd. I never received the confirmation e-mail that I was supposed to receive.
Thank you. Hopefully this will be resolved. Otherwise, just another scam.
Rita Hicks E-mail [protected] Ph. # [protected]

Desired outcome: We want the camping chairs or our money returned within one week


Max Novelty - Item ordered not received

I ordered a 2021 NEW Recliner Luxury Camping chair on the 22nd of Sept, 2021.(order # HQM82494 for $24.99 plus shipping-order total $33.74.) It was taken out of my bank account right way and shows the order was placed. I waited a half a week or for a tracking number. Never received one. I then sent an email requesting a tracking number for my order 3 + time with no response. I would like some resolution-email confirming a tracking number, product delivery, refund, signs of life...anything.

I'm in the same boat except I ordered 2 chairs for the free shipping. I'll keep you posted if I get any response.

Dec 02, 2020

Max Novelty - Paint by numbers print

I ordered a paint by numbers print on April 4, 2020.
The order number is MN233-256489. It reads:
"1x DIY Painting by Numbers - Custom Design Your Photo 30cm * 40cm no frame for $39.95 each"
I have emailed their customer service multiple times.
Today is December 2, 2020 and I have not received the product.
After 7 month delay, I am requesting full refund.
The amount is $38.95 USD.

Kind Regards,
Beth McHugh

Atlanta, GA USA

Max Novelty - I did not receive any of the 3 diy painting by number that I ordered

On March 25 2020 I ordered 3 DIY Paint by Numbers - Paris Street (16x20);
Paris Champs Elysees (16x20) and Fox (16x20) all without frames.

The total came to $59.85 USD. Shipping was free.
The money came out of my account right away but I didn't receive an email about the package being shipped etc.

I gave it extra time because of Covid but now want my money back.


Max Novelty - Max Novelty

I ordered a painting from them over fife months ago and still haven't received anything. Tried to contact them several times, but nobody bothers to answer my emails. This company is total scam. Once they get your money they can't be bothered with you any more. There are hundreds of complains against them online and several groups of people they cheated on Facebook. Please, warn everyone you know. You can buy the same paintings on Amazon for even less. I wish someone could've hold them accountable somehow. We are talking thousands of dollars here after all.

Aug 10, 2020

Max Novelty - Paint by numbers kit

I placed my order in early April and after 2 months hadn't received anything. When I tried to use my tacking number I found it didn't exist. I contacted them and they claimed it had been sent and asked if I wanted a resend or refund. I requested a refund and they said my request had been 'escalated'. I have not heard from them since June and they have ignored all my emails.

Jul 22, 2020

Max Novelty - Paint by number kit never received

On Apr 7th they said they were processing my order of a custom paint by number kit. My order # is MN233-271951. The total before shipping was 39.00. I still have not received it or any correspondence about shipment. The company is called Max Novelty and I ordered it online. The paint by number kit was a picture of my deceased daughter that I was excited to paint. Have not heard one word.


Max Novelty - Paint by number art canvas

Placed my order in april 2020 for two paint by numbers art canvas, today july 14, 2020 still have not received anything but my debit card was charged the same day. Their tracking system is the worse and there are no contact number to call. I have sent emails to [protected]@maxnovelty to see if any response for a refund request or have them send any tracking information. No response from them ever. This is so aggravating that they can have this online and get away with people's money.

Jul 07, 2020

Max Novelty - Did not received my order back in April.

I ordered 2 paint by number canvas paintings in April, 2020. April 21st my credit card was charged $79.90. I still have Not received my order nor have I even received a tracking email, nor did the company respond in any fashioned to my emails asking them what was happening. One painting was of butterflies and the other a lilac flower arrangement. Very disappointing as I was really looking forward to painting.

Janice F Butz


Max Novelty - Paint by numbers - personalised painting kit

Ordered 2 customised paint-by-numbers kit from max novelty 4 months ago. Personal photographs were supposed to be printed as paintings. Bought them as a gift for a friend. I never received anything. They took over $300 out of my bank account. Have sent 7 emails during this time, have only received automated responses. I have lost my money, and received nothing in the mail. They blame covid-19 for the delay - but many other parcels have arrived. It doesn't take 4 months! How do I get my money back?

