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Complaints & Reviews

They would not release the furniture for delivery, even though I had already paid for it

I am an American living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. During a visit to my brother in Indio, California last September, we went to look at furniture at the Mathis Brothers store there. We found the exact sofa and chairs for our living room that would be perfect. We fell in love with the pieces. After returning to San Miguel I noticed on the internet that they had a store in Oklahoma City. I checked with a local transportation company here in San Miguel to see if it would be cost effective and possible to have them pick the furniture up and deliver it to San Miguel. It was. On May 13, 2016 I called Mathis Brothers and ordered the furniture through there sale rep., Natalie, and paid for it with my Amex platinum card. The card was charged the same day. I received confirmation of the order ( order #[protected]) and the payment from Natalie the same day. On March 21, 2016 I sent a copy of the Bill of Lading from the transportation company to Natalie and indicated they would be picking the furniture up at or about April 26, 2016. She responded back indicating no problem, they would be ready. On April 5, 2016 Natalie emailed saying the order was ready for pick up. On April 16, 2016 I emailed Natalie saying my transport company would be picking the order up on April 20 or 21. She responded no problem, they would be ready. On April 21, 2016 Natalie called me to confirm when the driver would be arriving and I told her at about 12:00 noon. She asked that I give the driver her direct number to contact her in advance of his arrival so she could make sure the pick up went smoothly. I contacted the owner of the transport company and he gave this information to the driver.

This is where things began to unravel. The driver attempt to contact Natalie but only got her voice mail and left a message as to his time of arrival. About 12:00 noon on the 21st I was called by the owner of the transport company telling me that when the drive arrived, the manager at the distribution center, Shawn, told the driver he would not release the order today due certain paperwork issues. This did not seem right since they had all the paperwork for weeks and I had receive numerous confirmations from Natalie that the order was ready. Also, this was a major issue for me because the driver had other pick ups in other parts of the country and could not wait till tomorrow. I called Natalie and after about a half an hour was able to talk to her and she said she would due what she could to help. With continued attempts by to driver and myself to persuade Shawn to release the order to no avail, the driver had to leave after 4 hours of waiting . I continued to call to find out the details. At about 5:00 p.m. I was able to finally contact Natalie and suddenly she was unwilling to discuss the issues with me and forwarded me to her boss, Mr. Watkins. Mr. Watkins, as it turned out, was Shawn, the person who refused to release the order. I talked with Shawn who now told me he would not release the order because he believed it was a fraudulent shipment due suspect phone numbers and he was going to cancel the order. The only number they had was my MagicJack number which is a VOIP number for the U.S. which I used so Natalie would not have to call my local San Miguel number which would make it easier for both of us to communicate. Neither she nor Shawn ever asked for my local San Miguel number.

I am angry and livid that this one person, Shawn, accused me of perpetrating a fraudulent order, denying me the furniture that I had already bought and paid for and has caused me to incur hundreds of dollars in cost to the shipping company who arrived to pick up an order that he would not release. His accusation is an attack on my character and integrity.

I am seeking recovery of the hundreds of dollars of out of pocket costs to the transport company. I am also seeking release of the furniture with delivery to be at the expense of Mathis Brothers.

  • Mt
    mthennings Apr 25, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I fled this report and agree with its contents

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Resolved Goods not recieved

Ordered complete dining room table and 12 chairs, hutch, ottoman and matching chair. We paid $800.00 dollars to have goods shipped to Blaine Washington (as we live in Canada). Went to pickup goods, came through customs with paperwork paid duty on goods only to find out once home that there were 2 chairs missing. Paperwork from store showed 12 chairs being shipped (found original freight company paper work that only had 10 marked as being picked up). Have called store 6 times to get issue resolved and have been told by everyone that things were being looked after. As of today and another phone call nothing has been resolved.

Failure to deliver

Mathis Bros is the worst furniture buying experience I have ever had. A bedroom set that was ordered and paid for was never actually ever made. Delivery dates came and went. The store continued to pretend the furniture was coming when they knew it was never made (final confession by the sales person when I canceled my order). That confession also revealed a well known issue with the furniture maker regarding their lack of response to orders. It was totally dishonest of them to knowingly promise me delivery of furniture without disclosing the possible delay in delivery, and completely dishonest of them to give me a 2nd delivery date that said I would have my furniture when they knew all along that the furniture was not being delivered. Weeks and months were wasted in dealing with this company, something that will never happen again with me. I urge anyone reading this to run as fast as you can away from Mathis Bros. You'll be grateful you did.

