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Max Novelty Complaints & Reviews

Max Novelty / xiao xu (xiaoxu0131@gmail.com)

Lisa Collinsworth on Dec 13, 2017
PayPal states "The listing accurately described the item you received" which was NOT my issues. I got the items - I just can't match the proper paint set to the canvases !!! My question as to WHICH paint set goes with WHICH canvas is NOT answered though. I'm extremely upset about it. If I...

Max Novelty / have not receive order pbn

Christelle Heystek on Dec 11, 2017
INV #MN5233-17632 SHIPPING NR RL743721171CN I placed my order on September 20th 2017 . I purchased and paid for 3 items and till today did not received any. I've emailed James Alderman and David Shoutt numerous times letting them know I didn't receive the paint by numbers. The shipping number ha...

Max Novelty / paint by numbers

christine tohn on Dec 10, 2017
I ordered 3 Paint by Numbers from them the end of November 2017. I still have not received them. I emailed James Alderman@gmail.com today 12/10/17 asking where my product was. They assured me they were on there way, but when I went to TRACKING it reported it had just left CHINA. I am...

Max Novelty / haven't received product

Christina Quagliotti on Dec 6, 2017
ordered a paint by numbers 10/26, emailed james 3x with only one response. Its December 6th still hasnt arrived. such a joke! this site needs to be shut down. I was supposed to give this as a gift of december 1st. the original confirmation email stated 5-20 days for delivery in the US and...

Max Novelty / non supply of ordered and paid for goods

kim00000 on Dec 6, 2017
I ordered and paid for two painting by numbers kits for $67.90 on 31.10.17. These items have not been delivered. The company (James Alderman) gave me a tracking number (http://www.17track.net/en/track?nums=LX573346298CN&fc=0) which has proved to be bogus - an error message occurs ('Item i...

Max Novelty / diy painting by numbers

g. esteves on Dec 5, 2017
I'm from Brazil. I ordered 2 DIY painting by numbers.. and guess what? IT DIDN'T ARRIVE!! I've tried to contact the company and AGAIN they didn't answer me! Well.. i want my money back! Please help me to get that and to let them know that they can't play with us! We are not stupid...

Max Novelty / painting by numbers

C. E. Williams on Nov 29, 2017
Despite trying to contact Max Novelty regarding my order I have to date been unsuccesful. I cannot 'track' my order, no response from emails so this is now being refered back to Paypal to ensure no other people pay for something they will not receive. Hopefully Paypal can take the matter...

Max Novelty / order # mn5233-35479

Jen1982 on Nov 27, 2017
I placed this order on October 11th . I purchased 2 items and only received 1 . I've emailed a guy named James numerous times letting him know I didn't receive the decal sticker just the paint by number . I even asked for a refund and no response until yesterday. And the email I received...

Max Novelty / diy paint by numbers

Cheryl Hinson on Nov 26, 2017
I ordered the diy paint by number invoice #mn5233-44964 on oct 27th i still have not received my order... I emailed the owner james alderman on nov 7 with him resassuring me my money was safe and i would receive my order..I sent another email on the 24th but no response... It is nov 26 and...

Max Novelty / unethical behaviour

debraann3112 on Nov 25, 2017
I ordered from Max Novelty 2 months ago (September 26, 2017). I have not received my order. When I have tried to contact them (by email only because they don't have a phone and you can't register to their website) they just tell me to not worry about my money, that it is safe. I have...

Max Novelty / ordered a paint by numbers kit — not received

Deonne Marie Caligiuri on Nov 24, 2017
Ordered kit on Oct 31 2017, like all these other complaints I too have not received product, but you sure didn't have a problem taking the money out of my account right away. You'd think after all these negative reviews you would fix the problem instead of issuing a bogus tracking number...

Max Novelty / paint by numbers paint kit

Leesa Buckland on Nov 21, 2017
I ordered 3 paint by numbers kits from Max Novelty. After waiting over a month for my order to arrive. I was charged for all three of them, but only received two. I sent an email to customer service (you can't call because there is no number to be found anywhere on the internet and now I...

Max Novelty / paint by number unethical behaviour

Joan Kuhns Kestler on Nov 16, 2017
I placed an order on September 16th and still have not received my merchandise. It is now November 16th. I sent an email to James Alderman and he gave me a packing slip number to track my shipment. The tracking number he gave me was bogus. I get this message: LW907840707CN Not...

Max Novelty / shipping

Joana Dagher on Nov 16, 2017
i have made an order on the 29th of september and we are the 16th of november and still didnt get it. i've sent a first email on october 16 asking if my order shipping and they replied : " -- Hi, you will need to track your order later using the link above^^ The updates will show up soon...

Max Novelty / business location/shipping/business name

Misty Partin on Nov 14, 2017
1. I ordered 3 items second week of Oct. 2017. It's now almost 3rd week of Nov. And still have not got my items. 2. The company website is listed at Max Novelty located in Oregon, however it's actually in China and they use a U.S. P.O.Box. It shows up on your bank statement as Doggroomersrus.com. 3. They...

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