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Mattress Firm review: Tempur-pedic luxe breeze king size purchased at mattress firm

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I agree with a class action lawsuit. I've never spent more on a mattress than on the Luxe Breeze king size. I'm only 1 person switching from one side to the other. I have a sag on the left and feel like I'm sliding down a hill. The right side has a dent. This all started just after 1 year after purchase. I've been playing dueling emails with them wanting more photos when I gave them everything that they want. I asked them to have someone to come out to inspect the mattress and they want to charge me $150. to do so. If they do not find a problem, I am out the $150. and you know that I will be. I've never spent a total of almost $6,000. on a mattress and gotten such a defective one. I bought it at Mattress Firm which was a huge mistake as well. They tell you nothing and won't help with a warranty claim. Tempur-Pedic only offered a replacement which I DO NOT WANT. I will never trust them again. Meanwhile I found a great mattress elsewhere and will stick with that. Mattress Firm sells defective mattresses as this is at least my second that didn't last anywhere near as long as it was supposed to. Meanwhile I am going to talk with the bank where I financed the mattress and I'm going to write to the Federal Trade Commission who does something about deceptive business practices. Perhaps if enough of us do that, we may get some help. These corporations just suck. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS BRAND AT ANY MATTRESS FIRM STORE!

Claimed loss: $6,000.

Desired outcome: I want my money back -- ALL OF IT, AND YOU CAN HAVE THIS PIECE OF CRAP BACK.

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