Resolved Poor customer service - delivery

Back in August my wife and I decided to use Mathis Brothers to furnish our new house. We had a great salesman, Chris Gibson (who is no longer there), and after spending several hours and over $11, 000 we had picked out furniture for our dining room, living room, master bedroom and 7 barstools for our bar and island.
When coordinating our delivery date, we were informed that the truck would only deliver on Tuesdays to our location. This was an inconvenience as we would have to be off work to be there on a weekday. Before the day of delivery, I was contacted by sales manager Lou Robinson [protected] and informed that the mirror to the dresser/mirror we had chose turned out to be cracked and that they would have to order a new one from California and that it would not be in for several weeks.
On the delivery day, all items were delivered except for the backordered barstools and the mirror. The barstools came about a month later again only on Tuesday so that we had to miss another day of work.
I contacted Lou Robinson again and had a delivery scheduled for Jan.19, a Tuesday that I would be home for. Well, apparently Lou had written down the wrong date and I was left waiting for furniture that never arrived. Now it’s March and our furniture still has not been delivered.
I have called the customer service manager Don Easley [protected] and explained the situation to him and nothing has been done. I have asked to speak with the store manager Danny Minnick and he will not return my calls.
Approximately 7 months and they still have not delivered my furniture! They absolutely have no concept of customer service or the knowledge of how a business should be run. I will never buy anything there again and I promise to tell all my friends how terrible they are.

  • Da
    danny minnick Mar 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir, my name is Danny Minnick I am the Oklahoma City Store Mgr. please contact me at 405-951-1218 and I will address this issue, I want to apologize that we have not responded back to you and I want to address this myself. Have a great blessed day.

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Resolved Missing Parts/Poor Customer Service

We recently purchased a China Hutch, Curio Cabinet, and a Sofa from Mathis Brothers on 2/7/10. When they delivered the items on 2/10/10, the shelf pegs were missing for the glass shelves in the china hutch. I called them that evening and was told to call back the next day as customer service was closed.
I called the morning of 2/11/10 and was told the pegs would go out in the mail to me that day. By Tuesday 2/16/10 we still had not received them so I called again. I was told that they had to come from the factory and they were sent out on Saturday 2/13.
On Thursday 2/18 we still didn't have them so I called again, only to hear that they were shipping to Mathis Brothers, not me. And I was given yet another excuse as to why I still couldn't put my dining room back together.
I asked for the pegs from the one on display since I had already waited this long and was told they couldn't do that. After complaining and telling the guy that I was tempted to have them come pick up every piece we bought, he said he would check and call me back. No call came.
So today, 2/23/10, my husband calls and gets the same excuses. Only now they are saying that they won't give us the pegs from the display because supposedly our pegs are only 2 days out and the merchandiser can't justify it. Ok, excuse me, but I have been inconvenienced for 2 weeks now and they are worried about a couple of days? They have had my money for over 2 weeks and I don't have what I paid for.
My husband and I are probably going to call them within the hour and tell them to just come get everything. I will go anywhere else in the world, but will not step foot through their door ever again. And since they own Factory Direct, we will not be shopping there either.

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Resolved Still waiting for delivery of Sofa 2 weeks now

I Bought a new sofa, love seat and ottoman at Mathis Brothers a over a week ago, said it was in stock and I would receive it last Weds. When delivery showed up, the only thing they had was the love seat and ottoman. Said the sofa was on back order. Said it would be delivered by Next Weds at the latest. Now today Weds the following week, I called to make sure the sofa was on it's way, they tell me now it will be next week for delivery because the trucks have already left for the day and we were not on the schedule for any delivery today. I told them I want my sofa today even if they had to carry it here them selves.

He called me back a little while later said it will be here tomorrow. I will let you all know if it doesn't show up again tomorrow.

I am so Pissed! I got rid of all my old furniture so now all we have is the love seat to everyone to sit on.

Won't do business with them ever again.

Resolved worst customer service ever

My Husband and I were moving into a new home and decided to buy alomst an entire housefull of furniture. We...

Resolved Return Policy sucks

About five weeks ago, I went to the store to buy a coffee table, end table, and entertainment unit that...