Jul 04, 2020

Max Novelty - Paint by numbers did de la murexes

I ordered this paint by number back in march when the covid-19 first shut us in quarantine I figured it would be fun to do, but I have not received anything. I have tried to email numerous times, I tried to check tracking and some numbers page for accounting comes up. What a scam, I can't even call them, totally no responses. The said part is being in China we have no recourse, except they should be taken off facebook if they are even still trying to sell on it.

Jul 04, 2020

Max Novelty - Paint by number orders

I ordered 4 paint by numbers kits in March.
I paid and cc was charged. I have still not received the orders. I have emailed several times. One email was responded to and said delay due to Covid. I have gotten no other response or update from the company. It has been almost 4 months at this point.
There is no phone number to call to check with someone.


Max Novelty - Package delivery

I ordered a product on March 24th. After not receiving it more than a month later, I emailed the company and got a "we're working on it" type reply. I emailed again 2 weeks later and still got no customer satisfaction.
Today, July 3rd, I still have not received this package even though the tracking info says it arrived in my hometown on June 11.

I realize there have been some delays in packages due to COVID, but honestly more than 3 months later is unsatisfactory. I will be contesting this purchase with my credit card company and will never do business with Max Novelty again.


Max Novelty - A lighthouse paint by number set I never received

I ordered through facebook a paint by number of the portland maine lighthouse on 04/01/2020. I paid $16.96.
I have never received it and would like reimbursed instead of receiving the product.
I have never received any updates as to what is happening.
I see many other people have reported them also.
I have never had a problem with anything I have purchased through facebook, but had I been savvy enough to research and see it was from china, I would never have done the purchase.
But, I waited and hoped they would come through. They have not.
I want my money back!

Jun 29, 2020

Max Novelty - Ordered paint by numbers pictures

I purchased 2 portraits to paint from Max Novelty. A group of my friends ordered at the same time, which amounted to about 10 paint portraits. We got charged right away for our orders and sent an email saying thanks for the order however it's been over 2 months and None of us have received anything. I have tried emailing a few times and have not had any response.
Don't buy from this company!


Max Novelty - Painting by numbers

I ordered products from this company at the beginning of April and I still haven't received them. I have contacted them numerous times and when I finally did get a response they said it was still in transit. However, using the tracking information they have me it appears that it's STILL in China. They obviously have no intention of supplying the goods and should be banned from trading.


Max Novelty - I paid for a picture and some painting supplies on 04/27/2020 and still not have received them.

I paid $54.85 for a painting and some painting supplies on 04/27/20 and have not received them. My name is Dorothy Budnik. My address is:
54 Winterberry Circle
Cross River NY 10518 USA
The company is Max Novelty and its almost impossible to reach them. Taking money and not providing a product is equivalent to stealing. I believe this company is scamming people.


Max Novelty - 2x painting by number sets

I ordered 2 x painting by number sets on 14th April and I still haven't received them.I contacted them numerous times but never heard back. Since I have left some reviews for them, they contacted me. Very apologetic saying they would issue a refund. Then it all goes quiet again...I remind them. Now they say they can't issue a refund because they're in transit...the tracking info shows that they are STILL in China and haven't been dispatched anywhere.

Since having this terrible experience with the, I have read about the terrible scam that they are operating and how they are fraudulently obtaining money from people. They need to be forced to stop trading especially on Facebook!

Max Novelty - Paint by number

Max Novelty Paint by Numbers - I ordered two kits in April 12 and to date have received nothing. The company's web page has no contact information other than [protected] There is no address and the 800 number they provided is out of service. The tracking information concerning my product was false. I've researched them and see that multiple customers have been defrauded and gone to the Better Business Bureau to complain. I too have done this; however, the company is in China somewhere.

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