Resolved Damaged sofa due to improper tying to pickup truck

I bought a loveseat sofa, a recliner and a coffee table at the same day which was loaded and secured...

bedroom furniture

I purchased two twin beds from mathis bros. When the delivery men arrived, they place the beds in the room, they were very rude and did not even attach the headboard to the frame. Also at the end of the bed are sharp edges and my children have scratched and bruised themselves numerous of time and I have also brused my let on the sharp metal edges. It is so terrible

  • Ja
    jason Nov 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sounds like a bad delivery. I am puzzled though, did you call and notify anyone at the store and have it corrected?

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  • Er
    Eramya Sep 04, 2015

    I hired a interior decorator from Mathis Brothers that came to my house to help me decorate my house. She came once gave me some ideas but never returned my calls after. She didn't even help me when I went there to order more furniture. I ordered my formal living room from there that was very expensive and they will not return it for me for store credit. I don't even want my money back. All I want is store credit. It has been uncomfortable since the beginning and nobody is willing to help

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Resolved Fraud and cheating

I bought a recliner/rocker in April. I did not get the right chair. I could not get back into the store until...

Mathis brothers attempts fraud

I bought a new office suite from the Mathis Brothers Store in Indio, on June 9th, 2008. They had 5 of the 7...

Resolved Stay away from them

I just recently bought a dining set and then an office set. The salesman was incredible! He had a tape measure and helped me and my husband decide on the perfect pieces. Most importantly, he listened to our needs and was patient. We were in the store for almost 3 hours picking the perfect items. The delivery date was set for a Saturday so that we would be available.

The movers were wonderful as well. They were very careful and respectful of our house when moving the furniture around. Quickly though, we realized that the credenza was defective. One of the drawers was badly cracked, rendering it useless, and the side had a large crack.

I immediately called the store and was told that a replacement would arrive on Wednesday. I explained that I work and that no one would be at my home until after 3pm. They told me that they could not pinpoint a delivery time and that it could be any time between 10am and 5pm. I was forced to have to take a day of leave in order to wait. The movers showed up at 4pm. The new credenza was worse than the first. Me and my husband returned to Mathis Brothers to personally hand select a new credenza to be delivered. The man working the Customer Service area, Jarred Phillips, was rude and refused to look or talk to me when I was speaking. He directed all conversation at my husband. Further more he had the warehouse guys pull down the wrong credenza to be inspected. We waited in the store for almost two hours. I finally went back to tell Jarred that we were leaving and to just have a Quality Control person inspect the desk before delivery and he told me that wasn't possible. By the way, the people lined up in there with complaints was growing by the minute. There were some very unhappy people. I inquired as to a delivery time and AGAIN was told anytime between 10am and 5pm. I explained that I couldn't take another day off of work and asked if they could arrange the delivery for after 3pm. He say no and then rolled his eyes. I was furious.

Again, I took another day off of work to wait for the desk. No furniture ever arrived and no courtesy call to let me know this either. I called the Tulsa store to complain and they said that the delivery had been rescheduled for Friday and that again, I would need to wait. I then decided to contact the OKC store. I talked to Lee, a man who evidently does not know how to talk to people. He did nothing but tell me to just wait till the next day. He refused to let me talk to a supervisor.

When...if they come tomorrow they can pick up all of the furniture and refund my money. I will never step foot in Mathis Brothers again.

  • Updated by aireloom · Oct 22, 2018

    Did you receive my complaint? Sent today re: Indio Store.

  • Updated by Varanasi · Oct 25, 2018

    In beginning he called several time, Once I purchased the furniture and complaints about delivery he said he will find out and let me know but he never returned my call. BAD.

  • Cg
    CG24 Sep 10, 2010

    It's stuff like this that makes me take my business elsewhere, too. If there is one thing I hate, it's a terrible business. Thanks for the review.

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  • Va
    Varanasi Oct 31, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Delivery problem. Promise to deliver 10/21/18.
    broken headboard and night stand took back and bring new one on 10/23/18 but failed. I called to costumer service they said schedule on 10/30/18, I said NO, I need sooner. Then said OK on 10/25/18.
    I am wondering what is going on at Mathis Brothers.

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  • Ai
    aireloom Oct 31, 2018

    Have you received my complaint re: Aireloom mattress and sales personnel at the Indio store? Terrible customer support!
    Wrote long, detailed letter.

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  • Ca
    CarolinaAguinaga Oct 01, 2019

    my loves sofa has Fabric damage wood falling out


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